Thursday, February 9, 2017

Life update

I was reminded by a friend that I haven't posted since Feb 1st, so I had figured I had better get on that ;)
I have actually been busy the last week or so.
It was Wayne's 53rd birthday on the 2nd, so we did a little road trip to Duluth :)

Wayne and I love Red Lobster.
Sadly we don't have one in our city the closest one is across the border in Duluth.
We celebrated Wayne's birthday dinner at Red Lobster....we even shared a complimentary dessert :)

I am in a "No spend on scrapbooking supplies" challenge, so sadly no buying crafty supplies for me.
But that didn't mean I didn't buy anything.
I found 9 cute outfits for Sawyer ;)
This one reminded me of the sleeper in "The Christmas Story" except it's not pink :)

Grandpa Wayne loved this outfit...being as he loves to operate his loader, so had to get it for Sawyer.

Grandma loves her Sawyer hugs, so this was the perfect onesie

I had to get Sawyer a few toys to play with when he comes to visit grandma...right ?!?

Don't worry I picked up a few things for me :)
I ate the snack cake already, but am saving the Peeps and Caramel puffcorn for the crop I am attending this Saturday :)

I also found this cool pair of leggings.
I love the pattern on much so that I had to get the sales lady to strip them off of the mannequin, as this was the only small in the store, teehee.

I had to laugh when I saw these earplugs in our hotel room.
I teased Wayne that they had it noted on our file that he snores very loudly ;)

Before we drove back home, we stopped at Cold stone....or what I call it Stone cold, for some ice-cream :)

This was our view driving home.
It was white out conditions.

I am sure Lake Superior was a bit chilly ;)
We always stop of at "My Sister's Place" for lunch on our drive home, but with the weather and slow driving, we decided to drive straight home.
We did stop of at the Holiday gas bar for a burger.

All of our daughters, son(in law) and our precious grandson were waiting for us at our house to not only welcome us home, but to also celebrate Wayne's birthday.
We ordered out as we didn't want to go out for supper and then enjoyed some birthday cake.
Look at Sawyer...he is loving the bunny grandma and grandpa bought him <3 p="">

Wayne's and I celebrated our 29th Wedding Anniversary on the 5th.
We celebrated by playing Resident Evil 7 BioHazard...well actually Wayne played and I told him what to do :)
Perfect day for us....I think I also enjoyed a can of Coke that day, lol.

There you have it...all up to date now :)

Tracy :)


  1. Sounds like you all had a great time even though you did not buy any scrapbooking supplies. Happy Birthday to your husband and Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary, and Happy Birthday to Wayne. I love the new baby things especially the one with the front end loader on it, Sawyer looks so cute in his Maple leaf outfit (my team too) Great pictures and awesome pictures. Thanks for the update.

  3. Gracious I havent seen sawyer in a bit - Too cute - oh I need to see him soon-

  4. Happy belated wishes for Wayne's b-day & your anniversary. Sawyer is growing so quickly & nice haul for him.

  5. That little fellow is so darn cute. You got some lovely outfits for him and sounds like 'wayne had a great birthday.
    Just having a wee catch up on your blog.

  6. Thanks for the catch-up. Celebrating is one of the best reasons ever for not blogging.

  7. Looks like you had a wonderful trip and loving the photos, and fab little clothes :-)


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