Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dollar Store Fun

Wasn't planning on leaving the house today, but Kristy wanted a few things.
So while we ran into the dollar store to pick up a new can opener..I found a few things ;)
I have yet to find a marker set that doesn't bleed through my planner pages.
Well, I do have one Martha Steward marker that doesn't but I only have the one, and I haven't seen them anywhere. I don't even know where I picked up the one I have.
So I grabbed these thin lined markers, but they do bleed through a bit..oh well, they are pretty ;)

I thought these skinny multi coloured post it strips were fun.
Ohh lookie, lookie, I found some new washi tape ;)
I thought these glass mini bottles would be fun for storing small embellishments, like sequins or to even use on a project.

I also bought a bamboo cutting board (not shown) for camp….but wait, I am using it when I am creative
I am going to use it as a lap desk when I am working on my planner pages.
I had a plastic one (cutting board), but after Wayne cut up onions on it, I decided to stop using it. I didn't want my projects to smell like raw onions, lol.

Again no creating for me today.
I did spend an hour or so on the phone with my internet provider as I haven't been able to receive photos through my email. After a while we figured it was how my phone email was set up, not my computer.

Oh My …there is a show on called Inside the Walking Dead, it is so so cool showing how they did the effects and the make up..I am pumped !!!!!!

Hope you all had a Creative Day :)

Tracy :)


  1. I love the dollar store. Not buying crafty goodies there has been the hardest part of my consumables freeze.
    Luckily Dollarama (my fave store) has pared down their scrapbook section so that does make it easier to resist.
    Great bargains.Will have to keep an eye out for the bamboo cutting mat for the RV!

  2. What a great haul!!! Loving those skinny post its and that washi looks awesome!! I have a set of Flairs I picked up at Target. They're pretty good about not bleeding through

  3. Ooh, pretty washi and other fun goodies! I'll have to look into that Inside the Walking Dead! Only 3 more months til it comes back on. ;)

  4. What a great bunch of crafty "stuff" I will have to look for those think strips. I got some lacy looking washi tape, it's B&W and they sell the same at Wal-mart at a higher price. No crafting for me either but made two blog posts. There will be crafting today (Wednesday) once I'm off the computer. lol.

  5. Oh, you got some real goodies at your dollar store. Love that washi!

  6. Looks some fun shopping at the dollar store!

  7. Wow you definitely scored at the dollar store. I never seem to find anything at mine.


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