Friday, September 14, 2012

Too much Crafty goodies.....Never ;)

I started my morning at 5:45am so we could be on the road at 6:15am.
We had a real late start as we didn't get on the road until 6:29am.
Gasp...I'm surprised that Wayne just didn't cancel the whole trip we were so late, lol.
You have to understand my hubby, if he says we leave at 6:15 and we drive out of the driveway at 6:16 then we are late. I have to give him credit though, he was very calm about it.
I think he has finally realized he has daughters and you can't rush girls, lol.

Once we were on the road for a while we stopped for fuel and I had me one of these.
Ohhh you think its coffee?
Then you don't know me very well, as I hate the smell of coffee, and the taste, but hot chocolate.....that's another story, love my hot chocolate.

My first exciting stop was at Pine City Scrapbooks. Love that store :)
I picked up these goodies :)
I was a bit sad as there was a stamp I wanted that was sold out last time I was there.
They got new ones, but they were sold out again :(
But they did order me one and will ship it to me :)
Now that's customer service :)

We enjoyed our dinner at the Red Lobster. Its a good thing we don't have one of these at home, or I would be there tooo often.
Good thing is I have lots of leftovers, so guess what I'm going to do after I finish up this post, teehee.
Funny Story: Kristy dropped a crouton on the floor during dinner. It bounced in my flip flop and got lodged in between my foot and shoe.  Now what are the chances of that.

I also got a nice shopping spree in Scrapbookers Too.
The owner is so friendly and likes to chat to her customers :)
She even pulled these new paper packs out of the boxes for me to take a peek at. I was only looking for the All Hallow's Eve, but couldn't resist these other beauties :)

I also picked up these dies. I am really excited to use these doily dies :)

And lastely from the same store I picked up these cute stamps and buttons.
I never seem to use brads or buttons on my cards and projects, to thought I would try something different ;)

I then stopped at Joanns and the Archivers in Apple Valley.
I was a bit put off at this store because the whole time I was in there, the one sales lady kept a watch on me. She didn't greet me, she didn't ask if I needed any help,she just kept watch on me no matter where I was in the store.  When I did go to pay, she was friendly enough, but still not a nice shopping experience.

I have more goodies to share with you from today, but I will save those photos for tomorrow.
We are going to Mall of America in the morning and I am sure spending the whole day there (ummmm Crepes :). The big Scrapfest is going on (we didn't realize that, when we booked time off) so I am sure that the crafty supplies are going to be slim pickin's.

Hope you all had a creative Friday :)
Off to eat some left overs ;)

Tracy :)


  1. Sounds like you are having a fun shopping adventure!!!spend a buck or two for. Me!!!

  2. I like the smell and not the taste of coffee as well.
    Those little girl stamps are darling! I got my kidlets out of bed to go shop at 7:30 to get 40% off Saba's fabric for a school fabric. I saved over $50! Made the $17 visit to Timmy's for the promised breakfast worth it! ;0)

  3. Wow what another awesome shopping trip! You'll love the Carta Bella pretty. I'm kinda OCD like Wayne on the time thing...I would've been having a stroke leaving 14 minutes late!! Sounds like a great day


  4. Wish I was there too...You always have such fun and yummy shopping trips to America!

  5. Fabulous stuff and I wish I could come tomorrow too!! Its a bit far for me though LOL. Have a fab day.

  6. Sounds like a perfect trip so far, lots of shopping and good eating....he he

  7. No such thing as too many crafty goodies. That's like saying you are having too much fun. Looks like you are getting lots of treats.

  8. Oh! what a great selection of goodies.
    It is 2 years since I was in the States and Man! are you making me think!!!!!
    My crafty buddy come Thursday evening, we need to have chat about when we are going again.
    Have a great time, looking forward to tomorrows selection.


  9. Wow loving the look of all your new craft stash what a great way to spend the day, and us crafters can never have to much stash. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Aud x

  10. Wow what a great shopping spree - loving those dies especially - can't wait to see what you make :)

  11. I love hot chocolate too. I like the smell of coffee, but not the taste.

    I loooove Halloween paper. I have so much of it, but I never make anything Halloween type. So... I just like to stash it.

  12. We always try to stick to a tight schedule when traveling too, but you are right about having girls :) You always find the most amazing treasures on your journeys. I love your dies! Hope those leftovers were good!

  13. Wayne is just like AJ. He is all about being punctual! We always end up being early for everything!

    I like the smell of coffee, but I definitely prefer the taste of hot chocolate! In fact, I'm going to treat myself to a hot chocolate this evening :)

    That is really nice that the store was able to order and ship the stamp to you. But not so nice that the people were watching you in the other store. We had a store in my hometown like that - and they had nasty signs everywhere not to touch things and to watch your kids and all this stuff. So we never bought stuff there because they were just so off putting, even though their products were really nice! They recently closed down...

  14. I'm with you-I'm not a coffee drinker at all. Only if there's so much milk and sugar in it that you can't really even call it coffee anymore. But hot chocolate? Definitely. Pass some over here. lol


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