Monday, March 17, 2014

Defunkifying My Life…..The Dungeon.

Here is my dungeon with me hiding my face in shame.
This room is very narrow. Maybe 4'x10'.
This room used to be uber organized, but not so much lately ;)

I was ruthless. I purged, purged, purged.
It was obvious to me that I don't use gift bags, as I had a ton of them.
I also noticed that there was quite a bit in my dungeon that didn't belong in here.
I think because of it being winter and us not being able to get to the shed outside because of the snow, that there were a few things that didn't even belong in here.
I was shocked that it only took us 1 1/2 hours to complete this room from top to bottom, side to side.

But Lynne didn't want to stop.
She wanted to keep organizing.
So I made us stop for lunch and then we continued.
We worked in the rec room.
A lot of the stuff on our pool table was craft related.
Also a lot of the stuff was my girls things that they need to still go through.

Lynne found this photo of me. I have no idea why it was on the pool table.
This was taken the day after Kristy was born, so 19 yrs ago….nice hair eh ;)

Here we are the organizing ladies ;)

Look at everything I am getting rid of!
Some is trash but most of it is to be donated.
It snowed all day today so I didn't bring this to the donation centre.
It is suppose to snow all day tomorrow as well.
I may just bring it any way. But it is for sure going to be out of my home before Friday :)
Don't worry the Cricut and the sewing machine boxes are just boxes, teehee.

So that is how I spent my Monday how about you ?

I hope you all had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)


  1. You had a lot more energy than me today! Saved the little I have for going back to work tomorrow. We had snow, too. Good job on purging and cleaning!

  2. That is what I need to do-a major purge!!awesome you have Lynn to help you!!!

  3. I remember those big hair days!!!

    The dungeon looks fab and now on to organizing other rooms! Have fun...

  4. You both did a good job. Now don't you feel better. :)

  5. Awesome organization!! Lucky that you have someone to. Help you

  6. looks like you had a fun day organizing and cleaning!! looks aweosme

  7. You ladies have been so productive, looks great, Tracy!

  8. WTG Tracy and Lynne. those shelves look awesome. and the rest looks great too. I sorted yarn, 5 large shopping bags are now only two with one large one for donation.

  9. Nice job!! It looks awesome Tracy and I love that Lynne kept you going :) just one question. How long has that stuff been on top of the pool table? Doesn't it make it unusable? For Wayne to play pool? (See where I'm going with this? ) Lol!

  10. You both did great. It's the worst when everything is not where it should be. But I'm sure it feels great. I have a section in my storage room just for gift wrapping. Each tote is dedicated to what it holds, tape, tissue, gift bags. Just a thought.

  11. That is awesome!!! You guys did a great job! Are you available for dejunkifying in Louisiana?

    Our Monday was productive too (for once!) We did our taxes, I'm so glad that it is done, although I didn't get anything else done on my list because it took a long time!

  12. Hehe your junk room looks like my office/craft room - except that I have given up trying to keep it neat!

  13. You both did an amazing job with the organizing! I love reading all your organization posts, because it gives me the inspiration I need to clean up my own little dungeon as well, lol :)

  14. Good for you getting rid of all the stuff you no longer need! That's inspiring.

  15. Love the photo of you hiding your face in shame - just like Lynne had too! Great organise and look at all that stuff you purged! TFS

  16. Wow, you got a lot accomplished and how great that you had a friend to help...that always seems to make things go much faster! Good for you!


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