Saturday, November 16, 2013

Kit leftovers and Day 16 of Thankfulness

Today I actually got to create :)
I finished my 2 page spread scrapbooking layouts I started last night.
I am still working on photographing my layouts.
I use a 12x12 flooring tile to keep the layouts from bowing, but I still haven't got the correct angle to make them a crisp perfect square.

Here are the left over pieces from the Crop & Create kit I have been working from.
The kit was designed to make 4 pages..I got 6 layouts out of it, I just had to add 2 sheets of card stock.
From these pieces I could probably make another page (I would have to add my own card stock). But I am a 2 page kind of girl, so this won't work for me.
I could make some 6x6 layouts or cards with a few of my scraps thrown in.
We will see, but I really do want to totally finish this kit off.

Day 16 of 30 Days of Thankfulness.
Today I am thankful for chocolate.
It doesn't matter in what form.
It could be a chocolate bar, a chocolate cake, my chocolate turtles or a chocolate covered marshmallow ;)
No worries, I got my fruit in today…a banana dipped in chocolate ;)

I hope you all had a wonderful and creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Oh made me giggle with your chocolate picture!

    Thanks for the tip about the 12x12 tile to help keep the layouts from bowing.

    I am hopeless at keeping the square layout or card a true square or true rectangle...If you learn any tricks please post them!!!

    I have always wondered if there is a photo program that would correct that!

  2. Me too- chocolate makes it all good!

  3. That's a good idea, a tile to keep it from bowing. I'm always trying to find something heavy to hold my projects down. The rest of that kit would look great on some cards! Maybe a small set of themed thank yous or something? Lol, about the banana dipped in chocolate :)

  4. Never thought of use a tile...thanks for the tip. Glad you got to create today and I'm with you on the chocolate.


  5. Chocolate is an excellent thing to be thankful for! Look forward to seeing your layout. I had a creative Saturday making a decorative box for a Christmas gift. Happy Sunday!

  6. Ooh...that chocolate looks YUMMY!! It would go great with this morning coffee of mine! :o)

  7. Looking forward to seeing those layouts and lots of goodies left over. Hmmmmm banana eh - are you sure? It looks a little like a marshmallow :-) :-) Did you know, if you eat fruit with chocolate the calories don't count :-)

  8. You are getting full value from your kits. I think the banana looks like a marshmallow, too. Enjoy your chocolate.

  9. yummy looking marshmallow, Hubby is right there with you do you think broccoli dipped in chocolate would work? And yes Saturday was creative.

  10. That is awesome that you got so many layouts from the kit!

    I used to only do two page layouts, but lately I've been doing lots of one pagers. I'm not sure why!

    The chocolate looks delicious!

    Using a tile is a good idea to keep your layouts flat! I hang mine up with putty on the wall, and then I photograph them head on. It isn't always exactly square, but its better than when I tried to stand over them on the floor!

  11. Mercy! You have made six (6) layouts from that one kit and you have so little left. That is quite a feat! Seems you have had fun doing it as well. Bonus!

    Chocolate :/ I have been craving that stuff for the past couple days. Nothing seems to do it for me and let me tell you....I have gone through quite a bit of chocolate recently :-(

    Hugs to you my friend - Leslie


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