Friday, September 13, 2013

Organizing my Cardstock

Today I worked on organizing my card stock.
I am so glad that I have a huge pool table to lay everything out on. 
Heather saw all the colours spread out and loved how beautiful the colours were.
I did get all the card stock organized and put away. Such a nice accomplishment. I still have more papers to organize, but at least the card stock is complete. 
As I was still working on my papers, Heather and Kristy cooked dinner. They made spegetti squash, chicken, sausages and cooked veggies. Yummy, and I didn't have to cook...bonus.
As Heather was cooking she was getting frustrated with my spice cupboard. So she decided to organize it. Double bonus ;)
I sure have a lot of spices for a person that doesn't care to cook, lol.

"Selfie with your Planner"
This is one challenge day photo, I wasn't looking forward to. 
But I'm a stickler for rules and I didn't want to miss a day.
If you know me then you know I suck at taking selfies, never mind holding something at the same time lol.
Here is another
Then finally Kristy took pity on me. Lol. 
That's it for me....I know you've seen enough of me to last you for while lol. 
I hope you all had a creative Friday and you all enjoy your weekend. 



  1. My kids always take great you I can't do it! Maybe its just practise?

  2. Sounds like your reorganizing is moving right along. Cute selfless. I suck at taking them!

  3. look great girl! I love the second photo the best! Just how I picture you!

    Your paper looks great. I am sorting paper too. I really should purge some DP but hoard it under the twisted notion that I will one day use it! lol

  4. Aren't you cute! Not too bad for a selfie.

    The cardstock looks great.

  5. Your card stock looks so pretty :) I love that they cooked dinner and it sounds delicious! Is there maybe a little bit of you in heather???? With her organizing the spices, Lol! I'm cracking up at the third selfie. Too funny!!

  6. Paper organizing seems to be going well! I love the papers rack! Great photos too:-)

  7. Good job organizing all your cardstock! Great self portrait. I like your versions best.

  8. Yes, when you have all that fun goodness spread out it makes you want to dive in and use every single color! :) They are pretty all lined up. Love the selfies! :)

  9. Hi

    Good job organizing:):)

    Love your photos too:)


  10. girl, that is some cardstock pile!!! so awesome!!
    and what a lucky girl you are that your daughter organized your spice cabinet- lucky you!!
    cute photo of you and your planner!!

  11. Awesome organizing the papers! So sweet of your daughter to redo your spice cabinet. I bet that felt so nice. And dinner too double nice! Love the cute selfie.

  12. What pretty stacks of paper, that's very creatively inspiring to look at.

  13. Love your paper organization! It looks wonderful!!!

    And that is so sweet that the girls organized the cabinet for you! If any of you all need some more things to organize, you are welcome to come tackle my big pile of wedding stuff!


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