Friday, October 1, 2010


Well today being October 1st I wanted to post a Halloween craft everyday for the month. I was a bit early as I have posted one the last 2 days :)
Here is Frankie. He hangs outside where my hanging basket usually hangs in the summer. Isn't he cute.
He is made with a 2 liter plastic pop bottle. I'm pretty sure it was a Coke bottle :)
I panted his face with acrylic craft paint. His bolts on the side of his neck are from pop up water bottles caps. I not only glued them on I also added wire to tie them on. His body is a garbage bag that I cut and tied in the holes around the pop bottle. When the wind blows the garbage bag rustles and blows around.I received some happy mail from Shawnnita who's blog is I took this picture last night so the lighting isn't very good. Shawnnita sent me a pretty card, embossed paper and some images that she stamped and coloured. It seems everyone is colouring their images. Makes me interested, but it is so much work.
Thank you Shawnnita.
Well now onto my exciting news. I bought my jeep today YEAH.
I bought the Inferno Red Crystal 2010 Jeep Liberty. We are keeping my 2007 Jeep Liberty (also red) for the girls to use. I LOVE my 2007 jeep. I hope my new one can live up to it.
Hubby wanted me to get the Black 2011 Jeep. He took up a poll this morning. I didn't see it until after I bought it. Not that it would have changed my mind one bit LOL.
Dad, Kdawg (hubby's nickname for Kristy), Ashley and Rose (our cat) all voted for Black. Heather didn't care (she wanted me to get the Jeep Cherokee) so I put her name on my side. LOL
I pick up my jeep on Monday as they are putting in my car starter in. I can't wait!
Here is to the weekend. Hoping to get some crafting in.


  1. Love your Frankenstein! And congratulations on your Jeep. Hurray!

    I've given you a much deserved blog award. Come on over to my blog and check it out!:-)

  2. i love Frank! he is so darn cute. My son jack is here and he loves it!

  3. that is sooooooo adorable...woot..woot on the jeep..or should I say Toot...toot. LOL Have fun!!!

  4. Adorable Mr. Frank! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :)

  5. Love the haloween dangly and bet you can't wait for the new jeep now, enjoy!

  6. Yippee Skippy about the new wheels! How fun. Red huh? I'd have WAY too many tickets if I had a red vehicle of any kind. ;) Love Frankie! I may have to give him a whirl at my house.


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