Friday, August 15, 2014

Morning Walk with my Girls

We are heading out to the cottage, so I wanted to get this post up before we left :)
My morning started out with a beautiful walk with 2 of my daughters.
Neither one had to work today, so we decided to go for a walk around Boulevard Lake.
Kristy took this photo, and of course when she sent it to me, she made sure she sent the one where SHE looked good in it, lol.

Heather was excited when she saw the swings and decided to re-live a bit of her youth ;)
They wanted me to swing as well, but I kind of get a bit dizzy when I do that now….nothing like the dare devil I used to be. Man, getting older sucks, lol.

I was sad to see that the beach was deserted :(
When I was young I loved going here and spending the whole day. It was always busy.
When my girls were young, we would spend most of the day here swimming and enjoying the treats at the concession stand.

Today was a beautiful day and here not one kid in the lake.
Even the girls were wondering where everyone was.

I just had to share this.
We had seen this yesterday while we were doing some errands.
Don't worry, I wasn't driving, Kristy was.
This dog was loving it. I got a chuckle at the dog wearing the goggles…soooo cute, lol.
I am surprised that he/she even kept them on. Any dog I know, would be trying to get them off.
This just made my day.
Its the little things like this that put a smile on my face :)

I hope you all had a Creative Day:)
Just a tidbit…I didn't make it posting this at home, so hoping I can use some of Wayne's hotspot here at the cottage to post my blog post.
Plus there we hear thunder and it looks like a storm is coming.

Tracy :)


  1. Wow, I can't believe there wasn't anyone there, Tracy! Enjoy your weekend! :)

  2. I can't believe anyone wasn't at the beach either!! It looked beautiful!! I love that picture of the dog!! So adorable! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. What fun to walk with your daughters. We had a lake like that we would camp at when the girls were young. A group of us would all go for the weekend. It was about 45 minutes away. Those were the days when one person could pay for 6 or 7 lots at a Provincial campsite...and the days when you could get one just by driving there early. One couple would take a couple hours off work and get 6 or 7 spots next to each other! The rest would follow.

    I have been scrapbooking those photos lately. Kids holding their limit of trout and lots of campfires!

  4. Wonderful pictures! I too can't go on the swings anymore, I can't even watch them LOL! It's a shame the beach isn't getting used. I know our beaches are usually chock a block on a nice sunny summers day! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  5. Curtis would love a side car to go pick his grandkids up from school! He tried to get me to take a tour in one when we were in Victoria!


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