Saturday, April 3, 2010

Am I Crazy?..OK don't answer that.

Take two.
I can't fall asleep. This video thing has me up. It is driving me crazy.
Well I figured it out. No I didn't wake up my girls and get them to help me LOL.
Tanya put this swap on.
Here is my mini for Kate.

Kate also has a video of herself opening up this mini I made for her. It was strange watching her touch and enjoy my album. After working on it, and then seeing it thousands of miles away in someone else' hands. Amazing.
She says that she loves it, I sure hope so. I was so nervous that she wouldn't.
I would love to be in another swap. Kate you are awesome.
Thank you again.

I am going to bed now. It is 3:54am. See once I have something in my head I get obsessed. So happy my girls are old enough that they don't need me in the mornings, because I am sleeping in. LOL



  1. Hope you enjoyed your sleeping-in Tracy, well earned :)

  2. Lovely album & hope you got to sleep in today!

  3. WOW,WOW,WOW!!! I soooo want to be your swap partner!

  4. Great video! Love the project! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

  5. Tanya, Thanks for hosting the swap. Tracy, THANK YOU for the mini. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!!!! (imagine me singing that, cause I have) I think I've posted everywhere that I love. Love it. I want to do another swap with you, haha. On a serious note, what colors do you want for the plates????

  6. excuse me while I pick my jaw up off of the floor! all I can say is wow....just WOW!!

  7. I love your album, it's just beautiful.

  8. Oh Tracy, you out did yourself! ABSOLUETLY BEAUTIFUL!! Who would not want your album! You are very talented and I wish I would have signed up!! Would have loved to have swapped with you. I have been to busy painting and re-decorating my studio! HA.

    I have tried to leave this comment so many times, I have lost count :) I use firefox and am able to leave comments on all of the other blogs, but not yours. Isn't that crazy.

    Again, beautiful album. I love it!!

  9. Tracy,
    this is stunning! OMG, anyone would be crazy not to want this. I would take a album from you any day but sadly I have not tried this yet. Maybe one day.
    thank you for the inspiration.

  10. That is really amazing, I can't believe all the cool techniques you used like the waterfall and making a mini book out of a 12*12 paper. You've inspired me to try some alcohol inks!

  11. Good Lord! Kate is one lucky lady to be on the receiving end of this swap!!! You're very talented!!!

  12. Tracy, you did a beautiful job on your mini. She is very fortunate to have you for a partner. Happy swapping!

  13. This is stunning ! If Kate is crazy enough not to like it, she can send to me to be cherished!! LOL Such clever ideas you used here to make this extra special. I am following your blog now to see what other creative things you do :) Check my blog out too if you like.

  14. That's so lovely, it's beatifull, i'm from guatemala and i'd like very much if you can teach how you did it! Is preciosus... Congrasts for your blog... I'm in love this mini album!!!


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