Friday, July 17, 2015

Avid reader or obsessive book hoarder?

I am an avid reader....especially in the summer.
Recently I have joined a new book club on Facebook. 
In the middle of the month we vote on which book of 3 we would like to read. 
One book was ahead in the votes, so I thought I would get a jump on it and get it from the library. 
Only to find out that there are 10 people ahead of me on the waiting list. 
So I thought I would check out a book that Sharla recommended. 
That one also had a waiting list. 
Then I remembered I wanted to read "Still Alice"
Can you believe that one also had a waiting list. 
So one of the librarians brought me 3 books that she suggested I read. 
I didn't have my cheater glasses so I checked all 3 of them out. 

They also had a cart of books that they were giving away. 
I asked Kristy to see if there were any she  thought I would I couldn't read the write ups. 
So she picked out 3 for me :). 

Kristy and I had a chuckle when I said I have many books at home I have bought over the years to read, lol. 
But a book lover can not have too many options ;) 

I started Fly Away on the drive to far so good. 

I hope you all had a creative Friday. 

Tracy. :)


  1. Looks like you will be reading a lot over the weekend, it's going to be a scorcher here in SWO, 31C. Saturday and Sunday, I will be cooling in front of the fan, no AC here.

  2. I enjoy Kristin Hannah's books. Fly Away was good and it is the sequel to Firefly Lane. I hope you like it. Right now, I am reading Ladies Night by Mary Kay Andrews. Enjoy your Summer reading!

  3. I love Kristin Hannah's books too. The The Winter Garden. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Enjoy your books, Tracy! I just bought a paper book, been a while since I haven't been reading much and the ones I have are on my phone. :)

  5. I totally understand...I am a voracious reader. It's a toss up which I'd rather visit: a craft store or a book store :) Enjoy your book and your trip!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  6. I wish I was more of a reader.......I pick up a book and fall asleep lol!

  7. Enjoy tour reading sessions, you will have to let us know what you think of them :-)

  8. Always a bummer for me when the one I want isn't available and I have to get another one, but then it's a nice surprise when it finally comes in :)


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