Monday, September 19, 2011

My Finished Travel Journal

Finally I have a video up of my Travel Journal.
In my video, I share with you my pages and some of the things that happened to us during this trip.
I seem to chat more about the actual trip then about the memorabilia that I used in this journal.
But this is my blog and my YouTube channel and I started it to document my life and crafts, so that is what I did :)

Onto My Day:
Kristy stayed home from school as she caught a cold. She spent most of her day in bed :(
I ended up cleaning the house most of the day. I gave Heather the kitchen and I took the dining room. We cleaned from top to bottom. Cleaned the light fixtures, dusted everything in sight and washed the windows inside and out.
Then I tackled my bedroom.

I still had a couple of boxes from my dad's house. I know that it has been a year since he passed away, but I still held onto them, and didn't even look inside.
Until Wayne knocked one over this morning on his way to work.
So I thought it was due time, and I dug into it. Funny the things that were in there.
Most was just house hold items.
It feel so good to have gone through them, and get them out of there.
Then I made room on my shelf, in my bedroom closet for my Copics :)
I seem to colour only when I am upstairs. So figured I might as well keep them up here, where they are nice and close ;)

I hope you all had a creative Monday



  1. Awesome is a great keepsake

  2. Checked out your videos after work and enjoyed seeing what you did with your travel journal.

  3. Loved it! Thanks for sharing something so special. Your dad is beaming down right now. It really did sound like a fantastic trip. Every little day trip we go on now I carry a photo camera, a video camera and my smash book lol! My husband gives me a funny look like I'm crazy but you should see the stuff he's hoarded away. I believe he has the movie ticket stub from our first date 14 yrs ago. Even my little ones keep little photo albums and I cut 4 x 6 papers that fit in the sleeves and they draw little pictures on and stick back in so I know one day they will love that I am doing this.

    Oh, it's really late right now while I'm watching this (I hate to sleep, unless its a nap during the day) I got to your cinnabon comment and I couldn't stop laughing because as soon as I saw it I thought,"wow, tracy must have LOVED those!" LOL

  4. Thanks for sharing and it's a great thing to do all your journaling, I wish I could get going on something like this but excuses aside one day I hope to scrapbook/minibook

  5. I can't see the video from work due to our internet filter so I'll have to remember to watch from home because I want to see it. Hopefully Kristy's cold won't stick around very long.

  6. Doesn't it feel great to finish looming things! Sounds like you were very productive! Hope Kristy feels better!

  7. Watched both videos and I think I need to make one for my next trip (whenever that will be - lol!). I did purchase parts of the SMASH items such as that wonderful pen/glue and the tape - we think alike! LOL!! TFS :)

  8. Your journal is amazing! what a great keepsake.

  9. What a great way to remember your trips. Thanks for sharing.

  10. loved it thanks for sharing .. priceless...

  11. I think that is more than just a journal. It's a full blown scrapbook of your journey! AMAZING Tracy! I love that you included so much information (even the temp!).

  12. I really don't know how you do it all. You're a wife, mother, career woman, crafter....omg, the list keeps going. You find time to do it all, and you do it all so well. Kudos to you. You're an inspiration. (Oh, and I STILL haven't gotten your paper to you - I apologize. Looking for the right sized package to send it in.)

  13. Oh, thought of you today; there is a sale on copics on SGD (scrappin' great deals); they there in ON (if you do not already know of them!). Cannot remember where, but they are online and bricks and mortar. Search them; they have weekly sales too!

  14. Love this! I'm sure you are thrilled to have it completed! I hope your daughter feels better soon!

  15. Hope Kristy is feeling better :) It's nice that you were able to finish going through your dad's things. I wonder if you were meant to finish that up after your trip to Montana? Funny how life leads us in that direction when we're ready for it isn't it? I LOVE that journal...

  16. I am catching up on my blogs and I love your travel journal! You really need to be so proud of yourself! :-) And you took some awesome pics! :-)


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