Thursday, June 30, 2011

Canada Day Cookies and a Busy Day

Today was a Crazy, Crazy.Crazy, Crazy, Day.
I went to the bank twice today.
They were giving out yummy Canada Day cookies.
 And lemonade :)  But that's not why I was there twice ;)
Onto My Day:
I received a phone call from the hospital today to get my MUGA scan at noon. But the lady asked me to come at 11:45 to check in. I guess there must have been a cancellation.
I had such a busy day planned, but thought, the sooner I get it done the sooner I can start my medication. Plus she told me it would take about an hour.

So I worked this morning. Then went to my appointment.
As I sat there for 1/2 hour (yes I am a very patient person). I finally found a nurse and asked her how much longer as no one has even taken me for the injection
She checked and told me my appointment is at 1:00. I showed her the paper I wrote the time on.
Well the person that phoned me was on lunch and they couldn't find my paper work.
Any other day it would have been fine, as I brought a book to read. But today I had just to much to do.
So I left. She did offer to validate my parking though :)

Then I had to get an oil change. We are going to Winnipeg this weekend and I always get a jeep check up before we take a longer trip.
Went back home to pick up Kristy and we went to the bank (this was the second time, first time was to pick up coin tubes for her quarters). We also went to Michael's, she wanted to go,really she did.
They have changed the checkouts and have more $1.50 choices. It reminded me of JoAnns. Not that we have one, but I have been in one before.

When we came home there was a man walking up my front steps, he turned around and told us he needed to get some bolts, and proceeded to walk into my house. He looked kinda familiar to me.
The look on Kristy's face was priceless.
It turned out that he was the repair guy from the Brick, he came to fix my dad's chair. Heather let him in. LOL.

I just feel like a chicken with my head cut off today.
Now I am trying to get as much book work done before we head off to Winnipeg on Saturday.
Can you guess why we are going there?

Thankful Thursday:
That I had enough energy to do everything I needed to.
My girls sense of humour.
Pizza...even though I didn't eat it (as I don't care for it) but it fed my family
Adding machines

What are you Thankful for today ?


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Flowers and Doctors

No creating for me again today :(
So what is a post without some pictures :)
I have no idea what the name of this trumpet shaped flower is, but it sure is pretty.
 Here is the the plant that it came from.
Wayne and I planted it years ago. It was maybe a foot high. Then the next couple years it didn't produce any flowers, and looked like it was a goner.
So we planted it here and the next year, it perked up. Now it is over 6 ft high, and oh so pretty.
 These are my flowering chives.
Onto My Day:
Today was doctor day. I had to see my cardiologist.
I have to go back on my meds. I was off of them for over 3 yrs. I kind of knew he was going to put me back on them. But first I have to go for a MUGA scan before I start them. I had that test before.

Funny story: I was telling my SIL Sharon that the doctor says if I watch what I eat and exercise that I will still have to take the meds. As it isn't something a life change can cure it is a problem with the workings of my heart. But of course he still encourages me to walk daily.
Sharon's response " Fuk the walking, if its not going to help, I'd just take the meds" LOL.
That lady cracks me up....funny thing is she meant it. Teehee.

I got my windshield changed today and they even washed my jeep :)

I want to thank everyone for sharing our happiness about Heather's accomplishment.
She never reads my blog, but she sure enjoyed yesterday's :)
As for those inquiring about where to find her novel. It isn't in book stores. Actually, I think only she can purchase it.
It is a dark story. About a girl trying to find her way and herself in a different dimension.
If you have played the video game Silent Hill, that is where she got her inspiration for this story.
Again thank you for all your encouraging words. She was so happy when she read them.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My daughter is a published author!!!

My daughter Heather is a published author!!!!!
I am so proud of her. We knew the book was coming in the mail. But when it came, I just started yelling at Heather to come up and open it.
When she did and I saw it in print, I just started squealing, jumping up and down and clapping my hands.
Heather was a bit more reserved. She just sat there looking at it with the biggest, proudest smile on her face.
My heart just swelled and I think I had a few tears in my eye, seeing how proud she was.
I don't think I have seen her more proud.
 Here is the back of the book.
She wouldn't let us read it until today. so you know what I will be doing tonight :)
 Here is her dedication page :)
 She loves to write, it is her passion.
So all in all today was a very good day.
Heather received her book.
Mail has started to flow once again.
I finished the project I was working on.
Received some more Window envelope tags.

Proud Tuesday:
This is a given. I am so proud of Heather for accomplishing her goal.
That I completed my project and so happy with how it turned out.
Finally brought my jeep in to get the windshield replaced. It gets done tomorrow.
That I didn't spend all day on the computer, teehee.

What have you done today to make you feel proud?


Monday, June 27, 2011

Colouring together :)

Short post tonight as I worked all day. It rained all day, then tonight we got some loud thunder and close lightening.
So I thought I would show you some colouring Kristy and I did at camp this weekend.
I coloured these with my Copics. Not sure why the background paper is a dingy off white.
 I tried to make the balloons transparent. I had seen a video on this, but we were at camp so I couldn't double check to see if I was doing it correctly.
What do you think of it?
 I am happy with how her hair turned out. But of course I didn't record which colours I used, as I never do. I don't really care for the colours of her dress though.
 Here are a couple of images that Kristy coloured. She coloured 9 images to my 3 :)
She used Copic markers for the hair, and Stampin' Up markers for everything else.
I love her colour choices.
I asked what she was going to do with her images, she told me nothing.
I tried to encourage her to make some cards for her friends, but nope, she didn't want to.
I did start on a new project I am excited about. I was in the Zone, then hubby called me to watch a movie with him. I didn't want to bring my tools upstairs, so I will hopefully finish it tomorrow.

The postal workers have been forced to go back to work. So hopefully I will finally get some mail tomorrow.
I feel so bad for the ladies who are in my Window Envelope swap, having to wait so long for their swaps.

Hope you had a creative Monday :)


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our Piece of Paradise.

 I really enjoyed my weekend at our little piece of Paradise.

Getting there was a bit scary. A stupid lady was talking on her cell phone and went all the way into our lane of traffic. We travel on the Trans Canada highway to get to camp. It is only single lane (except for passing lanes) with lots of curves, hills and rock cuts.
 Wayne had to swirve and drive on the shoulder of the road. Which is dangerous as well, as it is gravel and at those speeds you could go right off the road. But he is an excellent driver and got back on the road without a problem.
Stupid lady. I wanted to follow her and well .... that wouldn't have been pleasant.

This is a lupin plant. It is planted in the memory garden we made for Wayne's mom, Cil.
 It wasn't until we were packing up to go home that I saw this bird nest in the old pine tree.
 It is in front of our side door. The door we go in and out of 100's of times a day. I can touch the branches standing on the deck.
 Can you see the robin?
She is pretty camouflaged in there.  I wonder how many babies we are going to have this year?
 We put in the dock this weekend.
I organized the front closet.
Wayne and Kristy swam. I didn't. I am a July baby, I need it to very warm in order for me to go swimming. And even then, I would rather float around on an air mattress, and just dip my feet in when I get to hot :)
Kristy and I coloured images most of the weekend.

I started and finished the book this weekend.
It was so good. I couldn't put it down.
There are 2 other books in this series. I can't wait to read them. But I have to have nothing else to do, because I know I wouldn't get anything else done once I start :)
I hope everyone had a wonderful, creative weekend.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

I received this Blog Award from two wonderful Bloggers.
Both of these women blow me away with their Cricut talent.
So Thank You both for this Yummy award :)
Now in order to receive this award I have to do a few things.....there is always a catch, lol.

1) Send a thank you to the person who nominated you and include their link.  -check-

2) To accept this award, answer 7 random facts about yourself. -hard part- check
3) Pass the award on to at least 8 other awesome blog buddies. -really hard part- check

7 Random Facts.
1. You may catch me at a stop light dusting my interior of my jeep. Yup. I keep dusting cloths in my glove compartment, and sometimes when I am at a longer light or just waiting, I will give my jeep a quick dusting.

2. I don't brush my teeth in the bathroom. I will walk around the house, check out what is happening outside. Then go back in the bathroom to spit.

3. I have a problem with double light switches. We have one in the hall. Both switches have to be down when the lights are off. I will even check this before bed. My family thinks this is funny and will mess them up just to mess with my head.

4. Cupboard doors need to be shut at all times! Unless you are getting something from them. Then it should be shut as soon as you take out what you need. Yes my family messes with me on this as well. I have walked into the kitchen to have every cupboard door open. BRATS.
But all doors should be open in the house, except the outside door.

5. Now before you go thinking I am all OCD, I am not. I just have some quirks. Lets change topics, lol.
I have come to the realization that I don't want any more babies. I have been around babies and young children my whole life. I LOVE them. But besides I can't have anymore because of my health issues. I am at a point where I can say I am done. I can still admire them from afar.But not from me :)

6. I still can't understand mean, hurtful people. You know the kind that just out of the blue say something that gets you thinking "that wasn't called for", or "why the hell would they say that". I have a few of those types of people in my life and I dont' understand it.

7. My favourite colour is Red/Burgundy. My mom's favourite colour was red. Now I didn't want to be the same as her, so I switched mine to Blue.
But over the years, and as I have matured I have embraced my love of the colour Red.
Mind you it has to be the right shade of red. None of that orangey red, lol.

There you have it my 7 random facts of me....actually that wasn't that hard.

Now to pass this award onto 8 other blogs.
Here they are.
Pea at 
Schell at
Becky at
Romaine at
Nicole at
Marlene at
Jayne at
Sharla at

Really there are at least 25 other blogger's that I would love to pass this onto. But rules are rules.
So to break them. I will follow Marlene and give it out to whoever comments on my blog today :)

I am going to try and post date this blog entry as I am at camp right now. Hopefully enjoying a book and sitting in the sun. Or kayaking around the lake. Or colouring some images. Or sitting around the camp fire having some smores. Or taking a walk down the pipeline.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)


Friday, June 24, 2011

My Treasures

Here are two of my most special and favourite pictures I have hanging on my walls.
They are both of my 3 treasures in my life. We got this photo blown up to 18x24. It is gorgeous.
Ashley took this photo and they gave it to me for Mother's Day .
 This drawing was when we went to Duluth one year. A man was drawing pictures in the mall. I wanted one of the girls. At the time Ashley was the only one game for this. But I guilted them all into participating.
I was so impressed how he captured their true beauty in the drawing. They are my angels :)
Onto My Day:
Picked Kristy and her boyfriend Blake up from their exam. Then took them out for a quick lunch. I had some errands to do. Picked up the enlarged photo from the photo place. My those suckers are pricey. The 18x24 print cost over $40.00. I was surprised.
Then drove Blake home.
I was working on a project today, but ran out of time and didn't get it complete. Mind you, I didn't think I would have, but I can dream can't I ;)

We are off to our camp/cottage after supper. They are calling for a beautiful weekend. Lets hope so, I would like to take the kayak out on the lake.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fairies in a Cage

Today I thought I would share with you a project I made a few months ago.
I figured I had better share it before Fall, just in case you wanted to try one for yourself.
I saw this idea in the Magnolia magazine and fell in love with it.
The one in the magazine, had more of a vintage feel to it.
Plus I added a door to my cage, as I wanted the fairies to get out if they wanted ;)
I stamped the fairies with those $1.50 stamps from Michael's. I get so much use out of those stamps.
I then coloured them in with my Copics. I also copied them on the back, so both sides are the same. I show more how to do that in the video.
A closer look at the fairies.
This is the back of the fairy on the swing. The swing even sways.
There is the video I made of my Fairies in a Cage. Hope you enjoy :)

Tonight Ashley made us dessert. We don't normally eat dessert. But if we do we try to only have it on Sunday's.
She baked the cake inside the actual waffle bowl. Then she added ice-cream and whipping cream on top. Yum.
 Then she added chocolate sauce on top of that. Super yummy.
Thankful Thursday:
1. Ashley wanted to do something sweet for the family.
2. For all the sweet, thoughtful comments on my blog.
3. For all the sweet, thoughtful comments on my projects on my YouTube channel.
4. Stamps... I forgot to show the stamps I purchased today ;)
5. My brother and his wife having their second baby boy yesterday...Baby Dustin was a little over 11 lbs, wow. Mommy and baby are doing fine.

What are you Thankful for today?


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I need more Copics

Kristy was making a Birthday card for her friend and wanted to use my Copics.
As she was colouring she says to me "Mom, I'm disappointed in you. Your container isn't full". LOL.
Then she says "You need some more colours. Like you don't have very many greens"/
How I love this girl.
 The other day Wayne was talking about his stuff. I told him we are married its 50/50.
Oh he says to me "Well, I think I want to take my 50% of my Copics to work today." What a smart ass, lol

Today I had to play catch up on my book work.
So I caught up on my YouTube videos and worked all day.
Yup that's about it for me today.
It rained all day. A good day to stay in and work. I didn't get dressed until 4:30. How sad is that.

Hope you had a creative day today.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gift bag and family get togethers.

Today we celebrated Father's Day with Wayne's dad and his family.
His dad was at camp on Sunday, so we did see him on that day. But the whole family celebrated it tonight.
We all went in on a gift for him. But I bought him something a little extra.
Of course I forgot it at home and had to go back to get it. They only live a few blocks away, so no big deal.
But when I went to get it I realized that I didn't wrap it.
 I couldn't just give it to him in the small paper bag that it came in.
So I jazzed it up a tad.
I stamped the bag, added a tag that I stamped a sentiment on and tied it up with a nice ribbon :)
 This is the little extra we got for him. A tiny flask.
Now let me explain the meaning behind this.
When the men go hunting and they get a deer or a moose, they all have a drink of rum.
They call it the "Kill Bottle". As they have gotten older and drinking and driving is a no no. They started just taking a sip. So when I saw this little key chain flask (which is the real deal by the way) I thought it would be perfect for their "kill bottle" :)
He loved it. I also bought one for hubby.
See the year on there, its 100yrs before I was born ;)
I love that Wayne's family get together for Birthdays and holiday's. Growing up it was just my family. All our relatives lived in Winnipeg. So we never seen them. I would visit my dad and sometimes, some of my relative in the summer. But for birthday's and such, it was just my mom, dad, and sibling.
So this was such a warm feeling to see all of Wayne's family all together celebrating each other. I just love that his family is so close.

Now I am going to share something else about my childhood with you. I  bought this note paper when I was about 12 yrs old. I used to save my babysitting money (or allowance) for papers and fun pens. I know I was a paper lover back then as well.
I was so excited when I finally had enough money to purchase a fountain pen and this note pad.
Well today I used the last sheet of paper for a note to Kristy's teacher.
I was hesitant to use it. I can't believe that I still had it. Maybe it was acid free, lol.

Proud Tuesday:
-That I didn't hoard this last piece of paper, teehee.
-I went to the book store and didn't purchase a book. I was only there to pick up a book that I had ordered. So actually it was prepaid, so I didn't really buy it today ;)
-That I worked, and I think I finished, the mini album that I have been struggling with the last month or two.
-Whipped up this gift bag in no time flat.

So what have you done today to make you feel proud?


Monday, June 20, 2011

Sympathy card and a video.

I had to make another Sympathy card today.
Another one of my friend's mom passed away.
I wanted to make this a simple card. So I didn't add a lot of embellishments to this, just a sheer ribbon.
 I coloured the image with my Copic markers. See I am using them ;)
Now I won't feel guilty when I purchase more.
 I coloured this image at camp and thought the background was to plain. So I thought I would add some colour around the image. What a mistake!
I used B00 and it was to bright, but it was also to late.
So I went over it with my Blender pen, then with C3, then again with the Blender pen.
Then kept adding layers around it until the whole image was coloured in.
I was able to save it, Yeah.
I wasn't going to post a video of the Envelopes I received until I got them all.
So every time I receive some I made a video. Then I was going to post them all together.
Well now because of the Canadian Postal Strike, it may take weeks for me to receive the rest of them.
So I figured I would share the ones I have received so far.
Today was a pretty uneventful day for me.
I pretty much stayed at home all day.
Worked a bit on a couple of projects.
I have a real fun project the I am so excited to start. But I have a few that I HAVE to get done before this one.

Hope you all had a creative Monday.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

I thought I would share a bit of colouring I did at camp.
I just love this punky image :)
A princess with attitude, teehee.
As I was colouring her, I knew I wanted her to be in pink and black.
As I was colouring the bottom layer of her dress, I was thinking doesn't that look like cows teats. LOL. Maybe I should have used a different colour ;)
This image didn't have to much to colour, besides the butterflies and the pocket watches. So when I came home I used distress ink to colour the whole background.
 Today being Father's Day, our girls made their daddy a dirt cake for the occasion.
They wanted to get him an ice-cream cake from Dairy Queen with an image of a bulldozer or loader on it. But they were to late, as they should have ordered it earlier in the week.
They also bought him 3 DVDs, and some jujubes.
They also made us supper...I think this was more of a treat for me then for Wayne :)
 Poor Kristy has a bladder infection.
So we drove all over town looking for a walk in clinic. Only to find out the last one we went to was the only one open on Sunday's. There were only 4 people in the waiting room. So I said to Kristy, well we won't have long to wait.
Then the receptionist told me there are 20 ahead of us, we could go home and phone her in an hour to see if it was time to come back.

So as we were driving back home, we saw this....
Hmmm I wonder who stole the sign from the corner of James St. LOL.
Thought of Jill when I saw this one ;)

Hope you all had a wonderful, creative weekend.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

First weekend at our Cottage this year :)

I finally finished this book.
It was really hard for me to get into. I kept falling asleep while reading it. I would have put it down long ago, if others hadn't wanted to know my opinion on it.
Maybe it was because I was also reading it inbetween doctor appointments and procedures.
But once I got about 1/2 way through it, it got better and I did enjoy it.
I am NOT the only one who wasn't impressed with this book. I have met one other person. Everyone else who has seen me read it praised this book.
At the end of the book they put some inserts for the second one.
It has my interest. I do have the second one, I lent it to the neighbour.

Onto My Day:
We went to camp early in the morning..before 7:00am.
We put in the water.
Got the fire pit ready for the summer.
Dropped the snow plow from Hubby's truck in the garage out there.
Took the plastic off the windows (which peeled the newly painted window frames paint off one window)
Repainted the frame.
Visited our neighbour, Sonja. Poor lady, she broke her ankle yesterday in 2 places and has to get her cousin to take her back to the States for an operation on it :(
Re-tarped the trailer.
Put out our solar lights and Flag.
I even got to colour during a movie in the evening.

Hope you all enjoyed your Saturday


Friday, June 17, 2011

Flower Beautiful

I got me some pretties today :)
I know I love to make my own flowers and embellishments. But these were to pretty to pass up :)
I got them at Michael's, with my 50% off coupon. The regular price was $8.49 a package :( 
 So when I got home I had a little experiment I wanted to try.
I coloured one of the white flowers with my Copic marker.
It covered beautifully.
I had been hearing about a Michael's "Store of the Future". So I asked the sales lady at Michael's about it.
She was not happy. She said the only difference is they are rearranging the employee's. Her job title has been eliminated. So she is working for less pay now.
How can that be right. They can't cut someone's wages.
She also showed me a pin on her shirt that had a "3B" (or 4B, can't remember now) on it. She told me that, it stood for 3 billion dollars in sales.
And they have to cut wages for a bigger profit ?
This is what the lady told me, and she works there. Well she does right now anyway, she says it doesn't make her want to work there anymore :(

When making a card, do you pick out your papers first and Then choose your colours for your image?
I seem to colour my image first, and then pick out my papers. I think it is because I have way more paper then Copic or Stampin' up colours.
Just curious.

Well we are finally going to camp to open up :)
I can't wait. Well I had rather gone tonight, as I hate to wake up early. Especially on the weekends.
I am bringing my book, magazines and some images to colour :)

Hope you all have a wonderful, creative weekend.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rose's Stressful Day and My Thankful Thursday

Today our cat Rose had to go to the vet to get some of her teeth pulled.
She was losing hair on her hind quarter and we didn't know why.
Well the vet said she was very healthy, but then checked her teeth and saw that she had an abscessed tooth:(
Rose is about 15 yrs old. We are not sure of her exact age as we adopted her from the humane society, 15 yrs ago.
 (photo taken by my talented daughter Ashley)

Here is Dr. Tallon. Rose loves her. She even lets the Doctor check in her mouth. She won't let us though.
Rose cried the whole drive there. Luckily it was only a 5 minute drive, as Rose was breaking Heather's and my heart with her crying.
 Well as it turned out poor Rose had to have 3 teeth extracted.
That tiny one is a bottom front tooth. I asked how we can prevent this. But it just happens, she told me.
Dr. Tallon also thinks that the reason Rose is losing her fur on her hind quarter is because she may have arthritis. And when she is in pain, she licks herself in the sore area.

We figured that she had some arthritis. As she used to jump on the counter (which is a no no) and then up onto the tops of the cupboards. No longer.
She used to race us up and down the stairs, she would almost trip us. No longer.
So yes we have to come to the conclusion that we all get old.
No matter how you look, no matter how young your mind feels, we all age....Boohoo.

Thankful Thursday:
Rose being fine after her tooth extractions.
Naps, yup took a short one today.....remember my talk on getting old :(
Being with my daughters during lunch today.
Visiting my Hubby at work and being able to bring him some lunch

What are you Thankful for today?


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Its a Copic Conspiracy

Its a Copic Conspiracy I tell you.
I have purchased all the Copics I can from Michael's. I feel that I have accomplished my goal.
So I printed up this blank Copic chart, then coloured in the sections with my Copics.
Now if you are like me (and lets hope your not) I have a bit of an obsessive personality.
Look at all those blank spaces. I want them all, to be filled in with all the pretty colours.....and even the not so pretty colours, teehee.

When Ashley and her boyfriend Tyler went out last night. Ashley (being the awesome daughter that she is) asked for the Michael's coupons so they could get me two more colours. Tyler asked me how many I had and if I needed them all. I told him NO I don't need them All.
But Ashley said, "Oh my Mom wants them all and will probably get them all." She knows and understands her mommy :)
Hard to believe that there are 92 markers on this chart, looks like a lot less to me ;)

This ones for you Marlene :)
I thought I would share a photo of our hot dog vendor. We have been going here for lunch the last few days.
Funny thing is, I haven't eaten a hot dog for over 3 or more years. I watched a show on how they were made and just couldn't bring myself to eating one. I sure have made up for it these last few days.

My camera worked today :)
I wonder how long it will last  :(

Well it is an early evening for me. I was up late last night chatting with a friend on face book chat....til 2:30 am.

Tomorrow our cat Rose, has to get her tooth pulled. Poor little thing. I don't want to just leave her there. She may think she is back at the Humane Society , abandoned. That is where we got her up 14 yrs ago. I wish we could stay with her until the surgery ;(   She is not going to be a happy camper tonight. She can't eat after midnight, and she always munches at night.

Hope you all had a great Wednesday and did a bit of creating. I didn't even clean my scrap/craft room yet, tsk, tsk.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Mystery of the Vibrating Camera

                                                   Yes I was at Michael's again. Twice ;)
I only have a few more markers to go, and I will have all the Copic's Michael's has to offer, teehee.
 Something is wrong with my camera.
It started last summer. I was at our cottage and when I went to take a picture, my camera was lightly vibrating.
No it wasn't my phone or any other device you dirty minded women maybe thinking about. It really was my camera. Plus the screen was also shaking.
No one believed me. Every time they would check it out, it would stop.
Well today the Kristy was trying to take a photo for me and it happened to her. It even made a funny noise.

I love this camera :(
It is red, small and easy to use.
I have to admit it does get abused as I keep it in my purse. I hardly ever leave home without it. I guess I will be going camera shopping soon. Hubby thinks I should get the red Canon Rebel. Ya like I could learn how to use it. Plus it would be to big for my purse ;)

My day was pretty uneventful. I spent most of my time on the computer. I have no idea what I was looking at. But before I knew it, it was time to get the girls for lunch.
Kristy is feeling better, she went to school today.

Does anyone know how to get Copic marker out of a white pair of tights/pants.
I printed off a Copic colour chart. I guess I got C9, cool grey, on my hand and well you can guess what happened. On the white pants  the C9 sure looks black ;(
So if you have any tips on how to get this out of my pants, I would appreciate it.

Hope you all had a creative Tuesday :)