Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Proud Tuesday and a little Ooops

Look what I found in my purse as I was switching them out.
The hotel key for the adjoining rooms.
I can't believe I forgot to turn it in.... I can't believe the hotel didn't remind me, lol.
I did phone them and told them I will be mailing it back to them.
But seriously I think Hubby and I should go back there and personally deliver it to them, you know, to make sure they get it.
Plus there were a few stores I would love to check out again....like the scrapbooking store we missed on the way home ;)
 Onto my day:
Had a nice phone conversation with a wonderful lady who wants me to be on her design Team, Oh ya you heard that right :)  
I think I did maybe 5 things on my on-going TODO list.
Had to do a bit of book work.

Proud Tuesday:
I did my morning walk. It has been 5 days straight. Plus an extra one last night.
Put some of my scrapbooking stuff away.
Only had one glass of pop....so far today ;)
That I am a guest designer on Nicole's blog Canadian Nickel Scrap'n tomorrow :)
That someone likes what I do enough to want me to work with her new products.

What did you do today to make you feel proud.



  1. haha oops! Great job on walking! And steering clear of soda!

  2. I don't understand how you don't realize your own talent, woman! Of course people are interested in you!! You're amazing. I'm not kissing your butt, either. I'm being truthful.

  3. LOL! You go girl! I can't wait to see your creations on the other blog. Congratulations! :-)

  4. Congratulations!!!! You definitely deserve to have your work recognized like that!

  5. Congrats and it doesn't surprise me a bit! You are so talented.
    proud tuesday? I posted to my blog again. How you like that? Ha! twice in one week. LOL

  6. You are so nice, most people would keep that key ;) Congrats on the design team position!!!! Can't wait to hear who it's with!!

  7. Woohoo on the DT, will watch tomorrow's post and check in.
    Yes, you MUST return the key in person- don't want to leave it to chance and get lost on the mail. ;0)
    I am proud that I survived my 1st day with my new kindergarten students- even if it was only 1/2 the class. Tomorrow is all 22 at once!

  8. Well now, how suh-weet is that to be asked to be on a design team?!! Can't wait to see who it is...I know you'll be a great asset to whoever it is! AND, to be a Guest Designer on someone else's blog! You are smokin' right now! Well, you're smokin all the time with your projects, but it's becoming more noticed right now.

    Oh, and I think you really should go turn that key in personally. You just never know what could happen to it in someone else's hands. ;^)

  9. so cute!! love the cards.


  10. Hi Tracy!
    First of all Congrats on the Design Team~ You Rock girl and will be a great asset to whoever you will be designing for~ I had to laugh when I read this post.. last weekend me, mom and my sis went out of town and I did the same thing! I forgot to turn in the hotel key card.. it was in my back pocket and hubby discovered it when he was helping me with the laundry! I hope I dont get charged for it.. Congrats again!


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