Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fishing anyone? A card

This is one of the cards I had made on my girls getaway the other week.
Actually this was the first card I had made that week.
I don't know the name of this stamp as it was one of Debbie's.

One fun thing Debbie and I did was follow the same sketch and sometimes used the same image and/or papers. It was so fun :)

At first I was just going to leave the card like this. But thought it was way to plain...even if it will be going to a man...who we all know, don't get as excited about handmade cards as most women do ;)

But like I said, it was too plain.
So I added some colour with my copic markers and paper pieced his pants.
I just coloured over the pattern paper. Which surprised me on how well the colours went on the pattern paper.
On the original sketch they had put these pen strokes around the image. I really liked how they looked on the original card.
I'm not sure if I love the look on mine, but I don't hate it ;)

Here was our inspiration card by Jeanne Streiff
See how nice her pen marks are.

Here is both Debbie and my cards
Even though we used the same image and sketch, they are still different as we didn't use the same papers or colours :)

Onto My Day:
We left camp early and were home a little after noon.
We then dropped by Ashley's house as she was getting her front steps fixed as they were crumbling.
Wayne's nephew (Ryan Gosling, yes that is his real name, lol) is a brick layer and said he would fix her steps for her.
We also brought her a few little things she could use for her house :)

On our way home, at a red light at the expressway, there was a guy standing at the lights with a sign "Broke, just passing through, anything will help".   Then I see him pull out his cell phone to read a message. Seriously....are you kidding me!  The truck in front of us gave him a $5.00 bill. Then I find out my friend saw the same guy, in the same spot last week. I guess he wasn't passing through, lol.
I really hate when someone takes advantage of good-hearted people.

I hope you all had a creative Sunday.
I am off to take a hot bath to ease my knees.

Tracy :)


  1. The paper pieced pants and colouring really made the image pop! I really like the script paper in the background!

  2. What a cute card! I love the fisherman stamp! I want one now! lol

    1. Stamping Bella at Toronto based on-line store the name is fishafella

  3. oh that stamp is just adorable and i love your card!!!

  4. Very cute card. Much better with the image colored. I hate when people take advantage of others.

  5. Both of you did fabulous cards and love how different they are! Doesn't that just peeve you off, when people take advantage, if he had a cell phone he definitely doesn't need the money!

  6. Oh I sooo want to go back there to create! We must start a winter tradition as well :)

  7. Great job on both cards, the stamp is from Stamping Bella and is called fishafella., I don't have that one lol. The company is now on-line only and is from Toronto ON. I ignore beggers on the street or road too. They will head to the nearest LCBO with the money too.

  8. Great masculine card! It was fun to see the different versions.

  9. masculine cards have always been tough for me, but these are great! tfs

  10. I really love the card and how you both used the same sketch/stamp for it. That is such a fun idea!

  11. These cards are so pretty and lovely. Nice work!

  12. Great cards! Love the pieced pants!

  13. What a fun challenge for the two of you! I like your image better, colored too :) So nice of Ryan Gosling to fix Ashley's steps! Lol! You know, I read somewhere before that those guys taht stand out there collecting money make A LOT of money. Like over $100 a day.

  14. Hey there Tracy

    Loved the fishing guy! Are you seeing my comments recently? I seem to be having trouble posting to Wordpress sites? Hope they do show up.

  15. We have those guys too. never know if they're for real or they make more money than us. ;(

    Both cards are perfect for men. Love the paper piecing though they might not notice.

    hope the step repairs went well. That poor guy, what a name!

  16. Great cards. I love fishing card and this Bella stamp is fabulous. Love his funny little head...those Bella stamps always make great cards.

    Your design is so nice. Love the scrapt behind your fella.


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