Monday, August 31, 2015

Smashin' It

A Smashbook Page…haven't done one of these in awhile.

This is a photo of my sister Julia and I at Ashley and Tyler's Wedding.
I like how this page turned out…plus Julia and I are lookin' cute ;)
One thing I think is so fun with these Instax cameras, you are able to use the photos right away.
The down side, the photos are not very crisp, and are pretty thick, especially if planning on putting quite a few in a book.

When Debbie and I went on our creative getaway I made this page and 12 full 12x12 layouts.
I'm thinking that is pretty good for me :)

Onto My Day:
I invited my friends over this afternoon to come by and do some scrapbooking.
But before then, I went to the doctor on call as my toe is infected :(
I was up most of the night soaking it in a salt bath….it was pretty sore.
I have no idea how this happened, but sometimes when I walk a lot, the side of my big toe near my nail gets tender.
I did do a lot of walking this last weekend, but no more than other weekends.

I hope you all had a very creative day today :)

Tracy :)

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Girls Get Away at Mink Mountain

Every year my friend Debbie and I go to Mink Mountain for a bit of a crafty getaway.
This year we timed it perfectly…..3 days after Ashley's wedding.
I needed some down time :)

We spend most of our time creating.
This year we did lots of scrapbooking!!!!
We also did our hikes…I love these hikes :)

I brought my "big boy" camera.
Looks like I know what I'm doing with it…I don't, lol.
I love this photo Debbie took of me, I actually look tall, lol.

A deer came and visited us one morning :)

One of the neighbours out there has a garden and sets out veggies for anyone who would like them.

This year the cooler was empty :(
But I love the generosity of this neighbour…I even made her/him a thank you card one year.
I just left it by the cooler.

An Inukshuk a different neighbour made for the entrance to their camp/home.

Here is part of one of the trails that we walked along.
This trail was the Lake view trail.
So many roots and many of them were all that was holding the soil together.
The lake below eroded the earth underneath it…so cool to walk on…unless of course it ever gave away, teehee.

To continue on our walk, we needed to use the rope to climb up the mountain.
It is so steep..and again, so cool.

This root looks like a hand trying to grab on for dear life.

We saw a duck and a crane on our walk.
I only had my portrait lens on, so couldn't get a very close photo of this guy.

 Me enjoying our walk :) 

And look who cooked all of our dinners….thank you Debbie.
Everything was delicious :)

Walking, creating and time spent with a good friend….what can be better than that.
Oh yes, and me not having to cook….Paradise :)

Hope you all had a wonderful and creative weekend :)

Tracy :)

Saturday, August 29, 2015

My Day in Photos….Cottage Edition

Look who is visiting us up at camp this weekend…Oscar :)

Oscar is Ashley and Tyler's new puppy…isn't he a cutie.
I think we wore him out with all of the walking we did today and his first time swimming.

I had to quickly make a card.

Ashley and Tyler wanted to give Blake a Thank you gift for helping with the wedding and for checking on Oscar in the afternoons when they were on their honeymoon.
Ashley asked me if I could make a card, and was surprised that I don't have card making supplies up at camp.
But I did find a 6x3 piece of card stock and I had my sticker binder with me…so I made it work, teehee.

Wayne and I ran to Ignace this morning.
He needed to get gas for the quads and propane for the BBQ.
Then the girls gave us a small grocery list.

I saw this van with all these bicycles on it at the motel.
I wonder where they were heading.

Wayne and I were going to have breakfast in Ignace at the restaurant, but it looked to be closed for renovations.
So I ran into the Robin's and picked us up each a breakfast sandwich and a juice.
Not the breakfast I was expecting…but it was good.

As Wayne was getting gas and propane, I ran across the highway to get a few pictures of this plane.
I stated on the info plaque that is was made from 3 different planes.

I like the grocery store in Ignace as they have a stationary section….who doesn't love a stationary section :)
I enjoy crafting in the evening in the living room, but don't like to turn on the big overhead light.
So I thought this little lamp was perfect for me when I journal or colour at night.
The only draw back is it has to be hooked up to my laptop…then I realized, I sit right beside my laptop when I do this, so I went back and picked it up.
It also has a tiny fan…which I will propably never use.

Oscar enjoyed chewing and fetching sticks…the bigger, the better, lol.

Tyler, Blake and Ashley made Nacho's for lunch…yumm.

Wayne and I went for a quad ride and I had to stop for this family of partridge having a dust bath.
They did not want to move….after waiting for quite a while, I slowly started to inch up on them.
They still didn't want to move…but when I finally got really really close, they flew into the tree beside me…Sorry little guys for disturbing you.

Oscar enjoyed many walks/runs, a few swims in the lake and lots of playing with sticks and balls.
We really tuckered him out.
He is actually sleeping by my feet right now :)

Oh yes and we picked up these yummy treats…we actually picked up 2 packages…one for the kids and one package for Wayne and I (oink oink)
I really need to get back to healthy eating again…Monday, yes on Monday ;)

Oscar even met a new friend today.
Sonja, one of our camp neighbours, brought over her little puppy, Lucinda.
Lucinda was actually more interested in chasing the chipmunks than playing with Oscar.
Oscar was very good with her.

Sauna time…I hope you all enjoyed your weekend :)
I tried to get a photo of the red moon tonight…but it looks yellow in my photos :(

Tracy :)

Friday, August 28, 2015

The Wedding Reception

Isn't this a beautiful photo :)

The photographer took it on a cell phone.
If she can get such a beautiful photo with a cell phone, I can't wait to see all of her photos.

Here they are the Bride and Groom.

I love that Tyler is carrying Ashley's bouquet :)

The MC's for the evening.
Tyler's siblings Jessie and Kaleigh.
They did an excellent job and had us all laughing :)

Then came the speech from the maid of honour Lia.
She did amazingly and didn't even cry :)
Lia had her speech prepared the day after Ashley asked her to be her maid of honour, teehee.
I had a smile when she mentioned coming over for Friday Night Scrapbooking and our 9:00 coffee/treat run, lol.

Dan, the best man, did a great job on his speech as well.
I learned a few things about Tyler with his speech, lol.

A few gorgeous photos of Ashley enjoying the speeches.

Another great shot!!!

Ashley and Tyler giving their Thank You speech.

Ashley unexpectedly gave me a special thank you for helping out so much and for making the decorations.
But when she called me "Mama Bear" I kind of lost it….see the tears, lol.

But look…..I'm not the only one tearing up.
My friend Debbie is on the far left of this photo and her daughter Kaitlyn is on the far right of this photo and they also are teary eyed.
As was my dad. He told me later that when he saw his baby girl (that would be me) crying, he teared up as well.

Their first dance as a married couple.
They didn't have the traditional bridal party dance…which the bridal party was very thankful for.

Then it was time to let my hair down.
I danced the rest of the night away.
Everyone had such a great time.

Ashley and Tyler are not big on dancing, but Ashley got dragged on the dance floor a few times…I love this photo of her and her sisters dancing together.

Thank you to my friend Lynne who actually got a photo of Wayne and I together :)

Me and my baby sister Julia.
So many say we look so much alike.

Then  it was time to cut the cake :)
I have to admit, I had some of this cake today, lol.
Yes it tasted just as good as it did 2 weeks ago.

Tyler's friend, Felice, made a photo booth.
It was a hit at the wedding!!!
Ashley picked up all kinds of props for it.
Another fun part of this, was that the guests got to take their photos home with them…plus Ashley and Tyler have access to all of the photos of their wedding guests.
How fun is that!!!

Wishing Ashley and Tyler all of the happiness and love for their future together.
Love you two :)

That is the last of the wedding posts from me….I think, teehee.
I keep re-living this day and the days up to this one.
It was such a special day and so much love.

Tracy :)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Wedding Photos…and lots of them.

The Happy Couple….and such a cute couple they are :)

And the wedding begins.
Now before we start, I have to tell you I was a bit nervous….well, actually everyone was nervous except Wayne.

First one out was Lisa, Ashley's friend since college and fellow photographer.

Then Janus, Ashley and Janus met through work, and were fast and long friends :)

Then my Heather…my middle daughter :)

After Heather comes my baby girl Kristy :)

Last by not least Lia, Ashley's friend since grade school

Here comes the Bride!!!
I have to tell you I was so nervous, I thought I was going to pee my pants….dress, lol.
But once I stepped out of the building, I had to focus on not crying.
Ashley was scared she would step on her dress or fall from wearing those high heels.
Wayne almost stepped on her dress, so that is why he is a bit away from Ashley.

Here I am..concentrating on not crying, lol.
I didn't want to cry, because I didn't want to ruin her photos.
Can you tell, I can, lol.

The beautiful bridal party.
You want to know how hard it was not to cry…..I had all of my babies up there.
Mind you I did sneak some tissues behind Wayne's pretty plum hankie..just in case.

Can't forget about the groomsmen.
I have only met one of them before.
They are all a really nice bunch of guys.

The stars of the show…Ashley and Tyler.
I did shed a bit of tears.
But when Ashley cried during her vows…I almost lost it.
I kept telling myself….don't go into the Ugly cry, don't go into the Ugly cry…it wouldn't look good in the photos, lol.
I think I did good….considering I cry when I'm happy, sad, and when I laugh.

Pronounced Husband and Wife.

I just have a little irritant…I gave one of the groomsmen a pin to attach the middles of the curtains together…I see it didn't get done.
Again…its all about the details.

 The happy couple :)

Wayne and I :)
Still holding back a few tears, lol.

Our family

My Beautiful Girls

My daughters and son in law :)

Trying to get a good photo of Ashley and I.
I so love this girl :)
The locket that I have on in this photo is one of my favourites.
It has a photo of my 3 daughters in it from when they were little.

We stopped talking long enough to get a nice photo of us :)

You want to know how long it took me to narrow down these photos for this post, lol.
But I wanted to share this special day with you all.
Tomorrow….the reception :)

I hope you all had a very creative day.

Tracy :)