Sunday, January 31, 2010

To a better day

Did you ever have one of those days that nothing seems to go in your favour.
Well that was my day today.

I woke up to a big ol' cold sore in my nose. I never get them on my lip like a normal person. No I get them in my nose. I have a bit of a cold and man those babies hurt when you have to blow your nose.
I didn't want to leave the house but hubby didn't either, so I had to go out and pick Kristy up from her sleep over at her friends house.
I wanted a big huge yummy glass of coke and ice. The coke was warm and not one ice cube in the freezer. Thanks Kristy hope you enjoyed you slushie.

I did sew a bit tonight. But my brand new Pfaff sewing machine thought differently. The thread was looping up, it was making a clanky noise. I was ready to through it out the window, until I remember how much I paid for it. I was thinking of taking my old singer out to finish the job. But I fiddled around until it worked again. Guess I'll be making a service call tomorrow.
I will show you what I am working on. This is a purse I made in the fall.

I didn't like how the pockets turned out. It looks like a house. I changed it up and made a double pocket. I wanted the brown to be framed.
You can't tell by the picture but the whole purse is stippled. This was my first project using free motion quilting.
This is the inside of the purse. I love all the inside pockets all around the lining.
It helps keep things organized.
That is my wallet in the middle, and then this and that in the pockets.
I wanted t a smaller purse this time so I altered the pattern.
My new purse will be black.
Well I hope you have a better Sunday then I did.
Oh yeah and I get to work this week. So I guess the purse will have to wait until I am done with work.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bright, cold day

Today Ashley, Heather, Wayne and I went to take some pictures. Ashley has a client that wants some seasonal pictures from around town for her web site. So out we went and it was cold. Here is a picture of the Sleeping Giant.
Here is Heather and Ashley climbing a fence to get their shot. Luckily no Security guard came by. Here is Heather getting the perfect shot. And yes that is my mitten in the upper right hand corner of the photo. I never said that I was good at photography LOL. I get what I get and hope for the best.
I have to admit this is a good shot. I did good.
I did good on this one too.
I went to a Stampin' Up party tonight. We did a card make and take. Here is mine. The colours aren't true on the picture here. I have had an on going wish list for Stampin' Up. I had enough sales to make my own party. So I got lots of goodies. Now I can't wait until it comes in.
Hoping to stay home tomorrow and maybe get some sewing done, I want to make another purse. But we will see what tomorrow brings.

Hope you all had a nice Saturday.


Friday, January 29, 2010

Scrapbooking Friday

Well Kristy and her friend were up late last night for the sleep over. Well I should say that they were up early, as the didn't get to bed till 7:00 am. At 5:30 Hubby was like "What they are still up, tell them to go to bed". I just reminded him that we used to pull all nighters playing video games.
So then we just went back to sleep. The girls didn't. Oh to be young again.

Tonight was a fun night. I scrap booked with Sharon, Debbie and Myra came by as well. Myra is our newbie. I think we have her hooked LOL.

I finished my mini book for my friend Debbie. It matches her Reading Journal I made her last week.
Sorry I didn't mean to double post this picture and I don't know how to get rid of it. So here is a second look LOL. What I like about this mini book is that it the inside pages are made with a single piece of 12 x 12 pattern paper.
Here are the inside pages. I saw this on the Internet. As I had said before the video was hard to see and understand. So I tried to figure it out and (if I say so myself) I think that it turned out cute. I used the $1.50 stamps that you get at Michael's. Love those stamps.
This is a little folder envelope .
Some more cute stamps. Love this sassy fairy.
I guess you didn't need to see every page.
We are close to being finished here.
A couple more pages to go.
Last page. I love my little sexy fairy.
OK now that you looked at all the pictures. I will share with you how I made this little cutie.
You take a 12x12 piece of scrapbooking paper. and score it every 3" Turn the paper and score ever 3" again.
Then you cut from the bottom up to the last score line. Then from the top to the last score line, lastly you cut the last one from the bottom to the last score line. Now I know you don't understand what I just wrote as I don't and I even made it LOL. So that is why I made a diagram. The dashes are the score lines and the solid lines are where you cut. Clear as mud? Then you accordion fold all your score lines
You keep folding around the top of the "M" and down. Keep accordion folding this.

When you are done folding it should look something like this. I adhered the back of the pattern paper together in certain areas. You could just adhere the bottom or top of certain pages to leave a gap for journal tags. When you a done folding the ends should look like this. You will need to make a back and front cover. I used thin chipboard and covered it with pattern paper. but before I put the inside paper on I ran ribbon along it for the closure.
I hope you can understand this. I so need to do video tutorials. LOL

Hope your Friday was as fun as mine.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shopping Pleasure

Hubby went to camp this morning to plow some snow. I didn't go as the bed was nice and warm and I was lazy. haha.
Well I hear he had a little miss hap with his dad's deck rail. He kind of hit it with the plow and broke a few. Oopps. I know what his first job will be in the spring.
I went and brought my dad some new slippers over for him (as he broke his hip by tripping with his old ones), and I also did some paper work for him. My little sister was there visiting him. So got to see her for a bit too.

When hubby came back we took Ashley to get some pictures. Her client wanted some pictures. So I brought my little camera along and got some more pics of the deer.

My girlfriend Debbie and I went out tonight. We try to go out once a week. So 1st stop was Michael's. Then to Chapters. My two favourite stores. I purchased this journal for camp. I have one that I write in every time we go up there and then add tiny wallet size photos in it. I also stamp in it and add some pretty outdoor stickers to the pages.
Isn't this so pretty. The front flap is held closed with a magnet.
Michael's finally had the Martha Stewart scoring board that I have been waiting for for months. I had a 40% off coupon so that was a bonus. I knew I was going to receive a 50% off with my purchase to use on Saturday. I was trying to decide if I should wait to purchase it then, but Debbie convinced me to get it tonight. As it seems when there is a 50% off, most of the good stuff is already marked down to 30% off so you can't use the coupon anyway. Good advice Deb.

Kristy has her friend sleep over tonight. So I am sure it will be a late night for them.
Hope you all had a good Thursday. WooHoo Friday tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yummy Day

Today was another very cold day. It was about -15C with the wind chill it was a lot colder, maybe about -30C.
Unfortunately we had to go out today and do some errands.
Fortunately we got to go out for dinner with the Best Father in law a girl could ever have. This is my FIL Ray and his wife Joy. Both them and us got married in the month of Feb. and we always go out for dinner together. We are early this year. teehee.
They have been married going on 5 yrs and Hubby and I going on 22 yrs.

Here is hubby and I. Doesn't he look happy. LOL. Seriously this is how he looks in all his pictures. Our daughters tease him all the time about it. Ashley has taken so many pictures of us and this is as happy as he looks LOL. Sorry honey, I still love you.
Wayne even got treated to a free dessert (which was shared by all) and the staff sung Happy Birthday to him. His BDay is Feb 2 (Groundhog Day) so Joy brought him a BDay card early. The waitress saw this and assumed that it was his birthday. We did tell her that it wasn't for a week yet, but she didn't care. Everyone in the restaurant kept coming to the table and wishing him a happy birthday, they even called him by his name.
The funny thing is you have to know my hubby, he hates to be put in the lime light. He is very shy.

Ashley was looking on the Internet and this dessert caught her eye. When I was grocery shopping she phoned me to tell me all about it and asked if I could get the ingredients. The thing was there wasn't a recipe. So she told me what it looked like and we figured it out as I shopped.
Needless to say it tasted great. Looks good too doesn't it.
No craft to show you tonight. I did work on a mini book. The inside pages are made with one piece of 12x12 paper. I saw it on a site last night. There was a blurry video, no sound and the writing was in a different language. Of course I couldn't find it again so I just figured it out myself tonight. I still have to embellish it and tweak the measurements before I share it. Hopefully tomorrow.

Over the hump Wednesday. Hope yours was a good one.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Glitter Everywhere

Today was a busy day considering I didn't get as much done as I wanted.
Kristy had an exam today, so we drove her there and then did some errands while she took her exam. Now we weren't sure how long her exam would be. So we came home. Wouldn't you know it. She phoned for us to pick her up as soon as we walked in the front door.

Then we went to visit Hubby's dad and his wife for a bit. As it turned out we spent a good part of the afternoon there.
I did a bit of work and that was about it.
And then it was time for The Biggest Loser. OH YA.

I did do a card tonight.
I was on Dawns Stamping Thoughts and saw this card. I thought it was so pretty and sparkly.
Now I don't do Valentines cards but seeing her card I may have changed my mind.
What I did was cut a strip of white paper and punch the hearts out with a punch.
Put tape behind the strip of hearts. It has to be clear tape. I used packing tape.
Sprinkle fine glitter on the sticky side of the tape.
Adhere the white CS to purple CS.
Adhere that to your card.
I then took a strip of white CS and embossed it with clear sparkle embossing powder and embossed it.
Then punched out hearts and adhered the white hearts with mini pop dots.
Lastly I stamped my "cherish" sentiment.
If you didn't notice (of course I have to point it out) I messed up on my stamping. I wanted to share this card tonight and didn't have time to make another one. So just over look it this time.
I have never worked with powdered glitter before and let me tell you that stuff is Messy with a capital M (see the capital M). I have glitter every where. Now I know why I only use glitter glue. I don't think embossing powder is this messy.
But it does look pretty eh?
Have a good Tuesday.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh deer

I stayed home all day again today.Woohoo, I could get used to this.
I didn't get to be craft today though. I worked most of the day.

Hubby snow plowed the drive way today. The wind is blowing pretty hard right now. The school buses didn't run this morning due to the snow last night. Kristy didn't have to go to school because she didn't have exams. But she has one tomorrow. Good luck Kristy, as I didn't see you study so you may need it.

This afternoon there were 2 deer in the neighbour's yard across the street. The guy that lives there didn't realize that they were there (as he was walking with his head down) until he almost right up to them. We were watching, like the snoopy neighbours that we are, to see when he would notice.

Then at supper we noticed 5 deer in the other neighbours front yard. I got some pictures but they didn't turn out to well.

This is what these little cuties look like close up. Look at his cute face. Mind you I wouldn't want to get to close to him when he grows up and gets those big antlers. Them things could be dangerous.

"House" was in the house tonight Woohoo. Love that show. I laugh almost every time I see it.
Tonight is my shows are on. Intervention and Hoarders.
Hope Monday was good to you today.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I got to stay home

Today was a most excellent day. I actually got to stay home. I didn't leave the house. I slept in, took a shower, put on my lounge pants and by that I mean my jammie pants. And crafted most of the day.
Today was a good day to stay at home as it snowed all day, I think we got about 8 - 10cm of wet snow.
We needed bread and milk. Hubby hates to go anywhere alone so he bribed Kristy to go with him. He bribed her with a Monster drink....I know bad parent award.

Well you may ask what have I created today. I made some more of those Reading Journals.
Ashley wanted one and so did Heather. But they didn't want any shiny stuff on theirs.

Ashley's is the brown one. Heathers is the diamond one. The one in the middle I will probably give to my SIL Janice. Janice and I share books. Well she shares more than I do. As I like her type of books, but I don't think that she likes my type of books.This is the inside of Janice's book. It is different then the others as this is the free template that I got off the Internet. This is why I needed Ashley to make me a new one. I wanted to bind them on the side and wanted more info. on them. I had already printed out 40 before realizing this so I thought that I better use them. Hate wasting paper.

Here is a comparison of the insides. I was so tired of inking the edges that I didn't do this one. Boy does inking sure take a lot of time. But it does look good doesn't it.

Here are all my precious Treasures for you viewing pleasure. I love when I make a lot of the same thing and then group them all together. It is like a eye candy....without Leonardo DiCaprio. Ummmm Leonardo would look really good holding those books wouldn't he. Ok, ok enough, stop your wandering minds. I know what your thinking. LOL
I was suppose to sew today but time got away from me. What do you expect when you get out of bed at 12:20. But for my defence I didn't go to bed until 3:30 last night. I watched Under the Tuscan Sun. Cute movie.

I hope everyone had as good a weekend as I did.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Reading Journal

Well I have finally finished my Reading Journal. Actually I made two of them. One for me and one for my friend Debbie. We both love to read.
Now my daughter Ashley wants one and she said I should make some for Heather and Kristy as they all love to read as well.
I actually got the idea from a Shop called Sweet Pea. The one I saw wasn't as cute though teehee. Of course when I saw it and saw the price I thought Oh I could make that. As I always do.
Then I saw someone on the 2 Peas site made one and Shimelle Laine supplied the journal cards. Of course I had to one up it. I got Ashley to make these ones for me so I could use my bind it all.
I wish I knew how to post a site on here so I could share the ones that she had.

Here are mine.

I think that I will keep the purple one.
Debbie can have the blue one.
Oh I forgot I wanted to add some ribbon on the spine with a charm at the end of it.

This is the inside of the front cover.
I also bought Debbie this stamp.
She can stamp the inside of her books with it.
I am also going to make a book mark to match the journal.
This is the inside of the book. I inked all the edges, front and backs of the page. Then I stamped on the backs of the pages. I take pictures of the books that I finish, so I could put a little picture of it on the facing page.
The original pages only had the Title and Author.
I got Ashley to make these pages from scratch (I gave her the measurements) and added the rest of the information. If you can't read it just click on the image, it will show it bigger.
What else did I do today. Kristy wanted to go to the mall to buy some more head bands, she also wanted to buy an IPOD dock, with her Christmas money.
Then we had to go and get toilet paper. We only had 1 roll left. You can't imagine how much TP we go through with 4 women in the house. LOL.
We should buy shares in it.
Well Kristy is at her friends house and it is time for me to pick her up.
Have a good weekend.

Friday, January 22, 2010

I got the Music in me

Have you ever woken up with a song in your head. I do all the time. Usually it is a song that I have on my Shuffle when I go on the treadmill. But this morning it was an old one that I haven't heard for a really, really long time.
De Do Do Do De Da Da Da, from The Police. Now I may be dating myself but that's OK as this was an awesome band.
I still have a t-shirt of them, its funny because my daughters friends and others have seen me wear it and they are like "Cool, Vintage." The funny thing is it really is vintage. Its the same one I had back in the day, I just didn't want to wear it out as I loved it so much.

Today I slept in. Nice. My youngest has exams and today she didn't have one so she didn't have to be at school. So we all slept in. Oops not hubby, he was at work teehee.
So I went on the treadmill
Took a shower
brought Ashley to Staples
Picked up dad groceries
Dropped off groceries at dads
Made that I mean ordered pizza
took Kristy and her friends to rent a movie

THEN I got to scrapbook with my girlfriend Debbie and SIL +friend Sharon. Well 1st I took in Debbie's dress pants that girl has lost some weight.
I worked on my Reading Journal.
Ashley has been working on the inside pages for me. They turned out awesome. I am inking the edges and stamping the back side of them.
Hopefully I will be finished tomorrow to share with you all.

Just wanted to share pic of our cat thinking that she is the head of the household.

Hope Friday was an awesome day for everyone.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

My 15 minute day

Today my goal was to not leave the house and do a 15 minute day.
What is that you ask. Well my 15 minute day consists of me doing a task for only 15 minutes and then moving on to the next one. I really get a lot accomplished when I do this. Here is my list of things that I had to do today.
As you can see no crafting or scrapbooking was written on the list. Oh well there is always tomorrow.
If you notice the computer was more then 15 minutes, but really how can a person only go on the computer for 15 minutes. It takes me that long just to check out one post on 2 peas.

Oh ya and my goal for staying home all day...Ya that didn't happen. Kristy (my baby) had to write an exam this morning, then she went to her friends house for the rest of the day. Then I had to pick her for supper. So ya I had to go out. But at least it wasn't that cold it was about -3 C.

I had to cook supper as hubby is at work. I made Chicken Alfredo. It was really good, I got rave reviews. LOL.
I was going through a Stampin' Up catalogue. I have a wish list of $300.00. Ya I may have to tweak that a bit smaller.

Hope you had a good Thursday.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hubby back at work

Well Hubby had to go back to work today. He has been on holidays for about 3 weeks. He will probably take the month of March off as well. Winter is their slow time so this is the only time he gets holidays. No summer holidays for us.
I love watching reality shows like Amazing Race, Biggest Loser and of course Survivor. I have noticed other reality shows dealing with family run business'. Such as Dog Bounty Hunter, Orange County Choppers, Operation Repo. And wait for it....."Pawn Shops. They make reality shows for every thing. These shows probably make more money on one series then they would with a couple years profit for their business.
So I figured since Hubby and his brothers own their own family run sand and gravel business that they should have their own reality show. They could even take their dad out of retirement and put him in it for some excitement.
They could call it ..Wait for it...."The Pit".....Or "Rock Stars". What do you think? Good idea eh?
Ya Hubby didn't think so either.

So I tweaked the card I made last night. I felt it was missing something. So I punched these cute butterflies from the Martha Stewart punch. I think this was something that I thought it was missing.

Well what did I do today you ask....Well I picked my dad up some groceries. Visited for a bit. Then dropped Kristy's homework off to school for her as she forgot it. Then Heather, Ashley and I went to Chapters. You know don't know which I like better, between a bookstore, a scrapbook store and a quilting store, I feel comfort in being inall of them.

I went out with my Girl Friend Debbie tonight. We went to Michael's and then to the mall for a bit. Sat down in the food court (I had a muffin and a pop) and just chatted the evening away. Oh aren't friends awesome.

Hubby and I just finished watching Doc. Hollywood, with Michael J.Fox. I love shows with small towns in them. I would love to live in a quaint small town.

Ok so I guess I rambled long enough for this post.
Hope you all had an awesome Wednesday.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Made a card today.

Well I made a card today. I haven't made any since my Christmas cards. I have to get back into my scrapbooking though. I have been having fun making my paper crafts such as the boxes and such.

Here is the inside of my card.
Well my girlfriend checked out my blog last night and I am happy to say that she LIKED it. Actually she left me two inbox messages on Facebook, and well let me share with you in her own words spelling mistakes and all teehee.
"can't comment on it tho as I don't have an account apparently...will try and figure that out one day..arghh...kewl blog! I am jealous..looks like fun.."
And then today again in my inbox. "loved the blog!... Lovced the blog!... but it is scary people read a brave girl"
Now maybe I will share it with some more friends and family.
I didn't get as much done today as I wanted. Hubby and I did some running around.
We watched "Dawn of the Dead" this afternoon. Ya we are big fans of zombie movies. Well actually we all are. My girls love them also. If zombies ever take over the world we are the family you would want to hang with.
Hubby goes back to work tomorrow. Luckily for me he made a roast with potatoes and veggies so we get left overs tomorrow, Oh Yeah.
I don't really care to cook. I know how to cook, my family enjoys my cooking. When I watch the Food Network I believe that I could create all kinds of concoctions. But reality sets in and I realize I just like to watch not actually do.
I do love to bake though, but we don't need all the baking so I don't do very much of that.
Biggest Loser is on, so I'm out of here.
Hope you all had a good Tuesday.