Friday, September 30, 2011

Its was a Crazy Day.

Today was a hectic kind of day.
You know the kind of day where you are moving 100mph and still seem like you aren't getting enough done.
Well that was my day today.

I finally (with the help from Jessica from the Greeting Farm) figured out how and why my photos weren't being down/uploaded to their site.
So I have to resize (thanks to Heather for showing me how) every photo to re-post them to their site.
I ran out of time though

Then Ashley and I ran to Michael's as she is on a baking/decorating kick again. So she needed colouring for her icing. Traffic was crazy. Now I don't live in a big city. I can go anywhere I want in town in 15 minutes or less.
But not today. So many roads or lanes were closed. I was crazy and frustrating.
Picked up Kristy and then drove her boyfriend home.
Plus doing everyone's errands ;(

Then I had to do my post for the blog hop tomorrow. Come by and check it out.
Crazy day I tell you.

Having 3 daughters, 2 are adults the youngest a teen. You would think my home would be spotless...NOT.
I made this sign the other day and posted it on the bathroom wall.
I was shocked that it worked.....
for the 1st day.

Hope you all had a creative Friday:)

Tracy :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Heart Journal Challenge Week #10

Wow, its Thursday already.
So you know what that pages for the He-Art Journal Challenge put on by Greeting Farm. I am still having trouble uploading them to there site. I have been in contact with them. There is one other person having trouble as well. But they are trying to fix it.

WEEK 10 - Torn Between...   
(use some sort of 'tearing')
Assignment: Create a spread or a page using tearing a technique some how. Use any stamps you want, colors, etc. Not necessary to use any TGF stamps, this is YOUR journal, do what you want cuz you rule that journal!

As you can see I did an Autumn theme. I had no idea what I was going to do until last night. I know crazy would think I like pressure or something.
The whole background is torn strips of pattern paper that I inked before I adhered them.
I tore the shape of the tree out as well as the clouds.
 I am not to happy with my tree. I should have added more punched leaves or something.
I do love the girl on the swing though.
I took the photos late last night, so the colours aren't the best, as the colours on the little girl look pretty washed out.
 I love this image of this girl with the wind blowing. I should have cut the image out closer to her, but I like the way the leaves are blowing.
Kind of reminds me of the weather we are having today.
So there you have it Week #10 of the Challenge.
So Steph and Becky how are your pages coming along ;)

Onto My Day:
I worked on my card for the Canadian Card Making Blog Hop.
Watched the rest of Season 2 of Castle.
Ran some errand for my hubby.
I also brought him lunch as I heard he wasn't the happiest, He was happy to see me ;)

Hope you all had a creative day this Thursday :)


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Simple Card with Sidewalk

                 Here is a very simple card.
I had coloured the image awhile ago. I was just playing around with colours.
I received some happy mail and this background paper was in there. I was so excited because I thought it went perfect with this coloured image :)
I know, little things like this really make me happy :)
So I just did a double matt for the image and put some pretty ribbon across the card.
See pretty simple.

I was trying my hand at drawing in the how did I do?
The first time I drew it, I noticed that I had stamped the image.....not to straight.
But if you know me, nothing goes to waste. Especially since it was already coloured.
So I re-cut the image and drew on the sidewalk.
I watched a video from Prairiepaperandink (another Canadian girl :) to learn how to do this.

I get so annoyed when I have trouble with packaging.
Here is your average salad dressing.
When I picked it up from the grocery store, the top was shrink wrapped, so there is no way anyone could get into this during transport. I know this for sure, as I had to take a knife to cut the sucker off.
Then I had to unscrew the top (which was way to tight, I needed some help) and then I find a stopper sealed on the top.
Oh but wait they give you a little pull tab to help you open it up :)
Really...are you kidding me...I ripped it off as I pulled. So I needed that knife again to cut around the seal.
All this to open a salad dressing.......CRAZY I tell you, crazy.
Onto My day :
Sharon came by for a visit today.
Made a card.
Did some book work.
Talked to my sister
I tried a new chicken recipe, hence the salad dressing. It was a hit with the whole family :)
Wayne worked late again.....they are so busy at work. I think they would all love to retire. So if anyone is looking to buy a quarry :)
Watched Survivor and now watching Castle.

Hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just a reminder :)

I just want to spread the word.
On October 1st is National Card Making Day.
I didn't even know there was one, oops. What kind of a card maker am I that I didn't even know this.
Well Graphicat Design came up with the idea to have an all Canadian Blog Hop.
I am so excited to be part of this.
Sad thing is I will be at our cottage that day closing it up for the season :( . So I can schedule a post, but I will have trouble visiting all the other bloggers :(
If you want to know more about this blog hop, the talented Nicole not only made this blinkie, but she also wrote a much more detailed and humorous post about it then I did :)

I am sorry to say I have nothing crafty for you today :(
I had to do some book work, ran Kristy and her friend to the movies.
Had to run to Superstore for some TP, boy we go through that stuff. I should buy stocks in it.
Then chatted with my friend who (I think) needed to hear a friends voice. Hope I put a smile on your face, and gave you some comfort. 
I do have a couple of Christmas cards I could share, but I refuse to put anything Christmas on my blog until at least December.
Christmas comes to soon and I don't want to rush it.  
Hope you all had a creative Tuesday.
Tracy :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Little Ladybug

      Here is yet another "Limited Supply" card I made at our cottage.
How cute is this little girl with her ladybug back pack....She is adorable.
This photo is a bit yellow to me.
   I coloured her with my Stampin' Up markers.
If I don't want to carry all my Copics with me (like when we go on a trip). I will put my Stampin' Up markers  in a pencil case with some flesh tones and hair colours in my Copics and take them instead.
I need to bring colour with me everywhere I go.             
As you can see in this picture I put black sparkle rhinestones on the black polka dots.
I also inked the background with some distress inks.

Onto My Day:
I got a phone call from my sister this morning. She never phones.
It turned out she was in a car accident...Last Friday Night.
She lives in the country and was driving and a deer ran in front of her, she slammed on the brakes and swerved and flipped her car in the ditch.
She wasn't wearing a seat belt...who doesn't wear a seat belt now a days......Don't worry we all gave her sh1t for that.
She has stitches on her eye lid, black eye, bruises and her right shoulder is in rough shape. The doctor said she tore her muscle and broke her upper back. She will need surgery for the torn muscle but they said her back should heal on its own.
She is so far refusing surgery. The doctor told her to come back in 3 weeks and is hoping she changes her mind by then.

So I spent the day with her.
Picked her up at her house.
Drove her to the hospital to the fracture clinic.
Picked up her prescription and groceries.
Drove her back home and washed her dishes and floors.
As I was doing up her seat belt for her. I told her that it reminded me of taking care of .......she finished my sentence.....Dad, lol.

Hope you all had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Limited Suppies Card...Peeking In card

   I have another "Limited Supplies" card.
The background paper is one piece ;)  I received it in the paper swap I was in. I just matted the background paper and the coloured image.
As for the coloured image I coloured it with my Stampin' Up markers.
I also added some sparkle to the middles of the of all the flowers that I had coloured, and the one on the pattern paper.
I wrote the sentiment out on the computer and then backed it with card stock.           
  Remember I mentioned that Kristy wants to take the culinary course when she is finished high school.
This is why.
How many 16 yr olds make themself this for breakfast ;)
Onto My Day:
Had to do a few errands.
Went through the rest of my dad's paper work. I just wanted to make sure it was all organized in the proper page protectors. Then I zipped up the binder and put it away. His estate is all complete and taken care of. I don't have to worry about it anymore.
We watched some Castle.
Now we are watching Desperate Housewives.

I would like to ask, if all of you could all check out yesterday's blog post (if you haven't already).

Hope you all had a wonderful, creative Sunday.

Tracy :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I want to Reply :)

I really love to reply to all your comments that you leave me on my blog.
But not everyone has a mundane life like mine and can post daily ;)
So I can't reply back, I don't want to fill up your comment section. Or sometimes the comment you leave me is kind of personal and I want to reply to you personally, but there in no email for me to send my message to.

So the Wonderful Etta at Fiddle Dee Dee gave me permission to steal use her blog post for my readers, she is so sweet and so pregnant right now :)

If your blogger account isn't set up for e-mail, your e-mail address shows up as "noreply-comment at" Countless times I have been in the midst of composing some amazing response only to notice that darn return e-mail address. Other times I have actually sent the e-mail before noticing.

Etta has supplied photos as well.
I am using hers, because
1. She is gorgeous.
2. I have no idea how to post mine.

On your dashboard, look at the section under your name. Click on 'Edit Profile.'

In the box under the Privacy heading, you'll see a line that says 'Show my e-mail address.' Make sure this box is checked

Scroll further down the same page to the Identity section. The second line is where you enter your e-mail address. It doesn't have to be the same e-mail address you use to sign in to blogger. I actually have an address separate from my personal address that I use for blog comments.

See how gorgeous she is!!

Thank you so much Etta for letting me use your tutorial for my blog readers :)
So if you haven't received a response from me, please check your settings.
I do reply to every comment I receive.
Every single one of you, put a smile on my face when I get a comment from you.
And the least I can do is respond back. There are a few that I can't because for some reason, I can't get to your blog when I click your name. So at least this way I can respond to your comment :)

This part I added after getting Just Jamie's email. Just to clarify, I always and still will leave a comment on your blog (as I love to visit you all). This is only if I want to leave you a private message or respond directly to your comment :)

Onto My Day:
I started working on a mini!!!
It is a Halloween mini I am doing for a swap. But I ran out of some paint colours and had to make a trip to Michael's. So that set me back.
Then my SIL stopped by for a visit when she brought Heather home from work. They both worked today.
Now Heather, Wayne and I are watching Castle. I have never seen this show before....we rented it. So far I really like it. I see another TV show added to my list :)

Hope you all had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

A Canadian Stamp Company :)

I am participating in the Canadian Blog Hop for National Card Making Day, on October 1st.
The rules...You must be Canadian
You must have an active blog
You have to use a Canadian Product.

I thought the last criteria might be hard to find.
Then I found out that Kraftin Kimmie stamps were a Canadian company...but were they designed in Canada?
So I contacted the company and Kim Reid emailed me back with the answer I was ecstatic to hear.
YES they are designed and manufactured in Canada.
So because of that (as well as how cute they are) they are now my favourite stamp company.
So I just happened to drive by my local scrap booking store (Dat's) and picked up a few more of these cuties. Not only are the images so cute, I love that they have the sentiments with them.

Can't wait to ink these babies up :)
Onto My Day:
Went for a walk with Lynne :)
Went out for lunch with Ashley and Heather. I find it funny that Ashley invites us for lunch, but then I end up with the bill, lol. 
Went to Chapters.....still no Magnolia Ink magazine :(
Went to Future Shop. My battery is completely dead in my laptop. Plus I tripped over the cord when we were at camp and not only bent the plug that goes into the laptop, but also the inside of the laptop where the plug in goes.   It is just a matter of time before it doesn't work anymore, so I am doing some research into a new one.
Ran to my Scrap booking store.
Went and rented a few mindless reality shows (Real Housewives of blah, blah, blah). I need to totally clean up my scrap booking room and thought I would put these on until I got sick of their voices, lol. Ya I know why did I get them, lol.
Lastly I went to Lynne's house to make a card. Lynne is my friend and Stampin' Up demonstrator. Remember I did a class for her on the Christmas Treat boxes last year?

Hope everyone had a creative Friday :)

Tracy :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A new magazine and Heart Challenge #9

Look what I got :)
My favourite magazine :) 
 Today was the day that the He-Art Journal challenge page was due.
Here is the Assignment:
Today's NEW ASSIGNMENT is "Cut and Paste"....mainly, we've found there is a unique look to finding a cool "head" out there in the magazines and then drawing your own version of the body.

Now I shared with you yesterday, that these kind of freak me out.
There is just something about cutting a head off and then drawing a body to go with it.
So I figured this assignment is going to freak me out....then I will freak them out, lol.
So here is my page ;)

Becky was on the ball with this one, lol. I did this late last night.
I was going to change my mind and make a sweet page with my daughters faces and draw their bodies as cute little angels.
But when my daughters saw this in the morning, they thought it was cool and told me to submit it, love my girls.
 I made the sky with my distress inks.
Drew the grass with just flicks of my Copic markers.
Fence is a border punch.
Painted some with my acrylic paints and sharpie markers.
Stamped and drew the trees.
This is my favourite page. We watch and love "Walking Dead" and this is where this image came from.
I have been having trouble uploading my photos to this challenge site. It is so frustrating.
But when I contacted them, she told me to just send it to her through email. Bet she was surprised when she opened this one, lol.
Another scary thing that happened to me today.
I went to the dentist and had to get a filling. So I needed freezing.
Not only did my lip get frozen, so did my cheek, half my nose and under my eye.
I have never had that happen before. Hubby gets that all the time he gets freezing, but I have never had that happen before, and hope it doesn't happen again.

Thankful Thursday:
Impossible Pie....teehee, my treat I made tonight ;)
Chatting with a friend :)
Ashley putting her shoes away so I don't fall down the stairs

What are you Thankful for today :)


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another "Limited Supply Card"

Here is another card I made at our cottage this last weekend with limited supplies.
It may be a challenge to create with limited supplies but I think it makes us more creative.
Does it make me want to get rid of my overflow of supplies....NEVER.
 I coloured her with my Copic markers.
See that little dragonfly under her braid?
That was an oops. When I stamped this image I got some ink on the side of the stamp and didn't check it before I stamped (I never check).
I didn't really want to fussy cut her out, so I thought I would try and draw a dragonfly out of my smudge. I figured what did I have to lose, if it looked like crap, I'd fussy cut the image out.
I also drew in the grass.
 I added some sparkle to the dragonfly's wings. You can't really tell in the pictures though.
Onto My Day:
It was unexciting as usual.
I worked most of the day. Watched a few YouTube videos as I worked.

I was planning on working on my page for the HeArt journal challenge. But I am stumped. I don't like the challenge this week. It is to use a magazine photo of a head and draw the rest of the body. I have seen these done and it freaks me out.
Wish me luck with this challenge I need it.

Hope you all had a creative Wednesday.

Tracy :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A "Limited Supplies" Card and Proud Tuesday

I mentioned that I made cards last weekend up at camp.
What I didn't tell you was that I was in a paper swap. It was on 2Peas. You could only swap paper, stickers or anything paper. No chipboard or embellishments...just papers.
It was fun trying to come up with paper only products. Oh ya and it also had to fit in a standard size envelope, not any bigger.
So I had received my package and brought it, a paper pack, some punches and some cardstock with me to camp to make some cards. 
Actually I really enjoyed having only a few things on hand, it was a challenge, but fun. 
But I did bring (I carry them with me everywhere) tiny post it notes with me and wrote on them the things I wanted to add when I got home.

So here is one of my Limited Supplies cards.
This is only the second image that I have coloured, to match my pattern paper.
So how did I do? 
 Sorry this picture is blurry. It didn't look like that before I posted it :(
I used my white gel pen to add the white dots to the ruffles on her outfit.
 This sentiment was in the paper pack I brought with me.
 There was a big blank space when I sat the girl on the edge of the sentiment.
So with a flick of my marker I added some stems. Then I punched out these tiny flowers and popped them up with foam tape.
When I got home I added the rinestones to the centers.
Onto My Day:
Kristy stayed home from school this morning , but then insisted to go in the afternoon. She hates to miss school. Heather and I tried to make her stay home, but she was insistant.
I spent too much time on the computer today/
Wayne worked till 8:00pm again.

Proud Tuesday
Kristy takes her schooling seriously
I only drank 1 can of coke today (that is all that was in the house and I didn't feel like going out, lol)
Organized a bit
Walked everyday....except today

What have you done today to make you feel proud?

A had a couple questions about my Travel Journal. One of them being where did I get my note book from?
I bought it from Staples, a few years ago.

Hope you all had a creative Tuesday :)


Monday, September 19, 2011

My Finished Travel Journal

Finally I have a video up of my Travel Journal.
In my video, I share with you my pages and some of the things that happened to us during this trip.
I seem to chat more about the actual trip then about the memorabilia that I used in this journal.
But this is my blog and my YouTube channel and I started it to document my life and crafts, so that is what I did :)

Onto My Day:
Kristy stayed home from school as she caught a cold. She spent most of her day in bed :(
I ended up cleaning the house most of the day. I gave Heather the kitchen and I took the dining room. We cleaned from top to bottom. Cleaned the light fixtures, dusted everything in sight and washed the windows inside and out.
Then I tackled my bedroom.

I still had a couple of boxes from my dad's house. I know that it has been a year since he passed away, but I still held onto them, and didn't even look inside.
Until Wayne knocked one over this morning on his way to work.
So I thought it was due time, and I dug into it. Funny the things that were in there.
Most was just house hold items.
It feel so good to have gone through them, and get them out of there.
Then I made room on my shelf, in my bedroom closet for my Copics :)
I seem to colour only when I am upstairs. So figured I might as well keep them up here, where they are nice and close ;)

I hope you all had a creative Monday


Sunday, September 18, 2011

The making and some tips on my Travel Journal.

I made this video on Friday to share with you some tips I learned along the way of making my Travel Journal.
I hope you can use some of these tips when making your own Travel Journal.

I also made a video on the inside pages of my Travel Journal.
I will post that video tonight and share it with you tomorrow.

I made about 8 cards when we were at camp this weekend..... in between the chores we did.
I haven't taken any pictures of them as I had limited supplies and wanted to add them before doing so.
But I did make a cute card for a gentleman up at camp who gave us sweet corn from his farm. It was the best corn I have ever eaten.
As for the card I made him, I coloured a stamped image of a raccoon and then drew a piece of corn, coloured it and popped it up in his hands. It really was a cute'll have to take my word for it as I have given it to him already :)

Hubby and I are just sitting back tonight and enjoying a few movies.
As for closing up camp.....well, we couldn't do it totally, lol.
So we are going back in 2 weeks to finish it up.

Hope your weekend was great and hope you enjoyed some creative time :)


Saturday, September 17, 2011

I caught a thief.

Look we have a thief ;)
Hubby likes to leave treats out for the chipmunks at camp.
He buys sunflower seeds by the bag full, he puts out bread crust for them.
He also throws our corn cobs out for the rabbits, who visit during the evening.
Either this is one giant chipmunk or our neighbour Sonja's dog, lol.
Look at her face, she even looks guilty :)
 Oh and her is her accomplice, Oreo.
We got a lot done today.
We covered up the docks.
Covered up the patio furniture.
Brought in all the solar lights.
Split fire wood and piled it (until my back couldn't take it anymore)
I made 4 cards and coloured 3 images (made 3 cards last night).
We still have more to do, but are planning on coming up in a couple of weeks to totally close up. We do this every year. I think we just don't want summer to end.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Not something we see everyday.

We are planning on closing up camp this weekend.
Just Wayne and I are going up this time.
This is what we followed down the highway for a bit.
 Until Hubby passed him. The trucker was probably wondering what I was doing photographing an army tank.
We had seen quite a few of these being transported down the highway.
Onto My Day:
I went for morning walk with my friend Lynne.
Ran around and did a few errands.
I did a couple video's today on my Travel Journal.
One took, the other one disappeared. Well it didn't really disappear. I did about a 7 minute video and when I uploaded it to my computer it was about 1 second long. Don't know what happened there.
So I thought I would upload the first video to YouTube.
But it was going slow, and it still had a half hour to go and we were heading out the door to camp. So I stopped it.

I will try again on Sunday when we get home.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Heart Journal Challenge week 8- Thankful Thursday

I thought I would share with you my He-Art Journal page for this week.

WEEK 8 - The Power of ONE

                                                          (use one word as the focal point)
Assignment: Create a spread or a page using a word of your choice as the center piece. Use any stamps you want, colors, etc. Not necessary to use any TGF stamps, this is YOUR journal, do what you want cuz you rule that journal!

My word of choice was "Passions".
 I have many passions in my life, but I just listed the first 6 that came to my mind.

-My family is my biggest passion. I love these people with all my heart. I don't know how I could have lucked out to have such a sweet husband and awesome daughters. There is nothing more important in life then knowing that your family loves you. Even when they drive me crazy, teehee.

-Creating is truly one of my passions. I think of creating most of the day. Also when I lay bed. I have forgotten more ideas then I could ever complete in my life time, lol.

-I have always enjoyed writing. Whether it be in journal form or story form or even notes and lists. I just love to write.

-Reading is another thing I love to do. I love to escape into some other world. Let it be in a novel or someones blog.

-My friends. Friends keep you young :)   You can be yourself around your friends, you can act silly, and laugh and share inside jokes. And when you are down, they pick you up.

-My blog. It is MY place. A place to share my life and my craft. It may seem odd to some, but it is like an extension of me.
 See told you I like to write.
This page just came together so easily. I wanted to draw the title for the challenge and then journal about what I have learned 1/2 way through this challenge.
I had received some Happy mail and did a video on my YouTube channel on the goodies I had received. If you want to take a peek here they are I won a Smash journal, then some ladies gave me some treasures just out of the goodness of there heart, thank you Brenda and Sybil. 

Onto My Day:
I spent most of my morning uploading my pages to the challenge gallery. The site crashed and I had lost all my past challenges. Then I couldn't post this one. I finally did, but I was so frustrated, especially with my great computer skills. Now, I know, you're all laughing.
Went for a walk with Lynn.
Got a car wash, gas, banking and groceries.
Uploaded photos to Blacks and will pick them up in the morning.
Hubby worked until 8:00pm again, another 14 hour day. He will be happy to go up to camp this weekend.

Thankful Thursday:
I got to upload my challenge pages.
Tomorrow is Friday.
Tums....I sure have been getting heartburn. I never get heartburn ;(
I have a friend to walk with once a week.

What are you thankful for today?


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Travel Journal

I guess this is my second post for today. But because I posted so early for Nicole's blog, it doesn't feel like I posted for Wednesday.
I thought I would show you the last two pages of my travel journal.
There are pocket to put things in and on the backs of some of the papers are photos or journaling.
 The last 2 days of our trip was dedicated to SHOPPING :)
Becky had asked if my travel journal was just for this trip or am I going to keep it going.
This travel journal is going to be on going. I am going to document all my trips, no matter if it is for a short girls weekend or a longer family vacation.
The one thing is, it is getting really thick. I am surprised at how thick it is so far.
I am working on putting a video together, I just need to print up a few photos.
Onto My Day:
I uploaded a couple "Happy Mail" video's on my YouTube channel.
Kristy had to go to the dentist as she had to get a couple teeny tiny fillings.
Then I went back to her school to pick up her boyfriend Blake and drove him home.
I found out my cardiologist is hopefully coming back in a couple of months :)
Poor hubby had to work till 8:00pm tonight. So he put in a 14 hour day :(   
Watched Zombies vs Vampires....Vampires won, lol.

Hope you all had a creative Wednesday.

Guest Designer for Canadian Nickel Scrapin.

First off I want to thank Nicole "Canadian Nickel Scrapin" for this giving me this opportunity to be featured on her Whats Up Wednesday as a Guest Designer.
What an honour to be featured on her blog. She is an awesome card and altered items artist. Plus her colouring is unbelievable. She is one of the ladies that got me into colouring images. You Rock it doesn't hurt that you are a fellow Canadian ;)

I am new to this, so Nicole has given me some questions to help get me started.

1. Who is Tracy's Treasures?  I am just your ordinary mother, wife, stay at home /work at home mom.
I like to say I am a Jill of all Trades Expert in none. I do love to create, its my passion. I love all types of crafts. I sometimes think I should dedicate my time, to really learning one of my art forms. But there are just to many fun, creative things to do and I want to try them all.
Honestly, I didn't even know what blogs really were (I am not technical at all). So once I learned a bit about them I thought it was a great place for an on-line journal. I have always documented mine and my family's life weather in scrap booking or writing. The name came about because my family is my treasure and so are the creations I put together.
I would never have thought that having a blog would bring me so close to people I have never met before and to care so much about their lives as they do mine. It really is like an extended family.
Then my daughter encouraged me to start a YouTube channel. Tracy's Treasures 

2. What am I up to? I never know what I am up to day to day.  I love to share what I create and how I make my projects. I think it is awesome that we can see people create all over the world from the comfort of our homes. 

3. Whats new and exciting? Well I just received an email asking me if I would like to join a design team. 
I don't know all the details yet, but am looking forward to learning more about how it all works.
                                            So that was something exciting and unexpected that happened :)

4. My Project: Well, we all know how Nicole loves everything Halloweeny :)
So I thought I would put together a little something special with her in mind.
I had seen a picnic basket in a Magnolia magazine and thought it was so adorable. But it was in a Summer theme and unfortunately Summer is coming to an end :(
So I thought a Halloween theme might be fun :)
Then I put together a couple of cards. I just picked up these new stamps and they were just asking to get inky ;)
 So here is the basket.
I cut it out of Bristol board, then covered it with pattern paper.
I coloured the image with my Copics, then added some fun embellishments.
 Here is how you get to the goodies.
The flaps are secured with magnets, so they stay closed, yet easy to open to get the treats.
 Here are the treats all tucked away :)
 I then decorated the containers.
The smarties container, looks like someone was in it already ;), is a tiny single serving ice cream container.
 Here is the card I made with the left over pattern paper.
Doesn't she look like a cheeky little witch :)
 This is the first card I made.
Knowing I was going to be on Nicole's blog I had to make this card for her.
Not only do I love this image, I am sure Nicole will as well. She is a little goth trick or treater :)
The tombstone was from a different stamp set, I thought it was a fun touch.
Well there you have it. Here are my creations as Nicole's Wednesday Guest Designer.
Thank you so much Nicole for letting me take over your blog for the day, lol.
I hope you enjoyed my projects and come to visit me at my blog.

Hope you all had a Creative Wednesday


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Proud Tuesday and a little Ooops

Look what I found in my purse as I was switching them out.
The hotel key for the adjoining rooms.
I can't believe I forgot to turn it in.... I can't believe the hotel didn't remind me, lol.
I did phone them and told them I will be mailing it back to them.
But seriously I think Hubby and I should go back there and personally deliver it to them, you know, to make sure they get it.
Plus there were a few stores I would love to check out the scrapbooking store we missed on the way home ;)
 Onto my day:
Had a nice phone conversation with a wonderful lady who wants me to be on her design Team, Oh ya you heard that right :)  
I think I did maybe 5 things on my on-going TODO list.
Had to do a bit of book work.

Proud Tuesday:
I did my morning walk. It has been 5 days straight. Plus an extra one last night.
Put some of my scrapbooking stuff away.
Only had one glass of far today ;)
That I am a guest designer on Nicole's blog Canadian Nickel Scrap'n tomorrow :)
That someone likes what I do enough to want me to work with her new products.

What did you do today to make you feel proud.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Travel Journal page and some freaky weather.

I thought I would share some of my photos of my travel journal I worked on during our trip and this last weekend.
I was going to do a video of it today, but I never got around to uploading the photos I wanted to put in here.
Plus our Internet is as slow as molasses in June tonight.
This page is when we were heading to Sheridan Wyoming. We went to the Lewis and Clark Caverns, sooo cool.
 Then this page is when we headed to Keystone, South Dakota.
I so loved that town. The girls and I enjoyed checking out all the shops....and believe me we checked out Every Shop ;) I made a lot of pockets in this book. I bought postcards not only for the beautiful pictures, but I then used the backs of them for my journaling cards. Double use ;)

 Today was a weird day, weather wise.
This afternoon the sky was an orange colour.
Then when I picked up Kristy from school there was a creepy kind of overcast.
You could smell smoke in the air as well.
The clouds were a combination of storm clouds and smoke from the forest fires.
Just after I took this photo a flash of lightening went across the sky.
We did get a bit of rain, but only for a couple of minutes.
At about 6:00 tonight the sky was dark, then an hour later it lightened up again.
Not good weather for the forest fires.
I had a list of about 20 things to do today.
I think I completed 4 and two of those was to go for a walk and take a shower, lol.
I am on over achiever in my mind, I just need to figure out how to carry it out, lol.
Not only did I go for my 1/2 hour morning walk, I also went for an hour walk tonight with my neighbour/friend. When I go for a walk, it isn't a casual walk, it is a brisk walk.
I guess being as short as I am, I have always been a fast walker.....probably to keep up with all the freakishly tall people I hang around with, lol.

Kristy asked me if I could drive Blake home after school. Sure not a problem. I text her at lunch to make sure he still need a ride.
I get this text from her "Dealio is gotta drive Blake home"
Oh ok, I ask her if she is going to walk then.
She texts me "I'm not going to walk to Blake's"
Not to Blake's, walk home.
She texts me again "No because we gotta drive Blake home, silly"
I text her back, "Well who the heck is Dealio?"
 Dealio means that's the deal, we have to drive him home.

Welcome to a bit of my world. My girls think I'm loosing my it any wonder, lol.

Hope you all had a creative Monday.