Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day #25 Pockets

Day #25 of the Planner Challenge.
I keep my phone in the left side pocket of my planner. I am always misplacing my phone, as I don't use it that much. But by keeping it in my planner, I know where it is...if I put it back after I use it, lol.
In the business card pockets on the right, I put photos of my beautiful daughters :)

Onto My Day:
I had two of my friends drop by at different times today.
I would like to think that they came to visit me, but I think it may have been to see all my goodies I bought during my trip, lol.

I took both of my girls driving this morning and they are doing really good.
Heather, Kristy and I went to Ashley's for supper as Wayne is working late again.
We also went  to some home improvement stores. We are looking for a way to make Ashley a wall to wall bar, to hang up all of her clothes....we're still working on that though ;)

Hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. I am forever losing my phone and having to call it to find it!

  2. I am sure it was to see YOU first and the bonus was to see your haul. ;0)

  3. Great idea for the phone storage!
    Hope you find the solution to Ashley's wardrobe storage.

  4. Like your idea of the phone storage, but I would probably misplace the whole day planner. I like to put things in the most obscure places. What a great "girls" dinner. It must have been fun.

  5. I love that you put pictures in the card holders and that's a great idea to put your phone in the pocket! This morning, I said WHERE'S MY PHONE???? It was in the back pocket of my pants. True story.

  6. I love that you keep your phone in your planner! That is such a good idea! I misplace mine all the time, then freak out!

    So fun that you guys had dinner at Ashley's. Its so nice that you all can visit so often!

  7. Ikea - would be great, bedroom event on at mo, don't know if you have one near :-(

  8. So convenient to have a pocket there for your phone. I am not all that attached to mine either so I can relate! And as someone who has brought down more than one closet rack with the weight of my clothes, I hope Ashley finds a really strong one! :)


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