Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ohhhh Martha

Well Martha, I think you may have lost a lot of blogging followers with this one statement you made during an interview.
"Bloggers are not experts"
Watch this and give me your opinion....

When I first watched this I thought...she is right, most bloggers aren't experts.
But did any of us say we were?
If you look in my profile I state "I'm a Jill of all trades, expert in None"
But most of us blog because we enjoy it.
We love to share our passion for whichever craft we do, let it be cooking, crafting, organizing...the list goes on.
You don't need to be an expert to have talent.

I also noticed that the people she said that have great taste are big businesses.
People who have buyers, testers, photographers,creative departments and the list goes on.
We bloggers have ourselves, and I think we come up with a few of our own pretty awesome ideas.
Of course we don't expect Martha to do it on her own, she has a huge company with many different lines, she needs help and ideas from others.

Also when she had said that bloggers recipes aren't very good, how does she know this?
Blogger's recipes aren't tested???? I think many husbands and families can disagree with you there Martha, lol.

Lastly when she stated that bloggers use others ideas.
I have to wonder how many of her creative staff have searched fellow blogs for ideas. Bet they never gave credit to the originator.
That is one peeve I do have about fellow bloggers and You-tubers....give credit to the originator, not the last person you saw create something, but the first person who made it.

I am still a lover of a lot of her products and watching this interview has not changed my mind.
Am I insulted or offended by her interview...not in the least ;)
Everyone has an opinion and this is hers.

But I have to wonder....if Martha Stewart started her business now.....would she be a blogger ;)

I hope you all had a very creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. It is something to ponder; and maybe some bloggers ARE experts at what they do! How does she know? I have heard bits and pieces of this interview, but not much.Like you, I also think that she is a brilliant businees woman! and she had to have been a "non-expert" at some time! I must admit, when I look for a recipe, I usually look at MS first! (Probably because I have 3 years worth of everyday food and I know that I have "seen" the recipe somewhere in them! ;0)

  2. I think she has many great qualities but humbleness is not one of them!

  3. What's an "expert" anyway? Lol! Martha certainly isn't an expert speaker anyway - that's for certain! Lol!!

  4. I totally agree with all of your comments about her interview. I was also thinking that if she were starting today she'd be building an audience through a blog and YouTube and be grateful for the medium. And would we think she were any more expert than anyone else with a blog or YouTube channel? She also went out of her way to plug Macy's. Personally, I would not think Macy's first for style, not anymore. Martha worked hard to build her business but she started her career at a different time - you could say a different era, things have changed so much. As for recipes, I've made some of hers that I liked and some that I didn't. 'Tested' doesn't mean I'm going to like it and not tested doesn't mean I won't.

  5. While I agree that Martha is definitely entitled to her opinion, as are we really bugs me that she claims "bloggers aren't experts". Like you said, how many of us claim we are???? Get off your high horse, Martha....we know, we know your stuff is awesome, but you have a lot of extremely talented people on your payroll...enough said! Have a great weekend, Tracy!

  6. Martha isn't one of my favorite crafters. She is so full of herself! And I don't think I own any of her crafty goodness.

  7. Word, yo! Lol! The things she doesn't love about bloggers are the things I do love! Real people, no one paying them to say or write the things we are reading. We're visiting them because we're friends, we like each other and we trust each others opinions, right? I wouldn't want to hang out with Martha, but I would want to hang out with you ;)

  8. Totally agree :) I'm a fan of some of her 'stuff', but I've tried a recipe or two of her's---give me the Bloggers' real 'home' tested any day!

  9. WOW - a bit conceited if you ask me. Yep, do any of us claim to be experts - no - our joy is making people smile, sharing our knowledge, does it have to be expert no! We all have to start somewhere. She has an entourage of people to "help" are all the ideas hers - I doubt it very much!! Give credit where credit is due! Great post Tracy :-)

  10. this is a great post, Tracy!
    ITA with all of it.
    I mean at first I thought, she is right about some of those bloggers claiming to be experts. But in reality, how much does she personally really come up with anymore.

    Look at all of her magazines. You know she couldn't possibly do it all. She has a ton of people working, creating etc...So over her!

  11. I think she just isn't super informed about bloggers. Lots of bloggers come up with amazing recipes and crafts. Sure, they aren't all fabulous, but who does everything perfect 100% of the time? I know I've had some duds on my blog! But I might add - some of her recipes and crafts aren't so great, based on my experience...

    I wasn't personally offended by what she said, but it definitely will have an impact on my opinion of her!


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