Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Rest of My Crafty Shopping

I have to say my main goal heading to Minneapolis, was to go into Blicks.
I could spend a lot of time in there, but this time I had one thing on my mind…these water colour pencils.
What I like about them is once you colour, then blend with water….they dry permanent. They aren't suppose to reactivate when more water is added to them, great for layering colours :)
I think they will work beautifully on my art journal pages :)
I noticed they had two sets on the shelf and the biggest set held 36 pencils.
I was advised to get the bigger set from some online crafty friends, as they all got the bigger sets once they used them.
I had asked if they had the bigger set and at first the sales guy said no….but then checked in the back…I was so happy when he told me that they did!!!
I even got $20.00 off the price…bonus!!!!
When I told Wayne how much they were, and that they had the bigger set. He just said that was good.
I love that my husband doesn't blink an eye when I tell him that I spent an outrageous amount of money on coloured pencils, lol.

We went to Tuesday Morning…not much there that interested me, but I do love tags :)

We checked out Joanns.
I have been debating on getting this punch for a while now, and was still debating spending that much on one stamp….but don't think twice about spending 4x's that on coloured pencils, lol.
But Wayne told me to just get it…it was on sale and I looked at it the last time we were in the States.
So I did ;)

Checked out another Hobby Lobby for those tiny envelopes for Ashley's wedding.
I found 3 more sets :)
I was incorrect in my numbers (yes I was a book keeper) I need 3 more, but this is all that they had.
I picked up another of the smaller Dylusions art journal.
And some fun washi tape :)

On our way back to Duluth yesterday, we stopped at one of my favourite scrapbooking stores, Pine City Scrapbooking.
I love how those 2 12x12 papers make the tree when put together.

One of my most fun stamp purchases from this weekend….the zombie stamps…how fun is this :)
I also found some of the fun peel off stickers like I used in my Fauxbonichi in January.

We made it home safe and sound and are now watching 28 Days Later…I think it is a good substitute for missing our Walkng Dead.

I hope you all had a very Creative Day.
Besides sitting in the jeep most of the day…I did take out all of my new goodies and surrounded myself with them all…..oh that is happiness to me, lol.

Tracy :)


  1. Fabulous goodies, love the punch. I have heard those pencils are awesome. I haven't used my watercolour pencils in a long time.Great pictures and glad you had a good time and are home was a beautiful weekend.

  2. Looks like you found loads of good stuff, Tracy! Hopefully you brought some warmer temps back with you too! :)

  3. I just want a few hours to come over and sift through all of your treasures -
    i need to rearrage mine but wanna waite as i am being re-located in the house again soon -
    i am in the living room now - a huge section of it but it is dark even with my new ott
    i like my own room .

  4. Yep, it looks like you rewarded yourself early for all those tests & pretty good too! Love that punch & the tree paper! Those mini baggies are just too cute! Can't wait to see what all you create for the wedding!

  5. What a fun, successful trip! Glad you found the rest of Ashley's bags too! That zombie stamp is pretty cool too! So awesome about the colored pencils too! I did a bit of shopping at Michael's yesterday. They were having a big sale and the girl let me use two coupons ;)

  6. WOW amazing collection of goodies and glad that you got home safe and sound.

  7. Wow, what an awesome haul of goodies!! I wouldn't know what to play with first!! Glad you had a safe trip!! Have a great day :)

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