Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The animated me looks pretty hot

This is me...no really it is ;)
I was on Pinterest the other day and came across this site  http://www.modelmydiet.com/ where you punch in your height, weight and body shape. Look I even aged her a bit....maybe a bit to much for my youthful appearance ;)
So here I am in a bikini, I think I look pretty damn hot ;)

What else you can do on this site is punch in the wieght you want to be at and it will show how you will look.
I don't know about you, but I am just as hot in my before as I am in my after.
So I thought there was no need to make a change.

That was until I stepped on the scale this morning.
I know I can loose a few (well more than a few) pounds.
Whenever I say I need to loose a few, everyone says "No you don't, you look great".
I have about 25 lbs that I have been carrying around that I don't need.
The thing with me that I have noticed, is that I carry my extra poundage evenly..but mostly it goes to the boobs.
Now who would complain about that.....me.
I am 4' 11" tall and am busty as it is. But I have noticed that my bra is digging in my shoulders.  It would probably be easier to get a breast reduction then lose the weight, lol.
Hubby told me to just buy a bigger bra...are you kidding me, this one cost a small fortune and I have it in 3 colours. So that is not an option.

I was debating on sharing my weight on here but
1. I have never weighed this much ever.....I didn't reach 100 lbs until I got pregnant.
2. For the average person, my weight would be awesome.
So what I am going to do is share my losses or gains....hopefully just losses ;)
Every Tuesday I will share with you how my week went.
Just for the record, I am doing this for my health more then the number on the scale. As I have noticed me slowing down and any extra weight I carry on me, puts a strain on my heart.

I am going to start slow.
Because I have heart disease I can't overdo it.
So I am going to start with walking. I will walk outside until the weather gets to cold. Because walking in the cold is not healthy.
I am also going to cook at home...as much as I hate to cook. Except when we go away on trips ;)

Onto My Day:
I was planning on creating most of the day, but I ended up faxing, photocopying and making or receiving business calls most of the day.

I hope you had a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. no matter what you weigh you are beautiful inside and out! <3

  2. I've put on a few pounds since High School. I just started a new job and I noticed that now that I'm busy all day long and not snacking, the weight is coming off. I've lost 20 pounds since June. I have a LONG way to go but it feels good.

    Good luck!!

  3. Tracy you are what you are .. if your healthy what does it matter, its not so easy trying to loose the weight so easy to go on but not so easy to come off. Ive been on steriods and I gained 10lbs and I just cannot shift it. One day I might be slim !! Dont over do yourself !! Aud x

  4. oh what a fun site you found and you go! you look awesome!!

  5. Weight is definitely a relative thing. I've had to watch my weight all my life even though people usually don't think I do. Good luck with your plan. I know you are a very determined person and I'm sure you'll get to your goals. Most important is to be healthy and happy.

  6. Well I wish I looked like you animated pic - but we are here to support you and we will cheer you on as you head towards your goal:-) Have a great rest of the week.

  7. Hey Tracy! I haven't been by in awhile, but I'm glad I did today...I understand your desire to lose weight. I am 5'3" and don't carry a lot of weight by everyone's standards, but weight gain(even a few lbs.)really makes a difference when you're shorter. I wish you well with your plans,I know you can do it! =D Will be tuning in to follow your progress!

  8. Tracy, reading this just sounds so familiar to me. I also need to lose about 25, I also need to do it for my health and have heart issues, I also hate to cook, but need to do more of it. I will be following your journey, as I am kind of on the same one. Good luck to us both! :)

  9. Definitely a fun site, but not sure I want to try it :)
    Good luck with trying to lose and be healthy.
    I find the whole thing frustrating. Why does it have to be so much easier to put it on then take it off? And why does most of the healthy food taste like crap? :)

  10. Good for you for wanting to be more healthy. It isn't always easy. We pretty much eat at home, unless we are traveling. It will be a journey I will follow and encourage you along.

  11. I always thought you were working on trying to get healthier.

    But I'm, in the same boat as you. My before picture reflected me looking just as hot Before as After. LOL I also would love to lose 25 pounds and did not weigh 100 pounds for many years. Pushing 50 and approaching menopause ain't helping matters either. I've been walking up to 4.5 miles, 3-4x/wk now and have lost 10 lbs. This past winter I gained 15 lbs in one month yet it has taken me all summer & 1/2 of fall to lose only 2/3 of that. I'm hoping to walk tonight....

  12. I'm so glad that you were one of the first people t understand when I posted about this a few weeks ago. Being short makes weight difficult!

  13. Good luck. I lost 35 lbs as of June 30 and it is slowly creeping back on. It is so hard.

  14. I too have about 15 to 20 extra. I haveno idea my weight,so it is a guess. Jam going by how my clothes fit (or used to). :0( I have boot camp and belly dance starting up....hope they will help!

  15. I saw that site too. I put in my info in and my model did not look like me. lol. She looked pretty good and well...I don't. I'm also short like you but not busty in the least so I can't even use that as an excuse. lol

  16. Wow, the animated you almost looks as good as the real you! What a cool website.Losing weight is so hard, especially the older we get. I have about twenty pounds I want/need to lose too and know I need to workout to do it. I just don't enjoy exercise. Lol!

  17. Animated you looks awesome!

    I have about 20 extra pounds that I'd like to lose before the wedding. Unfortunately, I just haven't been proactive about losing it. I need to get my act together on that! I know that working out is the way to go, but I just hate working out (except hot yoga with weights - I love that, but it is too expensive at the studio by me!)

  18. What a fun site! Maybe it will put curves where I don't have any ;-) If you are walking outside and it is cold, try a scarf over your mouth. It warms the air you are breathing in, and is easier on your lungs!

  19. You always seem to make me laugh. Your sense of humor is so fun. Are you going to share any cooking tips of your favorite foods since you will be in the kitchen more?

    Good for you, taking the steps to care for yourself. Enjoy the process.

    Love you - Leslie

  20. Cool site. You do look good in before and after. I gotta check that site out. Seems fun. hehe..


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