Thursday, August 8, 2013

Big City Lights

Today my daughter Ashley and her boyfriend went to Toronto to celebrate 3 years of dating.
As she was wheeling her suitcase to her jeep it hit me.... She is leaving.
You may think oh she is just going on a trip, she will be back. And you would be correct.
But when she comes home from Toronto, I leave for my Creative Getaway with my friend Debbie.
Then the day we come back Ashley gets her house.
So my days are numbered with her.
She has been texting me photos of her flight and here is one of them.
I see the CN Tower :)

Tonight is also my dad and Doreen's last night in town.
So they treated Wayne, Darrell (my brother), Darlene (my brother's wife, who also happens to be Wayne's sister) (I'll let you think about that one, lol) and me out to dinner.
Wayne and I celebrated our 25th Anniversary in February and my brother and his wife celebrated their 25th Anniversary in June. So it was a bit of a celebration dinner.
We went to the Prospector Restaurant.
It is a local steak house. The food is really good.
Everyone got either steak or prime rib. I am not a big red meat fan, so I ordered the salad bar and some shrimp.
As the waitress was handing out the meals, I blurt out "I'm the shrimp", lol. Then I just waited for the jokes... as I am under 5'.
Here is their beef barley soup...oh so good.

Onto My Day:
I thought I had a day of running around to do. But as it turned out I can put everything off until tomorrow :)   So got to spend the day at home :)
I did work on a card for this month's challenge for Little Blue Button Stamps :)

I hope you all had a very creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Great photo of Toronto! It's hard for us when they grow up and leave the nest, isn't it? But the joy comes with seeing them thrive and forge their own path in the world!
    The soup looks really yummy! :o)

  2. Sounds yummy! My sis is married to dh's bro; so I get it! ;0)

  3. Glad you got to fit some creating time ini hope Ashley and her boyfriend enjoy their trip to Toronto. Itis such. Big place. I have relatives that live there. At least Ashley will be staying in. Your town and not moving far away.

  4. Fab photo of landing in Toronto! And I can't even begin to think how you are feeling, with the first child leaving the nest - but then she is not too far away. Glad you had a lovely meal and hope they didn't pull your leg too much over the "shrimp" :-) Have a great weekend.

  5. Beautiful photo, love seeing the bright lights at night.

  6. Great pic, looks like a fun place to vacation! I will hold your hand and give you a huge cyber hug anytime you need it...having a child leave the house is an adjustment and can be a hard time...unless the child is a pain in the butt, then it can be a time to celebrate!! ;) I know your Ash isn't like that, so anytime you need to talk, just holler! :)

  7. Oh I know you're going to miss your girl :( How far is the drive to her new house? That's funny about your dinner ;) Glad you got to stay home, I love it when I can put things off! lol!

  8. Wow, what a beautiful view!!

  9. The shot from the plane is gorgeous! That is very sad that Ashley is leaving, but at least she will be close by so you can visit her often. And you can go to her house for dinner and such!


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