Sunday, March 25, 2012

A little bit of vintage type

Can you believe I didn't colour today!
Plus I have more of a vintage card, not a cutesy one to share.

I had this stamp for so long and I never inked up.
So I stamped it onto some parchment that Wayne bought me for my calligraphy, years ago.
I thought it was perfect for this card.
Then I searched through some of my new paper packs and found this key type paper, can things work out any better then this ;)

I curled the edges of the calligraphy paper and added a fountain pen nib.

Inside of the card. I distressed the recipe card and stamped some pen nibs on it. 

Onto My Day:
We went to 6 open houses today. They were a lot better then the ones from last weekend, but still not to her liking. 
We even checked one that was brand new, it was over $280,000.00. It was over her budget, but I wanted to check it out. I was so unimpressed. For that price I would at least expect granite counter tops, and nice flooring throughout the house. Especially in a new house. That is probably why this house is still on the market.
I think Ashley might to wait a bit until the housing market, hopefully gets better. But that's not going to stop us from checking out more open houses. You just never know ;)
I caught up on some book work, and that is about it.

Hope you had a great creative weekend :)

Tracy :)


  1. LOVE the vintage look of this card! Great stamp!

    For sure, she should not hurry to buy.

  2. Love the card, and so great that you had all the things that worked together! I need to use my stamps more, I have a ton of them and they rarely get used. I agree on the granite counter tops, you would think all new homes would have them now. Love Penny

  3. Great card. Love that vintage look.
    Your daughter is so lucky to see new houses for $280,000!!!
    Oh my goodness. Starter homes here, with the garage in the back garden and a teensy lot start at $550,000. And they don't have granite either. They might have granite on the island only! And they are 1 1/2 hours drive from the city!
    We are looking again for our retirement home and I am fed up already. So many houses that are underwhelming...or overpriced.
    If our kids and grandkids didn't live here too, I would move in a somewhere where new houses were under $400,000.
    But...the kids aren't planning on moving too, so there goes that idea!!!

    Thanks for your kind comments about DH. He is getting stronger and has been for a short walk...made his chest tight but he did finish it. 2 blocks up the street, 2 blocks home. All flat roadway. Poor guy...he is the fit one in the family and he feels like a bus hit him!

  4. Wonderful card. Love the addition of the fountain pin nib. I think you are wise to take more time to find the right house and enjoy the process. It is an exciting time for her.

  5. love this and the typewriter and fountain pen images are soooo awesome!! love this

  6. Love that typewriter image! Your card is awesome with all the distress. Fun to be looking at new houses! I'll hopefully be out myself this week, looking for a townhouse to rent. The more you look, the better of an idea she'll have of what she really wants and when "the" house comes along, she'll know! :)

  7. This is just wonderful! I love the curled edges! Perfect!

  8. Nice card! The paper works perfectly. I love when things work out like that.

  9. Love going to open houses even though we are not looking! ;)

    Your card is adorable!
    Love the typewriter key paper to go with that stamp!!

  10. I have a lot of uninked stamps...sigh...must use them or loose them! LOL!!

    Great card - love the details (distressed edges & pen nib).

  11. I love that stamp! I have a typewriter similar to that so I love it even more!

  12. What a cool card, I love how you curled the edges of the paper! Maybe the right house just hasn't come up yet, guess that means more time with you, huh? :)

  13. Really pretty! Love the typewriter image!

  14. Really fab, love the vintage typewriter image and the curled paper
    Lindsay xx

  15. Lovely card! I like how you curled the paper to resemble a scroll.

  16. Love that vintage card! If it is meant to be now, I believe the right house may just turn up! Good luck!

  17. Very nice. I love the little elements.

  18. This card is fantastic! I would love to get this card or even frame it! It's more like my style.

    It can be frustrating when you're in the market for something and can't even find what you want. I hope something picks up here soon when the market "typically" improves and she can find something she loves.

  19. really cute card! and the parchment is the perfect "vintage" touch.

  20. Totally love your card Tracy! It's is very vintage for sure. We used to love to go to open houses, kinda was our family "thing" for some reason. I know what you mean about expecting granite and such for that price. I'm sure there's a house out there for Ashley, she just has to keep looking!
    Happy House Hunting:)


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