Saturday, July 25, 2015

My Day in Photos, Cottage life

It was a gorgeous day
Spent quit a bit of my time lazing around on my raft today :)

It did rain…just as I was about to BBQ.
I never BBQ, Wayne usually does all the cooking at camp, as it should be, teehee.
But he was off riding his RZR, that I decided to start supper.
As you can see we have a huge solar umbrella, just for days like this :)

Wayne came back in time to complete the BBQing.
And for some unknown reason, the BBQ burst into flames.
As you can see he tried to rescue the burgers and hotdogs…but no luck.

Ashley made her Kristy and Blake her photo models again…I love this photo. Not only is it a great photo of them, but the colouring is just beautiful.

Because Ashley, then my FIL Ray and I all have our birthdays in a 3 day span, the couple that own the hotel, invited a big gang over to celebrate our birthdays.
But in reality, I think it is just an excuse to get us all together for some cake and a visit :)

I hope you all had a wonderful creative day :)

Tracy :)


  1. As always lovely pictures. No rain here at Turkey Point Saturday, it was very hot. Hubby does the grilling unless our daughter is here and she gets the job.

  2. Again great pictures!! Well we finally got some much needed rain yesterday. Temps have been way up in 90"s and heat index is about 110.Way too hot for me.

  3. Great photos.....wish I was floating around on a raft, how relaxing. Enjoy!

  4. Glad you had time to relax, Tracy! Fun that the birthday celebrations have been so plentiful! :)

  5. It looks like such a peaceful, relaxing weekend!! I'd love to be floating on a raft enjoying the day right now!! Enjoy!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. So did you eat the charred hot dogs?

  7. Lovely photos.

    Have a nice week.


  8. What a peace and restful time you are having. It looks so lovely up there. Sorry about the burnt burgers but you tired. :)

  9. Wonderful and what a gorgeous photo of Kristy and Blake! TFS

  10. What an awesome photo!! Definitely a keeper! They're a pretty cute couple, too. ;)

    I found it while trying to find some of your cards you've done with copics. My daughter is really into drawing & coloring, so I told her about your work & wanted to show her how awesome it is!


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