Saturday, August 30, 2014

Bears and Berries

Another wonderful day at the cottage.
A bit too quiet as it is just Wayne and I up on this long weekend. 
Ashley surprised her fiancé, Tyler, with a trip to New York. 
Heather didn't want to leave Luna at home alone. 
Kristy is cat sitting Sabastien, Ashley's cat. 

I took a couple of walks today. 
Put on a bright hoodie so the hunters don't mistake me for a bear :)
As I walking my 1st round, I noticed some bear prints. 
So on my second round I grabbed my pepper spray. 
I also spotted wolf tracks. 
It was just a small bear, see the comparison to my size 6 running shoe. 
Wayne and i took our quads out to our berry patch to pick some berries. 

It is in the middle of nowhere. It is down an old dead end bush road. 
Another couple came by and asked if they could pick by us. Finding the perfect berry patch is a sacred thing and not to be shared, lol. 
We of course invited them to pick near us. 
As we got to talking, come to find out she owns the bead store in our city. And her husband is a contractor who I talked to all the time when I did the book keeping for our business. 
Funny to meet them here in the middle of nowhere lol. 
Hope you are all enjoying your long weekend and having a Creative day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Oh wow...good thing you did not see that bear IRL. We had one in the park next door. IT is a Provincial park and I heard the follows screaming from our unit...That is 3 (resort blocks) blocks away and i could hear them clear as day. I think it was at the site next to our fence. Luckily we have a bear fence allt he way around. It drives DH crazy as he thinks it looks like sTalag 13 but it does keep the bears out!

  2. Hope you are enjoying your long weekend. Make sure the bears don't take your berries too - by invite only :-)

  3. What a great haul of berries, Tracy! :)

  4. Yum blueberries my fav. So far the weekend has been beautiful almost like the Labour day weekend we got married. (it wasn't as humid)Hubby is still in the hospital recovering from surgery, it went well, Funny how he tells me not to visit so much but is glad I am after all we have been marr
    ied almost 54 years.

  5. the berries do look great and glad you didn't have to see the bears! lol!

  6. That is so cool that you met that couple in the middle of the berry patch!

    I'm glad you didn't run into the bear or the wolf! Scary!

    That is so cool that Ashley and Tyler went to New York :)


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