Friday, November 14, 2014

An animal kind of day

Today was a pretty fun day :)
Heather and Kristy both worked this morning, but after that we went to see "Little Ray's Reptile Zoo"
They traveled here in our city and the girls wanted to see the animals.
Well actually, Kristy wanted to see the tiger.
Kristy loves tigers so much that she has adopted one, and even got a tattoo of a tiger on her back.
As excited as she was, she was a bit disappointed that she didn't get to pet it.

But we did get to pet this alligator :)

We pet the hedgehog :)

We even got to pet the fox.

I wasn't going to touch the tarantula, but as you can see, I am holding it in my hand.

I just couldn't be outdone by my daughter Heather who held it first.
Kristy didn't though.
On our second trek around the building the lady had asked Kristy is she was ready to hold it yet.
Kristy said okay, until the tarantula's one leg touched her hand, and that was it from her, lol.

We all pet the skink.

But we came so Heather could see the fox.

And so Kristy could see the tiger :)

I had a great day with my girls.
And to top the evening off, I got to spend time and create with some great friends :)
Our friend Barb came to town for a visit and we were so happy that she saved an evening to spend with us :)
But can you believe we didn't take one photo of us all together….I can't believe it.
Better start photo shopping us in a photo Denise ;)

I hope you all had a creative day :)
I started on another 2 page spread.

Tracy :)


  1. Looks fun! About 5 minutes from my house is a butterfly pavilion. They have a tarantula there named Rosie you can hold. (there are actually half a dozen Rosies but that is a secret) We've held her many times and I'm not afraid but I wouldn't want one as a pet though! LOL

  2. oh liebe tracy, dass muss ja ein wundervoller tag gewesen sein...ich wünsche dir ein schönes wochenende...
    liebe grüsse

    1. oh dear tracy , that must be really been a wonderful day ... I wish you a nice weekend ...
      grüsse love
      ruth..chen ;- ) )

  3. That's soooo cute. She should have pet the tiger. I want to pet the fox.

  4. How fun, Tracy, but bummer she wasn't able to pet the tiger! Yay for scrapping! :)

  5. Looks like a fun day for all, well except for not petting the tiger. Great to have a get together.

  6. As soon as I saw that tiger I thought of Kristy!! I wouldn't have wanted anything to do with that spider, Ew!!!!!! What a fun day though :)

  7. The hedgehog, fox and tiger are so cute! Seriously you held a spider? Okay, I have more admiration for you now...I wouldn't even get close to it without starting to scream! :)
    Looks like an overall happy and fun day!

    MJ //

  8. Love Rays Reptiles - took the girls to our one here last year to see all the different animals. I would not hold the tarantula though - no way! Hope you are having a greta weekend.

  9. wow Tracy Great job
    Alex petted Lady the crocodile - he didn't want to hold the tarantula - or even pet the ferret
    we went this afternoon - but will know for next time that by Sunday the animals are tired and most are sleepy.
    was a nice family outing though ...
    hope to see you soon

    ps even if I am not posting on your blog I have read it all since spring - dang ipad doesn't like to let me comment though ....

  10. The tiger and the fox and the hedgehog are my favorites in these pictures!

    I can't believe you held the tarantula! I am freaking out just looking at the picture!!! Spiders scare me sooo much. But I try to use the excuse of "I'm really allergic" (which I am) to justify the fear...although I'm pretty sure I'd be petrified either way!


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