Thursday, July 30, 2015

A new puppy :)

Look at this cutie.

No WE didn't get a puppy…but my daughter Ashley and her fiancĂ© Tyler did.
They named him Oscar.
This little guy is such a little bitter….he loves to bite, especially my skin.
I am sure Ashley will nip that in the bud though.
Yes Ashley still has her adorable Sebastian whom she loves sooooo much.

Onto My Day:
I spent a lot of the day on the phone.
My friend Lynne came in for a visit.
I cut all of the pages for the guest book for Ashley and Tyler's wedding.
I was going to bind it with my bind it all, but I don't think that my binding coils are going to be large enough.
She is going to put Intax photos in there so I need about 2" coils.
Also my bigger coils are all in black….I need white.
So I went to 2 copy/binding stores, but they either didn't have the bigger size or the correct colour.
I did try our local book binding store, but the close at 1:00….who closes at 1.00 in the afternoon???? They do, lol.
So I will check back tomorrow and see if they can help me out.

I hope you all had a very creative Day today :)

Tracy :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Girls night out.

Tonight a couple of friends and I celebrated my BDay :)
Whenever it is one of our birthday's we go out to dinner and a movie…..Birthday Girls choice.
I have been doing very well with my healthy eating, so tonight it was Chinese Food..yum.
Then we went to the movie Trainwreck.

It was pretty funny.
Raunchy for some, but I thought it was pretty funny :)
I enjoyed a nice evening out and the day was spent with Karen shoe shopping.
I was so happy that I found a really nice pair of shoes to wear with my dress for the wedding :)

I hope you had a creative day :)

Tracy :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

More wedding prep.

More wedding preparations :)
I was at Ashleys most of the day and evening yesterday working on wedding preparations.
I totally completed the all of the bridal bouquets :)
I also did quality control on all of the wooden centrepieces.
I had completed the centrepieces quite a while ago, but I wanted to check them over to make sure everything was 100%
Then when Ashley came home from work, we worked on adding the moss, greenery and they flowers to the centrepieces.
We just added one of the table numbers we had made earlier to see the length of stick we needed.
Not sure why we picked table number 11 though, teehee.

I hope you all had a very creative Day…..tomorrow I am hoping to work on the Guest book

Tracy :)

Monday, July 27, 2015

Fly Away…a book review.

I completed this book on Friday.

Did I like it?…it was okay.
I did like the beginning and middle of the story, it was pretty predictable as most of these types of books are, but it was an easy read and a good story.
What I didn't like about it was when the author went back into the mother, Cloud's, life.
I think she was trying to get us to sympathize with the mother about why she was such shitty mother.
It just made me mad and I was actually going to stop reading the book.
But because I was over half way through the book, and kept on.
I didn't sympathize with the mother, I didn't feel sorry for her.
Heartless maybe, but that is how I felt.

Also when one of the characters were recuperating, she had trouble talking and couldn't say more than 2 words….but then all of a sudden she could speak paragraphs….I think the author forgot that this character wasn't talking well in the page before.
It just seemed that the author wanted to just complete the book and tie up the ends.

Would I recommend this book, probably not.
Now to my next book…I have a stack of them to get through in the next few weeks :)

Hope you had a creative day and you were able to prop up your feet and enjoy a good book today :)

Tracy :)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

My Day in Photos, Cottage life

It was a gorgeous day
Spent quit a bit of my time lazing around on my raft today :)

It did rain…just as I was about to BBQ.
I never BBQ, Wayne usually does all the cooking at camp, as it should be, teehee.
But he was off riding his RZR, that I decided to start supper.
As you can see we have a huge solar umbrella, just for days like this :)

Wayne came back in time to complete the BBQing.
And for some unknown reason, the BBQ burst into flames.
As you can see he tried to rescue the burgers and hotdogs…but no luck.

Ashley made her Kristy and Blake her photo models again…I love this photo. Not only is it a great photo of them, but the colouring is just beautiful.

Because Ashley, then my FIL Ray and I all have our birthdays in a 3 day span, the couple that own the hotel, invited a big gang over to celebrate our birthdays.
But in reality, I think it is just an excuse to get us all together for some cake and a visit :)

I hope you all had a wonderful creative day :)

Tracy :)

Friday, July 24, 2015

Its my Birthday !!!

Today is my Birthday!!! 
It was an average day..besides all of the birthday greetings I received today.

Oh yes, and Hearher and Kristy taking me out for lunch...which was a donut...don't judge, my birthday, my choice, lol. 

I was so happy to hear that all my girls were able to come to camp this weekend. 

But was surprised to see these 2 balloons attached to the gate. 
I couldn't figure out how they got there. I knew they were from Ashley's bachelorette party. But Ashley, Heather Kristy and Blake weren't coming until a bit later. 

As we got closer to the camp... I knew it was them that had decorated, but Ashley's jeep was no where to be seen. 

But then they all snuck out from behind the trailer and yelled "Happy Birthday Mom" 
Yes, I almost cried. 

Here are my beautiful daughters :) 

Then Wayne and my girls showered me with gifts. 

They gave me pink walking I can be seen from a distance hiking here at camp. Gardening tools and gloves, Fitbit bands and a cute new mug. 

Lastly we invited our camping neighbours over for some cake. 

I got too excited and cut the cake before taking a picture, lol. 

I hope you all had a very creative day :)

Tracy :) 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dress Alterations Complete

I have been busy making alterations to my dress for the wedding.

Alterations as in resizing it at least 2 sizes smaller.
I found this pretty dress to wear to my daughter, Ashley's wedding.
It didn't come in my size, so with the help of my SIL Darlene, we worked our magic and altered it to fit me perfectly :)
So happy that it is complete…now to look for shoes.

Yesterday was Ashley's birthday, today is my Father in Law's birthday and tomorrow my birthday.
Lots of cake eating this week ;)
Because I have been so busy these last few weeks, it wasn't until we were practically heading out the door to my FIL's house that I remembered I didn't make him a card.
So I went in my stash and picked out a card that had a more masculine feel to it.
I really need to make some generic and masculine cards when I have time.

The last few day's I haven't even tuned on my laptop until after 9:00pm…I think next week I need a computer day, just to catch up on emails, blogs and Facebook, lol.

I hope you all had a very Creative day today :)


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Happy birthday Ashley

Today is my oldest daughter's birthday :)
I can't believe Ashley is 26 today!
When did that happen?!?
She is such a remarkable woman. 
It is hard for me to think of her as a mature grown woman. I still think of her as my little girl. 
My little girl who is getting married next month. 
She is such a strong independent person and someone I can turn to or count on if I ever need her. 
I have to say I have some pretty awesome daughters…..if I do say so myself, teehee.

Happy birthday Ashley 


Monday, July 20, 2015

I have to say a big Congrats to my daughter Heather….

She passed her test for her G licence, so she has her full licence now :)
We celebrated with an ice-cream :)
Don't you just love the purple in her hair!!!

Another day full of wedding prep.

See all of those flowers….some of them were put to making the wedding bouquets.
Ashley wanted the bridal party's bouquets to look like they were picked straight from the field with quite a bit of greenery.
I will tell you it was harder to achieve this look than you would think, lol.
After 4 days of me playing around with different arrangements, I think we finally nailed it :)
For Ashley's bouquet she wanted it similar to the girls bouquets but with a touch of her wedding colours.
But as we were putting her bouquet together, we got a bit carried away when adding the flowers, lol.
Ashley kept asking me if it was too big. I told her you only get married once, go big, lol.
If I had my way, I would have made it into a cascading bouquet, teehee.

I hope you all had a very Creative Day :)

Tracy :)

Sunday, July 19, 2015

I love Coke, but does Coke Love me?

You all know I love a nice cold can of Coca-Cola :)
I could drink a can of Coke every day, and I used to.
But I don't anymore…I have limited myself to a couple of cans on the weekend.
One on Friday or Saturday and then one on our drive home from the cottage.
I haven't have one this weekend…yet.

I love it.
But I don't think Coke loves me :(
Ever since this promotion of putting names on the cans and bottles of Coke products, I have yet to find my name.
I didn't think Tracy was an odd name, I thought it was pretty common.
I mean, I know a lot of Tracy's…even if they spell their name differently than I do.
But I haven't even seen any other spellings of Tracy on the cans or bottles.
I have even seen names I have never heard of before…but not one Tracy :(
I guess my name really is unique then ;)

I hope you all had a very Creative and wonderful weekend :(

Tracy :)

Saturday, July 18, 2015

My Day in Photos .... Cottage Life.

Another beautiful day at the cottage.
There was such a peaceful breeze off of the lake today.
It wasn't cool and it wasn't warm, it was just perfect.
The crisp clean fresh scent from the lake, came up into the cottage, and I didn't want to move…I just took it all in.
Then it got warm, so I decided it was time to do some planting.
I know it is late in the season to plant, but I kept forgetting to purchase bedding plants.
I had no energy today…I would plant a few flowers, and then seemed to need a break…it was crazy.
I perked up later in the afternoon.  
So I went for a walk.
I picked some of these wild flowers, in hopes they will add some filler to the bouquets for Ashley's wedding.
I think they are pretty as a bouquet as they are :)
I am drying them to see how they keep.
I also found these pretty bell type flowers.
These would be perfect!!!
But when I cut off the leaves, there was a milky sticky substance that came from the cuts.
Plus I am thinking the petite blossoms will fall off once dried.
I even got a non-wedding project done, teehee.
I put together a simple sewing kit.
Wayne's mom had these items in a plastic bag. It served its purpose, but the thread was all tangled up and entwined in the sewing needles.
So I grabbed a soap container that has never been used and made it into a sewing kit.
Simple but easier to grab the items from.

Wayne and I went for a couple of quad rides today, him more than me.
Like I mentioned above, I didn't seem to have any get up and go today.
So I just chilled and did what needed to be done.
Early to bed for me tonight :)

I hope you all had a wonderful creative day :)

Tracy :)

Friday, July 17, 2015

Avid reader or obsessive book hoarder?

I am an avid reader....especially in the summer.
Recently I have joined a new book club on Facebook. 
In the middle of the month we vote on which book of 3 we would like to read. 
One book was ahead in the votes, so I thought I would get a jump on it and get it from the library. 
Only to find out that there are 10 people ahead of me on the waiting list. 
So I thought I would check out a book that Sharla recommended. 
That one also had a waiting list. 
Then I remembered I wanted to read "Still Alice"
Can you believe that one also had a waiting list. 
So one of the librarians brought me 3 books that she suggested I read. 
I didn't have my cheater glasses so I checked all 3 of them out. 

They also had a cart of books that they were giving away. 
I asked Kristy to see if there were any she  thought I would I couldn't read the write ups. 
So she picked out 3 for me :). 

Kristy and I had a chuckle when I said I have many books at home I have bought over the years to read, lol. 
But a book lover can not have too many options ;) 

I started Fly Away on the drive to far so good. 

I hope you all had a creative Friday. 

Tracy. :)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sweet Tooth

I love honey, who am I kidding, I love anything sweet.
I always have.
I used to take 2 honey sandwiches to school everyday since I was in grade one.
Not only did I eat 2 honey sandwiches for lunch, I also had 2 pieces of toast with honey every morning…and I was a small skinny girl…hard to believe with all that bread and honey, teehee.
Yup I love honey.

Not only do I love honey, I also love blueberries.
I love them on my oatmeal in the morning, I love them in pies and  I also love blueberry cheese cake.
Good thing I enjoy picking them as well, so I am well stocked up :)

So when I saw this blueberry honey at the bulk food store, I just had to give it try.
I LOVE this.
It is so yummy….a perfect combination for someone like me with a sweet tooth :)

Happy Dance Time:
I think I have mentioned that I am trying to be healthier (hard to believe from the sugary post above, teehee)
I am happy to say that I have lost 20 lbs and I have reached my goal weight!!!!
Well I guess I should say my first goal weight as I have set another one, since I have achieved this one :)
I would like to lose another 5 lbs…but we will see.

I hope you all had a wonderful creative day today :)

Tracy :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

More Wedding Prep.

Still working on wedding projects.
I have a feeling we will be working on project up until the day of the wedding.

The bad thing is…we keep adding more to our lists, lol.

Luna doesn't look to impressed here does she.
She is watching me work out, lol.
I thought she looked so cute, I just had to snap a photo :)

How can you tell Ashley was home today…her socks were left on the floor, lol.

I have been so busy that I haven't been on the internet hardly at all.
I didn't turn on my computer today until after supper today…crazy I tell ya.
I try to visit you all every day, but am a bit behind..hoping to catch up soon.

I hope you all had a very Creative day :)

Tracy :)

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Great Read and Great Walk

It was a wonderful weekend….beautiful weather and time spent with family…..perfection.

I completed this book on the drive home from camp.
This seems to be the only time that I have to read…I am stuck in the truck for almost 2 hours, so why not be productive right :)
This was a great book.
Great characters, great story line and kept me wanted to find out more about the characters and their stories.
I would really recommend this book.

Here is the gang.
My daughter Heather and Kristy. Kristy's boyfriend Blake. My daughter Ashley and her fiancé Tyler.
It looked like it was going to rain, so Ashley and Tyler decided to leave early.
I know Heather wanted to go home and see our cat Luna, (and play her new video game) so she tagged along with them.
Kristy was torn, she wanted to stay, but she also wanted to go. Once I told her that we were staying late, she and Blake decided to go with Ashley as well.

Since the kids (I know they are all adults, but to me they are kids….now I sound old ) had all gone home.
I made a new friend :)
See this guys tail…it is only a nub.
This is what the squirrels do to the chipmunks.
They chase the chipmunks away from the seed we put out for them and also attack them…some of them have nasty wounds from those bullies.

Wayne and I had an afternoon fire, and then it started to pour.
It rained so hard, the rain was bouncing off of the truck roof.
But once it stopped, we relit the fire and waited for it to burn out.

Funny Story:
Wayne wanted to clear some more brush on a trail, and I wanted to go for a walk this morning.
So we both rode in his RZR and he dropped me off at the beginning of the trail.
I walked the whole way and turned around to come back. I met him about half way coming back.
He said that he wasn't going to go the whole way to the end, so he wouldn't be long.
So I told him I would keep walking…and head towards camp, and that he could pick me up on the way back.
When I walk, I kind of get lost in my thoughts… it wasn't until I was on the trail headed to the pipeline, that I realized Wayne should have picked me up a half hour ago.
So then I start to worry a bit (especially after yesterday's incident), plus Wayne doesn't like me walking alone in the middle of the bush alone.
I figured it would take me less time to walk back to camp then back towards Wayne.
I get to camp, the kids are asking where their dad is, as we left in the same vehicle.
I get my quad to check out what happened and Kristy is wondering if she needs to come.
As it turned out, I met Wayne on the road…he didn't think I would have walked as far as I did in that amount of time. When he drove to the pipeline trial and didn't pass me (as I was already on the pipeline) he figured I went in the opposite direction…so went looking for me.
Needless to say, I got in my 10,000 steps in that walk alone, teehee.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend, and my little story :)

Tracy :)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

My Day in Photos….Cottage Edition.

A beautiful day at the cottage.
What makes it even more special, my girls and their beau's are here this weekend :)

Ashley took this photo of me during a walk we took today…this photo describes my perfect type of walk/hike that I love to do.
It is so peaceful..ahhhhh.

I woke up to this on my bistro table that is on the deck.
Since we put seed out for the birds, chipmunks and squirrels, I think they decided to leave me a treat, lol.
As I didn't take it, they came back and nabbed it for themselves, teehee.

Wayne and I went for our usual morning quad ride.
Here we are driving along the highway on our way to bring some garbage to the dump….we live such a glamorous life, teehee.

Because I told Wayne that my knuckles get thwacked on the thicker brush, he went out and picked me up some gloves for our rides :)

Wayne noticed the last couple of weekends my quad tire seemed a tad low come Friday.
He would add air and then it would be fine all weekend.
Well, during one of our rides I noticed my tire was not as full as when we started.
We kept on driving….I noticed that my quad felt more loose on the gravel than normal… was flat.
Wayne  carries this mini air compressor in his RZR. We had to stop twice to fill up the tire. He repaired the tire when we got back to camp.
Wayne is always so prepared…I wouldn't be surprised if he had some feminine products in his bag of tricks, lol.

Cooked up some hot dogs for lunch for the gang.
I had watched a program years ago, on how and what they put in hot dogs and haven't eaten them since then.
So I had the smokie…I know they are probably made the same way….but I never watched these being made, so its all good, lol.

The guys put the dock in :)
We never had the full dock in last year due to Wayne having his broken wrist.

It was a warm one today.
If you know me, you know I don't like to be cold, and only swim when it is extremely hot out.
It was hot today….but not extremely hot.
But my daughters helped me get used to the water by splashing me.
I was so soaked, and they kept taunting me to come in, so I did.
We all swam across the lake.

Tyler made a friend.
This little dragonfly found refuge from the water on his hat :)

I wanted to go for a walk down "Howard's Trail" and Wayne wanted to cut the trail a bit wider and get some fallen logs off of it.
So I suggested that as he cut the brush, I walk the trail.

Ashley brought out her big boy camera, so she came along on my walk and took some beautiful photos.
The photos of me are taken by her, as well as this brightly coloured mushroom.

Since Ashley had here big camera, I asked her if she wanted to take some photos of her dad and I riding.
She was happy too.
I love driving through this pond at this pit.

It was a dusty driving today, but so much fun climbing the hills and kicking up a storm :)

Kristy drove Ashley to the pit on our older quad :)
Aren't they cute :)

We were having so much fun.
But as we were about to leave, I look back at Wayne and noticed he wasn't moving….turns out, he got stuck.
And he got majorly stuck.
We tried using the winch, but there wasn't anything to hook it up to besides my quad.
So that is what we did. I put on both brakes, but my quad was just getting pulled towards him, lol.
Then I told him I will try and pull him out as he tries to drive it out…turns out we both just spun our tires.
So I drove back to the camp and brought back a shovel….and man did he have to shovel as he was hung up.
But he did get out.

I thought I would leave you with a beautiful photo Ashley took of our lake.
I am so excited to announce that we have 2 baby loons this year.
It has been many years since we have had baby loons here. The adult loons come every year, lay their eggs every year, but the lake rises and drowns out their nest, or a predator gets the eggs, or babies :(
So we are all excited to see the baby loons…the parents even came to check us out when we went across the lake :)

I hope you enjoyed spending the day with me and I hope you enjoyed your weekend :)

Tracy :)