Sunday, November 8, 2015

Work Zombies

Walker Sunday and because of it, I will share with you a project I made tonight ;)
Pretty fun file folder..right?!

The girl in the office assigned this pink file folder for my husband.
If you remember…he didn't like the tie he was going to wear (for Ashley's wedding) at first because I pointed out that the tiny flowers in the design were pretty…so the pink file folder….not his style, lol.

So I gathered my materials.
Pink file folder
Zombie themed scrapbooking paper
Camo duct tape
Large Xyron adhesive machine
Lable maker

I know it is pricey to use the adhesive in the Xyron sticker maker but for this project, I wanted full adhesion.
And I wanted to complete this quickly.
I used the camo duct tape for the bottom of the folder as I thought it needed to be re-enforced…and I didn't have any zombie duct tape….hard to believe, I know, lol.
I used my label maker to print up the name on the folder (not pictured).
That this is my husband's new file folder…I have to admit, I even like it so much better than his pink one as well :)

I am off to watch some zombies….or I should say Walkers ;)

Hope you all have a creative day :)

Tracy :)


  1. What a transformation!! You did an awesome job!! It looks fabulous!! Have a great evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. Nice job, Tracy! I am sure Wayne will like the altered folder much better.

  3. What a transformation, I'm sure he appreciated it! :)

  4. Awesome job on the file folder, I'm sure Wayne appreciated you altering it.

  5. I think it turned out fabulous! Those xyron machines sure come in handy when you need them, don't they? I spent some time in my craft room today cleaning and organizing. I worked on the wall that houses a few decorative shelves and a table that was Mike's grandmother's :) I meant for it to be decorative but of course it's housing crafty supplies now :) I also set up my holiday planner too!

  6. That turned our fab and I'm sure your Hubby is much happier carrying that around than the bright pink! TFS and have a great week.


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