Saturday, July 11, 2015

My Day in Photos….Cottage Edition.

A beautiful day at the cottage.
What makes it even more special, my girls and their beau's are here this weekend :)

Ashley took this photo of me during a walk we took today…this photo describes my perfect type of walk/hike that I love to do.
It is so peaceful..ahhhhh.

I woke up to this on my bistro table that is on the deck.
Since we put seed out for the birds, chipmunks and squirrels, I think they decided to leave me a treat, lol.
As I didn't take it, they came back and nabbed it for themselves, teehee.

Wayne and I went for our usual morning quad ride.
Here we are driving along the highway on our way to bring some garbage to the dump….we live such a glamorous life, teehee.

Because I told Wayne that my knuckles get thwacked on the thicker brush, he went out and picked me up some gloves for our rides :)

Wayne noticed the last couple of weekends my quad tire seemed a tad low come Friday.
He would add air and then it would be fine all weekend.
Well, during one of our rides I noticed my tire was not as full as when we started.
We kept on driving….I noticed that my quad felt more loose on the gravel than normal… was flat.
Wayne  carries this mini air compressor in his RZR. We had to stop twice to fill up the tire. He repaired the tire when we got back to camp.
Wayne is always so prepared…I wouldn't be surprised if he had some feminine products in his bag of tricks, lol.

Cooked up some hot dogs for lunch for the gang.
I had watched a program years ago, on how and what they put in hot dogs and haven't eaten them since then.
So I had the smokie…I know they are probably made the same way….but I never watched these being made, so its all good, lol.

The guys put the dock in :)
We never had the full dock in last year due to Wayne having his broken wrist.

It was a warm one today.
If you know me, you know I don't like to be cold, and only swim when it is extremely hot out.
It was hot today….but not extremely hot.
But my daughters helped me get used to the water by splashing me.
I was so soaked, and they kept taunting me to come in, so I did.
We all swam across the lake.

Tyler made a friend.
This little dragonfly found refuge from the water on his hat :)

I wanted to go for a walk down "Howard's Trail" and Wayne wanted to cut the trail a bit wider and get some fallen logs off of it.
So I suggested that as he cut the brush, I walk the trail.

Ashley brought out her big boy camera, so she came along on my walk and took some beautiful photos.
The photos of me are taken by her, as well as this brightly coloured mushroom.

Since Ashley had here big camera, I asked her if she wanted to take some photos of her dad and I riding.
She was happy too.
I love driving through this pond at this pit.

It was a dusty driving today, but so much fun climbing the hills and kicking up a storm :)

Kristy drove Ashley to the pit on our older quad :)
Aren't they cute :)

We were having so much fun.
But as we were about to leave, I look back at Wayne and noticed he wasn't moving….turns out, he got stuck.
And he got majorly stuck.
We tried using the winch, but there wasn't anything to hook it up to besides my quad.
So that is what we did. I put on both brakes, but my quad was just getting pulled towards him, lol.
Then I told him I will try and pull him out as he tries to drive it out…turns out we both just spun our tires.
So I drove back to the camp and brought back a shovel….and man did he have to shovel as he was hung up.
But he did get out.

I thought I would leave you with a beautiful photo Ashley took of our lake.
I am so excited to announce that we have 2 baby loons this year.
It has been many years since we have had baby loons here. The adult loons come every year, lay their eggs every year, but the lake rises and drowns out their nest, or a predator gets the eggs, or babies :(
So we are all excited to see the baby loons…the parents even came to check us out when we went across the lake :)

I hope you enjoyed spending the day with me and I hope you enjoyed your weekend :)

Tracy :)


  1. Looks like a fantastic weekend, Tracy, so fun that you had everyone up to join you guys!

  2. Looks like you all had a great weekend. Awesome pictures
    Have a great day

  3. What a beautiful day in pictures, Those hot dogs look yummy and so much more fun to eat with family, A local business makes all beef hotdogs without fillers and nitrates.

  4. What a beautiful, beautiful day :) I cant believe how bad Wayne is stuck! Glad you got him out of there!

  5. Fabulous and stunning photos.


  6. What awesome photos!! It looks like an amazing weekend!! I'm like you...I can't eat a hot dog after seeing a show about them!! I hope today is just as fabulous as yesterday!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  7. Fabulous photos and looks like a lot of fun was had! Yeah - hot dogs - blah!

  8. sounds like an awesome day at camp !


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