Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Making Ashley's house a Home...Day 6 Clean ducts and Opinions please

Look who is busy working....not Heather ;)
Another busy day working in Ashley new house.
Heather took a break in the shade as it was over 40C/104F.
Ashley doesn't have air conditioning so it was a hot one.

These two young men flip houses as a side business.
They are friends of Tyler (Ashley's boyfriend) and they were nice enough to come and check out Ashley's house and do a few repairs for her.
Such nice guys...thank you Justin and Mike :)

One thing on Ashley's must do list was getting her ducts cleaned.
They were full of dust and pet hair...gross.
We took the vent covers off as I wanted to give them a good cleaning and for easier painting.
This is what I got out of one of them...nasty.

The man that cleaned the ducts, didn't think they were ever done before.
He said that it looked like a sheet of insulation was covering the piping, but it was dust and pet hair.
This is the same duct that I pulled all that nastiness out of.

Remember those two young men that helped Ashley out with some repairs.
Well they turned the water off, forgot to tell us and then went out to pick up some supplies.
One of the girls panicked as they went to the washroom and couldn't flush the toilet....but I think they got their point across, lol.

 Ashley wants some opinions please :)
She is ordering her couch and is picking out her fabric.
She isn't sure which colour she should choose.
We both have picked different colours and she would like your opinion.
I of course told her that it is her home and her decision, but a little input wouldn't hurt :)

Well I am exhausted and have to go and re-bandage my finger that I tore apart trying to take Ashley's bed apart.
Heather was helping me and when she saw all the blood she freaked out and then ran upstairs to get a bandaid.....came back down with some gauze and tape and wrapped it up.
As I was laughing at her, I told her,  I didn't cut the tip of my finger off you know. It looked like she put a marshmallow on the end of my finger the gauze was so thick, lol.
She was trying to convince me I needed to go to the hospital, lol.

I hope you all had a creative Tuesday :)



  1. She's getting there!!! I would go with 2. It is a darker fabric and show less dirt.

  2. I would also go with 2!
    EWewew on the HAIR! Gross! Man, our summer left last week. It has been considerably cooler. Draining the pool as the temp in it went down 7 degrees this week. :0(

  3. Wow! Ashley's house is coming right along! I can't wait to see once its all furnished. Good job everyone! We recently got our ducts cleaned too... apparently you're supposed to get it cleaned every 10yr or so, but you have to change your filters every 1-2yrs.

    If i were to choose a couch/sofa, i would opt for a dark colour one, incase of spills and what not, it won't show up! ;) ( A dark navy blue! ) lol but if i had to choose, it would be #2!

  4. So fun to watch the progress. Looks like a cute house! I would also go with #2. :)

  5. Number 2 for me...would show less dirt over time!

    Think of how unhealthy those people were to breathe all that pet dander!

  6. Just got caught up with all the stuff happening at Ashley's house! It is adorable and with all the work and repairs you guys are doing it's going to be like a brand new house. So happy for her :).

  7. It's all coming along nicely :)it was nice of those 2 young men to help out, every little bit helps :) I'd go for number 2 for the sofa also.

  8. I like number 2 best, Ha ha won't it be funny if blogland has decided the colour of Ashley's sofa.

    Them ducts certainly needed a good clean. That house will be sparkling by the time you've all finished.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  9. Definitely number 2. Number 1 is a little to pale and too close to the wall colour. Number 2 will add warmth to the room. Gross on all the dust and stuff - at least the furnace will work better and probably be more cost efficient ! Have a great day.

  10. These post are like the best home and garden show! Thanks for sharing all of the progress. As long as #1 isn't any lighter than the photo, I think it would hide dirt just fine, maybe better because it has some shading rather than just solid.

  11. So nice of the guys to come help too! If I were Heather, I would be outside trying to cool off too! 104 is HOT!!! Hope your finger is okay! I would pick #2. :)

  12. You are such a great mama for all the help that you are giving your sweet girl! As far as the the fabric, I would definitely go with #2.

  13. SO glad the ducts are done. That should really help the atmosphere in there.

    I'm going to be different and sat I like swatch 1. I think the light er colour will help it see larger and give her a good background for any brighter coloured accessories she may add later.

    Take care of that finger Tracy. :)

  14. That was so nice that the boys came and helped her out. Those vents were gross...and now I'm worried about what mine must look like in the apartment! Man I hoped they were cleaned before we moved in!

    I hope your finger is feeling better :(

    As for the couch, they are both very pretty, but I prefer the darker one. AJ and I had a very light couch in Chicago (that we inherited from my parents) and it was so hard to keep clean. It would get dirty and I don't even know what from! But it showed every single little thing, and I didn't like that.

  15. The house is looking great and that's just gross about the ducts! I would pick the darker one but then again I have kids:)


  16. Oh woah about the ducts blocked up like that!! You are doing a great job! I would choose no. 2!! :D

  17. # 2 will show less dirt but #1 will be more modern. Love them both. beautiful house. Staying away just for this ashley and tracy;) Hugs,Pea

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  19. Wow, that's a lot of buildup in the ducts! Glad that you got them cleaned out. Imagine having to breathe those in every time you're inside the house. Was the cleaning guy surprised to find out that it was built up dust and pet hair? -Dennis @ Day Aire

  20. Good to hear that your ducts are finally free from dust and pet hair. Ignoring and letting them accumulate in your ducts might contaminate your indoor air. It's impossible to take control of dust and pet hair, that's why we have to be diligent in cleaning our ducts once in a while.

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