Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Kitchen Cupboards Defunkified !!!

Not sure if you all remember I was going through my whole house and organizing it...I even started a series I call "Defunkifying My Life"
I was doing so well and I had documented my whole process.
Then I took a break when the weather got nice, as summer is so short and winter is so long.
Then sadly I lost all of the footage...that was so upsetting and frustrating.

But I still wanted to share my process with you all, so I decided to share anyway.
So because I lost all of my videos, I decided to share with you all the finished cupboards.
I did have some photos (as my phone died soon after my computer ate my videos), so I added them in the appropriate places in the video.

Here is my completed Kitchen Cupboards :)
I hope you find some tips or ideas to help you defunkify your kitchen.
If you would rather watch it on my YouTube on my name "Tracy's Treasures24", as for some reason, it doesn't show the full screen on my blog.

Tracy :)


  1. I know what you mean about the painting. You might as well when you are cleaning out! Thanks for the fun video

  2. Watched your video last night, Great job with the cupboards, it shows that I have way too much stuff in mine. But it's a winter kind of project.

  3. Good job - I can't believe you actually have empty space. I pared my cabinets down a lot when my son moved out, and my pantry when I started dieting, but I still down have any empty cabinets. It is nice to be able to see everything you have stored, isn't it. Good job.

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