Thursday, August 22, 2013

Making Ashley's house a Home....Day 8 finishing touches.

Ashley has moved into her new home...but she was here at home twice today :)
She hasn't totally moved all of her belongings yet. But most of her stuff it gone....her room is so bare.
This is a photo Ashley took of her and Kristy relaxing in her spare bedroom.

Here is Ashley's living room all painted and waiting for her furniture.
She is ordering her couch tomorrow as it is on sale starting then, but not sure if she has decided on the material yet.
I liked the darker one, she liked the light one. I thought the grey colour was more to her wall colour. But her inspiration room is all white. So I am curious to see which one she choses :)
The painters tape is where she wants to put her couch and the size it will be.

Since her couch will take about 5 weeks to get as it is custom. We brought her our couch from downstairs in the rec room for her to use until hers is delivered.
She has her television set on the floor right now, but is going to mount it on the wall, under the mantel she has as one of my creative projects she wants me to make for her.
She keeps telling me that these projects is great material for my blog, lol.

Here is one of her favourite rooms.
It is her dressing room.
She has so many neat ideas for this room to showcase her shoes, purses and accessories.
So far she has two dressers (that her and her sisters have painted) back to back.
This wall colour is Cool Sky.

Today the blinds guy came to measure up her front window and the window in her kitchen/dining area.
They should only take a few weeks to come in.
I put blinds up in her bedroom today and put up her bedroom door that we had painted.

Ashley goes back to work tomorrow. I could go and do some more work, but I think I need to work on my own house, lol.
I have spent 8 days at Ashley's house and before then I was away to my creative get away, so my house is not looking to good right now, lol.
I think I would hide if someone came to my door :)
I have decided to replace my back door. Remember the door that the paint peeled off because of our cold winter.
Ever since we moved here, we had wanted a door with a small window in it as our back porch area is so dark. So figured now is the time to replace it :)
So the door guy is coming here tomorrow at about 2:00, so I have a few hours to clean up my embarrassing messy home ;)

I hope you all had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Looks exciting can't wait to see Ashley's house all decorated.

  2. Her little home is looking lovely.

  3. I can see why Ashley wants the lighter colour then if she is looking at an inspiration room. Lol, I cannot imagine having a room (or stuff) to showcase in my closer. ;0) how fun!

  4. Wow, Ashley's house is looking really lovely.

    She seemed to have a strong sense of her own personal style and has done a wonderful job if creating it. What fun.

    I smiled to see the fan on the floor in the living room. It sure has been hot this summer and I'm sure it will be put to good use to keep her cool!

  5. Moving along nicely then - she will soon be settled! TFS

  6. all your hard work has paid off- the house looks awesome!!

  7. Her house is really coming together! I love all of the choices she is making :) The dressing room is such a cool idea! You make me laugh, I'm sure your house looks fine :)

  8.'ve been really busy! I find it interesting that a sight impaired man was measuring the windows!! ;o)

  9. Ashley's house looks wonderful and I'm sure she'll keep you busy for quite a while yet ;)
    Back doors with windows are lovely. I had one installed in my old house too.
    I know the feeling of wanting to hide too well. Have fun playing in your house.

  10. A dressing room . . . I'm so jealous. I hope all her deliveries make it on time. She's got a lovely nest there in the making.

  11. Looks like everything is coming together nicely :) Daughter number 2 moves out into student housing next week...not sure I'm ready for that yet.

  12. Everything looks great!

    I love that she has a whole room to get dressed in! That is so cool!!!


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