Friday, October 18, 2013

Gift bags for the Crop

I spent a lot of my day on the computer.
I should have been getting ready for my 2 day crop.
I thought I was all done printing up my photos, only to double check and find out, I didn't print the ones for my monthly calendar...oh my.
Good thing I double checked.

So tonight is FNS (Friday Night Scrapbooking)
We have a smaller group tonight, as most of the other ladies are still getting ready for the crop tomorrow.
Here is what I worked on tonight.
Treat bags for my friends at the table :)
Can you believe 5 snack (more like one bite size) chocolate bars fit in here.

I either used scrap paper or older paper pads for them.

I made one for every lady at our table.
I think our table will fit 6 people to a table.
There are 5 of us that are going, so I made an extra one, just in case a 6th person is put at our table.
I also picked up a small bag of plain chips...I love a bit of salt with my sweets.

I found this idea on My ChicnScratch's channel. Angie has some of the best creative ideas. Here is the link to this bag.

I hope you all had a very creative Friday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Have a wonderful weekend scrapping away!

  2. Love these little bags, and thanks for the link--just what I need for my next scrap day :)

  3. Awesome little bags. I love them and thanks for the link I might give them a "go". gorgeous papers you used too. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. These are so cool - love the papers. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. You are such a generous and thoughtful person. Your table mates will enjoy your gift of chocolate :D

    Hugs to you - Leslie

  6. That's so super sweet! I would totally do the same thing. I'm sure your weekend will be a blast. Careful of the paper cuts!

  7. What an adorable bag and so nice of you!! I love her website, but haven't been there in years! Literally! Maybe I need to check it out again :)

  8. You are so sweet! I love that you are bringing a treat bag for all the ladies you scrap with!


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