Sunday, March 27, 2011

Watercolouring with Distress inks....whats next :)

I have always said that I am Jill of all trades, expert in none. Now I know the reason. I don't stick with something until I perfect it. I keep wanting to try new things. I am loving colouring with my Copic's and my Stampin' Up markers, I will still be playing with these, that's for sure. But then I saw some cards done colouring with distress inks. And yup you guessed it, I had to try my hand at it. Thanks Tracy for sharing so much information about this with me. I stamped the same image 3 times, then coloured each one in using my distress inks and water pen. Here is my last image. I had to show the best first :) This is my second image. I really like how this one turned out too....except the little bleeding from her hair into the side of her face. Not sure how to fix this, if I even can fix it. Here is the first image I tried my hand at. Quite a bit of bleeding, plus my pinkie had distress ink on it, and I didn't even notice until it was to late. Onto My Day: I wasn't feeling up to par today. So besides getting a few groceries......if you call spending 165.00 on a few groceries. I spent the day watching TV, Walking Dead, and colouring images. I did these 3 that I shared. But I also coloured 6 other images with my copics. Now I need to make some card to put these images on. I have to do some research on which colours I should get. I am going to order some, but first I have to figure out which ones to get. I could colour all day long. Nobody has to eat in my family right, teehee. Hope your weekend was relaxing and you snuck in some time to create. Tracy


  1. This is cool, thanks for sharing. They look great!

  2. Good Sunday evening, Tracy.
    You have been very busy colouring away- whether it be your copics or markers or distress inks. Good job.
    It has been a quiet weekend around here. Curtis got home from Kalispell.
    And I get to go for breakfast with the CEO of the hospital tomorrow. Should be interesting.
    Kirsten and the kids were here for dinner.
    I know it doesn't take much to spend money at the grocery store anymore. But I believe things are even more expensive for Canadians.


  3. I love to color too and when I start I don't want to do anything else either :0) I've been practicing with my bic markers and have gotten used to what I can do with them. Now to put them to use, like you said :0)

  4. I love coloring! I haven't bought any copics because I'm afraid I would need them all!!! Your images are beautiful!!

  5. Adorable as always. I took a pic of my colored image with my inks but haven't edited it yet.
    I was busy all day CREATING. Yep, finished up TWO pages to my mini album I am working on. Last night we had Momma and a few kids here for dinner. So I have a bit to blog about. Will get to it tomorrow.
    Have to hit the shower, have to go to the salon tomorrow. A nail appointment. Only 9 though :(
    Have fun my friend

  6. I think it's great to work with some variety in coloring. Maybe you could even use different kinds of markers/colors and techniques in the same image?

  7. wow--great job! the images look awesome!

  8. Tracy,
    As always, anoter great image. They all look awesome to me.
    You are right, no one has to eat when we are crafting :)

  9. Love your coloured images, are they Magnolia? if not they look like it. my weekend went too quickly! hum!

  10. These turned out SOOOO good! You did a great job!

  11. Think of yourself as a "Research Scientist" :-) You have found what does work, so off to find out how other things work and why they don't. When your research is finished then you have the stats to back it up.

    Well, anyway that sounds better to me than being "Jill of all trades and Master of none" :-)

    And as for the family and meal times during crafting....their arms ain't broke ;-) Maybe time for a little break before returning to crafting.

  12. Very cool! I am afraid to get addicted to any other types of coloring. My copic addiction is expensive enough. I know what you mean about getting colored images on cards. I have a stack waiting for me. I just love the coloring part.

  13. They look great Tracy, I haven't colored with distressed inks..hmmmm,might have to check that out. I did color some digi stamps with my copics this weekend, highly addicting and yep, I need to get mine onto cards too! ;)

  14. I love the soft look of these! So pretty! Your family could fend for themselves for a few nights right? All in the name of coloring!

  15. These look fantastic. I love how soft the distress inks are. I've heard of doing this before but I never have. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm gonna have to try it myself.

  16. Great job with the colouring! I especially like the purple one. I don't have the knack for colouring at all!

  17. You're a LEAN MEAN COLORING MACHINE!!!! Heehee! You go, girl!! I am so proud of you!

  18. Great job, Tracy! I would never have thought to color with distress inks - I might have to give a try!

  19. "Clap, Clap, Clap" well done, I thought I would give you a round of applause, you have done brilliantly and by your third image you seem to have taken to this colour medium, definately.

    So here's a tip for the bleeding, when you go over the line or there is bleeding, clean your brush, then dip in water, dry most off so it's just damp and wipe the bleed away. That is the beauty of Distress inks, this will work if it's the ranger (tim Holtz) distress inks your using, if you want to ever lighten a colour once you have laid it down on paper, just brush evenly over the area with a clean damp brush, wiping any colour picked up on the brush at regular intervals.

    Keep it up, and I hope this tip helps, if you have any questions Tracy just e-mail me hun, I will be glad to help if I can.

    Happy crafting
    Tracy x


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