Monday, October 21, 2013

Snow and some Spooky Chocolate

We got some snow today.
Actually it snowed all day.
It isn't staying on the ground...but it sure is cold out there.
My pretty flowers are covered in snow...but they still look pretty :)

When I came home from my crop last night....just as  last weeks The Walking Dead started ;)
Wayne got me a treat.
I love chocolate bars, so when Wayne and Kristy saw one of my favourites "Coffee Crisp" all decked out in its Halloween best. They knew I would get a kick out of these.
Yup, I'm saving the wrappers to scrapbook ;)

I hope you all had a very creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. ahahaha...have not seen these as of a Coffee Crisp!

  2. Just in time for Walking Dead after an awesome weekend scrapping with your friends? What a perfect weekend! Oh, and there was chocolate waiting for you??!!

  3. how fun that there was chocolate waiting for you!
    we are getting a couple of wet snowflakes this morning. Way to early here. I hope that doesnt mean we are in for a cold long winter!

  4. Snow! My kids love the new wrappers too! :-)

  5. Walking Dead just caps off the awesome weekend you had! Especially with your awesome double treat (double because of the chocolate + the cool wrapper!)

    I can't believe that you had snow! The mums look so pretty with just a touch of snow on them though.

  6. Boo on the snow! None here yet, it has actually been very very mild here! Love those wrappers!


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