Friday, October 16, 2020

Hey Jack!

I can't believe I haven't done a blog post since May!!!

I have been hiding out at our cottage away from all things Covid.
Our daughters come up every weekend, so I get to see them, or I don't think I could stay out here this long without seeing them and my grandsons ❤️

I have been creating while I am here though...that is just part of who I am.
Also part of who I am is making pretty things out of discards.
My latest one is this Jack-o-lantern made from our old propane tank that was destined for the dump.
Isn't he so cute!???!

First thing I did (well, first thing my husband Wayne did) was lightly sand the tank and then spray paint it with this Rust-o-leum spray paint,

Then I added some splatters.
I used some yellow ochre, white and black.
I was so so happy with how the splatters looked!!
I then drew on a face and painted it black and then used the yellow ochre around the edges of the features to look like the inside part of the pumpkin.
I have seen others do with where they actually cut the features out....but because there was propane in this, you have to be very instead, I just painted on his features.

I love how this turned out so much so that Wayne and I went to the dump to pick up another on this same size so Jack can have a friend.
Thinking of grabbing a few more and making some ghosts....oh Wayne!!!!

Thank you all so much if you are still checking out my blog and I plan on blogging more since we are heading home for the season in a while where I have much better wifi.

Hope you all have a very creative day