Thursday, January 3, 2013

Some of my favourite cards from 2012

I will tell you, it sure was difficult just picking 12 cards for my top fav's.
I still love the other cards I did, I hope they don't feel left out ;)
Here are some reasons why I have picked the ones I did.

My Strawberry card
This is one of my fav's because not only did I colour in the cute little girl, but I also stamped and coloured in the strawberries. This was just a blank piece of white paper before my Copics worked their magic, teehee.

My Sad Fairy.
Doesn't she look a bit sad to you.
I love this G45 Once Upon a Springtime collection and I think she went well with it.
I made the flower from a die.

Umbrella Weather.
 I like this one because I got to use my new cloud punch :)
I also took apart a blue acrylic flower to make the raindrops.
Of course the image is a cute one as well :)

Happy Couple.
I love that even though it is a simple card, it is still very pretty.
I also like how I made the image hang over the card, so it looks like her train is flowing.

I love Books.
This image just touches my heart.
I love to read. I escaped parts of my childhood by living through books :)
I also like that the background paper goes so well with this image.

Special Bud.
I love how her hair turned out with my Copics.
I also like how this card just came together so nicely.

Cool Dude.
You don't see to many masculine cards from me. This one was so fun to do.
I used foam coffee sleeves to cut the gears from, how cool is that.
Again coloured with my Copics.

Special Delivery.
I was so happy with how this one turned out.
This was an image from my DT. Honestly I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. The image reminded me of that baby from Roger Rabbit, teehee. So I added some more hair on her when I coloured her, and she is so stinkin' cute.
I also was happy with how the transparent balloons turned out and the faint clouds in the sky.

Cup Cake Girl.
When I was totally finished colouring up this image (which I was so happy with how it turned out) I dropped a blue marker on her face..grrr. But if you know me, there are never any mistakes, everything can be fixed. Plus if you know how long it took me to colour her up, you wouldn't want to start all over again either, teehee.
So I re-stamped her face and recoloured it and adhered it to the original image.

I really like how her hair turned out and also how I paper pieced her dress.
I also like the paper ribbon I made and the grass I drew.

 Happy Couple.
I made this card for my niece.
I was really, really happy with how their hair turned out.
Another simple card, but the paper was perfect for this card, so why would I cover it up.

Matthew's 1st.
This one was for my nephew's 1st birthday.
Even though I didn't colour in an image, I am still happy with how this turned out.
I really like the colours and papers and that I got to use my banner die ;)

There you have it my 12 cards.
But here's one for good luck....or a bakers dozen ;)

Puddle Jumper.
I really like the girly look to this card, with the pinks and blues.
Everything just came together on this one.

13 is back luck here we go the last one....I swear, lol.

Canadian Girl.
Can't imagine why I picked this one can you? Teehee.
I am a proud Canadian Girl
I really do like to make different types of cards, this here is an easel card.
Maybe I should do some more different types of cards in 2013...we'll see.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at all my cards again.
I have linked each card to the original post if you want to know more about each card...just click on the names of the cards and I will take you there :)

Thankful Thursday:
I am thankful that I have a passion that I am able to enjoy on a daily basis.
I am thankful that I am able to share it with you all.
I am thankful for my family.

I hope you have all had a creative and thankful Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. You know which one is my favorite cause I am sitting here looking at it? LOL I also love them all but that little girl in the umbrella is how I feel right now. lOL Just floating along some days. LOL

  2. I think I love the book one the best! I am also an avid reader, as are my children- especially my oldest!

  3. OH, they are all so wonderful but I love the first two the best. Especially the first one!

  4. Beautiful cards! I can't even decide out of these which one I like best. I like them all best.

  5. Thanks for leaving a comment on my favorite cards, Tracy! Wow, you have so many wonderful cards here! The wedding one was my very favorite--the woman's dress seemed to jump off the card! Have a wonderful year filled with fun, creativity and love!
    :) Marie

  6. I Love them all!!! I also love how thee baby one turned out - you really got that transparency of the balloons wow! Have a fabulous weekend Tracy.

  7. wow wow wow!! your cards always blow me away!! these are so awesome

  8. These are all so gorgeous filled with wonderful details and your beautiful coloring!

  9. Your cards are beautiful! Love the coloring.

  10. Oops, hit submit before I was done, my fingers were too fast! I kept waiting for another card!! Lol! My favorite has always been the strawberry card, I was amazed at the background paper :) you picked beautiful cards to share, it had to have been difficult.

  11. I love them all! I bet it was hard to only select 12! Hope there is more to show in 2013! :)

  12. Your cards are talented. I don't think that I would ever have the patience for it, but you deinitely have a gift!

  13. I must have missed the ones from the first half of your list. Love the wedding couple with the way you did her dress.

    I don't know how YOU can pick a favorite either. You do such a fabulous job on each and every one! I look forward to your projects for this year!

  14. I love all of your cards but I am partial to that sad fairy. Thanks for letting us share in your favorite cards!

  15. Gorgeous cards, Tracy!
    I had even missed a few of them.
    Love that sad fairy one! :)

  16. They are all so beautiful, I can certainly see why these are some of your favorites, tfs

  17. aAwwW wonderful beautiful cards, love the sweet sentiments to

  18. I loved seeing all of the cards again!

    My favorite is the book girl, because I love reading! (But I also love all of them, so I hope no one feels left out!)


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