Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stamp organization...still working on it.

I thought I would update you with my stamp organizing and storage.
Oh my what was I thinking, lol.
This is only the clear stamps.

I have taken over the whole living room table, and whole area around me.
I love that Wayne doesn't care when I bring all my crap upstairs to work on.
Actually he encourages me.
He likes to be together after work, and if this means a mess, he doesn't mind ;)
Yes that is a glass of Coca Cola :) I know its not the weekend but we had company over for Heather's Birthday.....and I couldn't let the bottle of Coke go to waste ;)

Onto My Day:
It is my week to take Kristy and her friends to school (I car pool with the other mom).
While I was out, I figured I would return the cake pan Kristy used for Heather's cake.
As I was coming home I had to drive by the oil change place...well the jeep has been beeping for an oil change for a couple of weeks now, so I thought it was time.
Actually the jeep stopped beeping, I guess it thought I was a lost cause, lol.

I had to pick Kristy up at lunch to take her for her college class.
Then picked up some more thin acetate for my stamp storage.
Will this ever end, lol.
I am sure I will love it when I am done....its just to get to that part ;)

I hope you all had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Hey there, you forgot to mention that you chatted with a fantastic friend who did nothing near as involved or organized as you!
    Seriously this is amazing Tracy, looking forward to seeing the end result! Sybil

  2. Are those album pages you are slipping them into?

  3. Holy wow!! That is serious pile of stamps! Yay you for organizing!!

    I see Heather's b-day was was my Ashlie's!! Happy Birthday to our beautiful girls! :D

  4. ooh you bad girl-sneaking coke during the week. I need to cut back too but I love it so much. Good luck with the organization.

  5. what exactly are those white "card" looking things you have your stamps on? It almost looks like the hard plastic that the Dyan Reaveley uses for her stamps. where did you get them and how much did it cost you? Can you go into more detail on how your storing them? Thanks a bunch.

  6. oh i sooo want to come over and play!!!

  7. Can't wait to see the show and tell on this one - make sure you share all the details!! How many stamps!! I want to come play too LOL!

  8. Good luck with your organization! Hope your daughter had a wonderful birthday, have a fabulous weekend.

  9. Can't wait to see the final result of how you organized all those stamps :)

  10. Holy sh*t! Lol!!!!!! I thought that was a lot on the table to and then I saw all the stamps on the floor! Dang! I seriously can't wait until you're all done though!!

  11. That is a lot of stamps! It is looking great. I can't wait to see it when you are all done and organized :)

    I love that Wayne encourages you to bring your crafts upstairs. AJ doesn't mind when I bring them over, but he gets so upset when I leave the mess there...oops!

  12. Wow, girl! You have a lot of stamps! You would laugh at me because all of my stamps fit in one little drawer.

  13. Mine, finally done now, were "a project" since November. Pesky Christmas stuff interfering with my organizing plans. lol You'll love it, really!

  14. I cant wait to see your finished system. Im going to be jealous if it turns out too fantastic! You go girl.

  15. Wowsers! Such a lot of stamps!


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