Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Today was our Thanksgiving. Yummm Turkey. Well I'm not sure if its the actual Turkey that I love so much or all the fix'ns. Stuffing, gravy, cranberries, mashed potatoes and of course dessert. Ohh can't wait for my lunch tomorrow, a bun with mayo, cranberries, turkey and stuffing. Oh don't knock it till you try it, its delish.

I had to run to the market today to get some broccoli. I made a broccoli salad yesterday, for tonight, and bought cauliflower instead of broccoli, duh.
So because I was busy all day getting the house in order and getting the dinner ready, I have nothing crafty to share with you.
Soooo I will show you my fall wreath. I made this a few years ago.
I have a memo board on my fridge, it used to use it for the girls chores. Now its just used for notes. Well here is a message my daughter Kristy and my niece Amanda left for us after our meal, LOL. What sweethearts eh? I thought Marlene would get a kick out of this. LOL.
I had a nice visit with my family. I know it isn't Thursday, but being Thanksgiving....
What are you thankful for?
1. Family
2. Good Food.
3. Having a good laugh or two.
4. Being amused by the things children say.
5. Feeling appreciated.
Hope you have a good Thanksgiving spent with family and friends.


  1. I love your fall wreath! It's super cute that it's heart shaped! Very welcoming. :)

  2. Your Fall wreath is great! Hope you had a great day yesterday - that sandwich sounds yummy!

  3. Great wreath. Perfect for the holiday season.

  4. No big Thanksgiving feast for me this year! I think we are going to celebrate the american one (don't get me kicked out of Canada! lol) Cute wreath too!

  5. Love your wreath! Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. know me too well!!!! xoxox

  7. Tracy
    You sound like our family!!! That is the next day sandwich my daughter and her family and I look forward to and the message on the white board could have been written by my daughter. Toooo funny.
    Oh yes your wreath is just lovely.]

  8. You are so talented the wreath is gorgeous. I am sure Marlene appreciated the fridge notes. lol


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