Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Very Merry Unbirthday to me from Pea :)

I received some happy mail from my friend Phillane.
We know her as Pea from Whimsical Endeavors.
She is such an amazing artist, but even more so a very caring and thoughtful person.
She made me this beautiful heart shaped hanger.

 She also altered me this beautiful journal.
She even put a photo of our view of the lake from our cottage.

As well as this beautiful spool she altered.
Told you she is an artist.

I did a video of me opening up these beautiful birthday gifts she sent me :)
I am such a lucky girl :)

Tracy :)


  1. Thqt journal looks superb...I love the inclusion of your view and especially the feather. Captures that wilderness feel!

  2. Wow! What awesome gifts from Pea!

    I can't watch the video because my computer is having trouble loading pages today :( But I really enjoyed the pictures!

  3. What an amazing video! Pea is such an awesome friend and so thoughtful!! I love the stamp and die, the mini chalkboards and of course the teeny tiny composition notebook!! Pea is SO talented. Wow! Thanks for sharing with us!!

  4. Deborah - the wanna be stamper!August 23, 2012 at 9:48 PM

    that heart looks similar to the ones I wanted at mink...hmmmm you lucky girl you :)

    Have a great weekend! I got some goodies at michaels and hopefully will be creative this weekend!

  5. Good friends are a true joy :) she does beautiful work

  6. WOW! Very sweet of Pea! How fun! :0)

  7. well with artists like you to inspire and uplift me I have to make something? LOL thank you my friend. Hugs,Pea

  8. Wow, beautiful gifts! Merry unbirthday to you.

  9. oh what wonderful wonderful gifts!!!

  10. How fun! Love happy mail! Enjoy your new treasures. :)

  11. Such gorgeous gifts! Happy unbirthday to you!

  12. Very nice goodies, I like the heart very pretty.

  13. Aren't you the luck chica! Beautiful gifts.



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