Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sisterly Love.

Today turned out to be a pretty nice day. It didn't start off that way though. Looked like it was going to rain, so Ashley and Tyler left a bit early. She missed, and was worried about her cat sabastien.
But it turned it out to be a beautiful day. 
Heather, Kristy, Blake and I all went for a walk tonight.
So sweet, Sisterly Love.
Aren't they sweet ;). 
During our walk we checked out the tadpoles in the lake. Heather found a tiny frog. 
The boys were very interested with Heather's video game.  So heather found an age appropriate game for her and the boys to play. Mario Cart. 
Then we ended the evening with another campfire and some s'mores :). 
I hope you have enjoyed your weekend, I know I have.

Hope you were creative today. 

Tracy :) 


  1. Such a sweet picture of your girls, Tracy! So glad your weekend was good, ours didn't turn out quite as planned, but that's ok. :) I just saw a photo of s'moreos yesterday, peanut butter oreos with the chocolate and marshmallow inside. OMG!

  2. Awh, that was a sweet picture of Heather and Kristy :) You have had such a wonderful, family filled weekend. I know you are so grateful for it :)

  3. Fabulous pictures, any weekend with family is an awesome weekend.

  4. Awesome photo of your girls! Looks like a wonderful family outing! Those s'mores look yummy

  5. Adorable picture of your girls! The s'more looks just right!

  6. The photo of your girls is so sweet :) Love the s'mores :)

  7. Glad you had a good weekend. Such fabulous family time photos! TFS

  8. Smores! fun.

    I have never had a smore. We have always camped where campfires are banned...we just have a propane fire pit and even that is banned at times in high fire season.


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