Thursday, November 17, 2011

He-Art Journal Challenge week 17.

Wow I have been doing this for 17 weeks, and I haven't missed one yet ;)

WEEK 17 - SOUL Food

Assignment: Create a spread or a page based on your favorite food or dessert or drink! Not necessary to use any TGF stamps, this is YOUR journal, do what you want cuz you rule that journal!

First I was going to go with Chocolate. I LOVE chocolate.....well actually I love sweets.
I am even known to hide chocolate, and hoard it for later.
Or share it with one of my girls who seem to need it at the time ;)

BUT I went with Coca-Cola.
Yup my addiction.
I have it down to one can of coke a day. I trick myself. See if I buy a 2 liter I feel it should only last 2 days, So I drink more.

Onto my challenge page.
I cut one of my pop cans in half.
All the Coke stickers are from Ashley. When she was into scrap booking she wanted them, then never used them. Perfect for my page :)

The black vines are sticky back felt.
I fed the vines through the pop tabs.

Ice cold Coke. Yummy :)

Onto My Day:
Picked up my photos, they are perfect this time.
I had to get an oil change for the jeep.
Travel insurance.
And go to the bank for American money ;)
Yup we are going to the States tomorrow.
I am so shop ;)
Not excited to be leaving at 6:00am though.

Hope you all had a creative Thursday.



  1. You're doing great on the journal. That is so clever that you used an actual can. You're so creative!

  2. OK, that is just brilliant how you used those cans. You are so creative!

  3. I knew that it would have to be coke for you! ;0) looks great. How nice for Ashley not to have used the stickers!

  4. Love the cans. Have a safe trip and enjoy the shopping! cant wait to see what you are getting :)

  5. coke is my soda of choice as well. I hate pepsi--- blah! LOL
    TTYS my friend.

  6. Love love love this journal entry! I love the pop tops hanging off the vine and the vintage/retro coke stickers are fantastic. I'm still up at 1am and don't plan on going to sleep tonight. I procrastinated, of course, because I really HATE to pack. It really stresses me out for some reason. We are leaving at 5AM to head to Virginia to catch the train. The last time I took the train it wasn't that bumpy at all but that was to Boston. At least if my drawing comes out all crappy I can blame it on the train ride :) Be careful what you buy. I have a package (that unfortunately wont get sent out until we get back) with a bunch of goodies and some I know you really wanted.

    Off to go finish some laundry and wash the dishes and load a video before I leave.

  7. Oh, I can relate! Soda has been the TOUGHEST thing for me to quit EVER! Great layout! TFS


  8. I hope you have an amazing day in the States (it's today so you might have left already... or maybe not, I don't know what time it is where you live!)

    I totally understand what you mean, the different between can and bottle!(Plus, if it stays open too long, then there are no more bubbles and it's bad!)

    Lovely page, the stickers are great and I love how you cut the can in half :)

  9. wow --your pages in your journal are just so awesome!

  10. Love the use of the can on your page!

  11. How clever and funny to incorporate the pop tabs onto the page! LOVE it! My craft show friend has a Coke addiction too.

  12. How cool to put the actual can on the page!!! And I LOVE that black felt! Have fun today, I know you'll have lots and lots of goodies to share with us :)

  13. Love that you're capturing a slice of life with this! And I love Coke, so I understand completely!

  14. Woah...what a cool idea to use the actual coke can! Very creative! :)

  15. I love the coca cola ads you used on your journal page. Reminds me of coca cola xmas commerical with the santa. hehe...

  16. Love your Coke spread! Very cool. I'm so far behind on things right now...I promise I'll try to comment more soon!:)


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