Monday, August 27, 2012

Cute as a Bunny

Don't you just love these Gorjuss girl stamps. I think they are so cute.
They remind me of my middle daughter Heather.
I coloured this image with Copics :)
Then I paper pieced her dress with the same paper pack as I used for the card.
I cut some squares and backed them with papers from the pack.
I am trying to use the papers from the same paper pack to make my cards. I usually mix them up, which I enjoy doing, but staying with the same paper pack is just easier as the designers have already done the colour matching for you.

A close up of the coloured image.
I also punched out some flowers and formed them (which I love to do) and then put a black jewel in the center.
Punched out a couple of swirls and my flower cluster is complete :)

The inside of the card.
I used my index/recipe cards for the message.
I also stamped the cute bunny and flower on the card.

Onto My Day:
We came home from camp this afternoon to having to clean up the mess that the siding guys made.
Oh sure they cleaned up the old siding, but they never put anything else away. Wayne and I put the gazebo back, all my lawn furniture and decorations away. Plus we had to replace the door bell as it broke when they took it their defense it was old and brittle. 
Oh yes and we also had to tie up the cables for the satellite and Internet. There was so much extra cable outside of the walls, which means they had to pull it from the house.
Not impressed.

We are just watching the Hunger Games tonight, then off to bed for an early night.

Hope you all had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Deborah stampin wanna be!August 27, 2012 at 9:44 PM

    Beautiful card! Early night sounds good! Not much sleep for me since last thurs with all the storms. Need to get together to do some stampin. Love all your new stamps :)... Hope we can hook up soon. Going to try to walk at lunch hrs again......

  2. Very cute card. Sorry to hear your siding guys didn't pick up properly. We had to replace our doorbell too when they did our siding.

  3. Lovely card! Her paper pieced dress looks awesome. I'd be a little bit miffed if workers I hired were so lazy and slobby!!


  4. Lovely card with a fab image on.
    Love the design too:):)


  5. oh i love your coloring - her hair is perfect-- super card

  6. Fabulous cute card - look at that hair - awesome!! We sat and had familymovie night on Sunday and watch "The Hunger Games" - fabulous film - a bit graphic in parts but thought it was great. My daughter has been reading the books and she has really enjoyed reading them. Have a great day.

  7. What a nuisance to pay for a job and then have to clean up someone's mess! Lovely card, great colors!

  8. Fun card! I do love that image and how you colored her. :)

  9. This is such a super cute card!

  10. Gorjuss girl stamps are very cute. Your card is adorable. I love the fall season colors.

  11. Boo for all the extra work, esp right when you get home from camp! Hope the Hunger Games helped!

  12. Urgh on the extra work! :0(
    I am loving those Gorjuss stamps!

  13. What a sweet card! You always do such a nice job on each & every one.

    I don't know it seems that so few contracted crews can never clean up the proper way. I'm sure they wouldn't like to be treated that way by you if you were doing work at their homes. And how tiring to have to come home to that.

  14. She is adorable. Great card. Sorry about your messy contractors.

  15. this is so sweet. I love how you always make the insides of your cards pretty too :)

  16. This is my favorite Gorjuss stamp. I want the print that she has with the girl asleep in bed with the bunny for my daughters room. It reminds me so much of my daughter. Her bunny's name is Bella which she picked out herself. The coloring of the hair is awesome btw!

  17. I love this stamp and the card!

    Sometimes I mix my paper packs up too, but other times, its just easier to go with what they matched already!

    That stinks about the siding mess! I'm glad you got it all sorted out, although you shouldn't have had to do all of that!

  18. Really cute card. Great job of coloring too.

  19. That paper is so pretty and I love the image :) Sorry you had to come home and have to clean up that mess :( At least they picked up their stuff. Haven't seen Hunger Games, I'm a little late to the boat...


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