Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Luna our sweetheart

Looky, looky who we have in our home.
Heather, Kristy and I went to pick up this little cutie :)
We decided to take her home for an in home visit and a sleep over.

Her brother was adopted today by an older couple while we went to visit her.
Heather said her nose was a bit itchy today and Kristy just came in and told me that her eyes are burning. We were at Ashley's house tonight, so maybe it was from Ashley's cat as Sebastian is a long haired cat.
I will see if we can keep her for another day to see if the girls still have problems, cause this little cutie sure has our hearts.
Sadly if the girls are still suffering, then that is it for any kitty's in our home :(

She loves the new toy we bought her, she loves it so much that only half of the feathers are left on it.

Ashley invited my brother David, his wife Amanda their 2 boys and us over for pizza tonight.
Wayne had to work late, so he wasn't able to make it.
But it was a beautiful evening and a wonderful time :)

Who says children need a lot of toys to have fun :)
I have never believed that, and here my point has been proven ;)
The boys used the empty pop cans from supper to use as blocks.

Then, like the boys that they are, kicked them over :)

So that was my day today.
I am hoping to do a bit of creating tomorrow, but we will see :)
Hope you all had a Creative Day today :)

Tracy :)


  1. Such a sweet little girl cat.
    I agree about kids not needing expensive toys. The thing my son and former students remember most are the big boxes that I used to get for them to play in. LOL

  2. Cute kitty! Hope you will be able to keep it!

  3. She's a cutie, Tracy, hope the girls' allergies can handle her in the house! Sounds like a lovely evening and hope you get some crafty time in! :)

  4. Oh, I hope the girls aren't allergic, that would be so sad!!!! That's what happened to me though :( What funny boys!!

  5. Sorry to hear of the allergies, Super cute kitty and beautiful pictures of her too.Great family pictures too and I agree kids can make their own toys, I remember making a bow and arrow to play cowboys and indians

  6. Sorry to hear about the allergies, I hope the girls are feeling better, it would be really unfortunate to not be able to keep such a cute little kitty, she looks so sweet! :)

  7. What a happy group! And...I love the bench you are all sitting on. So perfect for parties.
    Ashley has such a sweet house and garden!

  8. She is so adorable - hope you are able to keep her. Fingers crossed!

  9. Awwww...little Luna is such a sweetie! I hope that everything works out!


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