Friday, January 29, 2016

January 2016 Tag

I am trying to get in more creative time this year.
And by helping me with this goal, I have decided to do Tim's 2016 Tags.

So here is my January 2016 Tag!!!
I have done these tags for 2 years, and every year for January, it is a New Year type of theme.
For this year I wanted to do something a bit different, so went for a Snowflake theme.
Up here where I live January is one of the coldest months with plenty of I thought it was fitting to do my tag to reflect I wanted to do some colour :)

Ok, lets get started.
First we need a tag ;)
Tim has some foil paper, where I don't, so I use my own way of adding foil to the tag.
I have done this many times and it works great!!
I use foil tape...the type that is used to tape duct work :)
Here is the first video I did on using this product "Foil tag".

The foil on this tag stuck where I didn't want it..see the bit of tag showing at the bottom...this stuff sure is Sticky.

Because I am doing a snowflake theme, I grabbed this cute snowflake embossing strip...cute right?!
I forgot to take a photo after I embossed looked pretty in just the silver :)

I wanted to add some colour to my tag, as in the past years of my January tags, were more a vintage look to them.
So I added alcohol ink to the foil.
Isn't this so so pretty :)
I ran a second embossing folder to the top of my tag as I loved the look of the icicles hanging from the top of the tag.

Tim is revisiting some old techniques.
For this tag he was playing with the chalkboard technique.
Honestly I didn't really like that one when I did it years ago.
Not sure if it was the technique I didn't like or how my tag turned out...but whichever it was, I changed it up ;)
I heat embossed my image with multi colours of embossing powder.
I later did add some chalk around the edges of the paper, just to say I did some chalking, lol.

Now for some embellishing.
I know I have some metal snowflake charms in my stash...but do you think I could find them?!?
I really need to get into that craft room and do some organizing in there.
So what I did was grab these white plastic snowflake buttons and altered them.
Again I used the alcohol inks to add some colour and cut the backs off of the buttons.

I used one of these sentiment word bands and added washi tape that I cut thinner to each end.
A video on how I cut my "washi tape to be thinner"
I also added a bit of white paint and then buffed it off to read the words a bit better.

Here is the completed tag.

I also did a full tutorial on how I put this tag together :)
If you would like to watch it on my YouTube channel...just click the link :) "Tracy's Treasures24"

I hope you all enjoyed my tag and how I put it together.

I hope you all have a very Creative Day :)

Tracy :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Card...I made a card!!!

Look I created a has been months since I have made a card.

Another of my LONG list of goals is to create more this year, and to enter some challenges.
This isn't necessarily for a challenge but a swap with a theme.
I was to make a feminine celebration card,
a male celebration card
and 2 cards of my choice.
This one here is my feminine greeting card.

I used a stamp from Stampin' Up and my water colour pencils.
I stamped the envelope as well.
I wanted to keep this card flat, as I wasn't sure where it was going to be mailed out to.
I did pop up the greeting though.

I hope you all have a very creative day :)

Tracy :)

Monday, January 25, 2016

Winter Crop Set Up

I had a great time at my crop that I had hosted Saturday :)
But then again, I always have a great time with these ladies :)

One of my friends is missing from the photo from that day, as she had to attend a work meeting...but that didn't stop her from coming before and and after her meeting though :)

I did a short little video sharing how I decorated for this one :)
To watch this or any of my other videos just click on this link "Tracy's Treasures24" and it will take you to my channel :)
It doesn't matter how long these get togethers are...they just go by way to fast.
But I guess that is what happens when you are having way to much fun :)

I was asked what a "crop" is.
It is where a group of people get together and create. Such as scrapbooking, making cards or even quilting.
We each do our own thing or project, but it is nice to see what others are working on and bounce ideas off of each other.
I enjoy hosting them and have the huge table to accommodate my friends.
Hope I have explained it a bit better for you Dianne :)

Hope you all have a very creative day :)

Tracy :)

Friday, January 22, 2016

Blogger prepping for her crop

I am hosting a 13 hour crop in my home.
It has been awhile since I have had one and I am so excited!!!!

Here are the invites I sent out :)
Turns out the ladies wanted to do a pot luck....yummmm :)

I had just finished decorating...with the help of my daughters.
The theme for this crop is snowflakes....we sure have enough of them here, lol.
I hope you all have a very creative day :)

Tracy :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Defunkifying my Life...Food Cupboards

Another defunkifying video...don't worry I will share with you some crafty stuff soon :)
I had worked on my food cupboards (I don't have a pantry) back in 2014 and because I had finally decided to start my Defunkifying my Life series again (but this time with videos as well) , I can now share them with you.

My cupboards are very deep.....deep and useless.
There is one shelf that runs the whole length of the cupboards as well as around the corner.
I sure can fit a lot of stuff in there.....but have fun finding it when I need it as it gets shoved to the back of Never Never Land, lol.
Not only was all of this in these cupboards, but the kitchen table was full, as well as the other side of the counter!!

I added these bins on the shelves so I could corral all of my "like" supplies and have easier access to what I need.
When I need bread, I just slid out the bread bin.
When I need sauces, I just slid out the bin with the sauces.
I had mentioned that I did this back in 2014 and you know is still working!!!!
I haven't really changed it up to much :)

Tips to Defunkifying my Food Cupboards

1. Remove-
Take everything out of the cupboard.
To make it less stressful (or if you have limited time), you can do one area at a time.
With food though, I would recommend taking all of the food out, so like food can be put together.

2. Clean-
Take a damp soapy cloth and wipe the insides of the shelves, the back and sides of the cupboards, I even wiped down the underside of the shelves.

3. Purge-
Go through all of the food and check the expiration dates.
Time goes by faster than you think. It may have seemed like you just purchased that jar of sauce, but in reality, it was a few years ago....ask me how I know this, teehee.
I recycle, so I dumped the contents of the expired food in the trash and recycled the box or the jar.

4. Sort-
Put like things together. It is easier to find something when you need it. Plus (hopefully) your family won't keep bugging you as they will be able to find it on their own ;)

5. Organize-
Put away and organize the remaining items.

Here is my video on how I Defunkifyied my Food cupboards.

I hope you are following along with me on Defunkifying your Life :)
If you are, I would love to hear what you are working on :)

Onto my Day:
We all know I am NOT a morning person. But I was today.
My sister had an early morning appointment...early as in 7:00 am, and her car was in the shop.
So I was up before 5:30 am to pick her up
Don't feel to bad for me as I picked up breakfast for the family on the way home and then Heather convinced me (it didn't really take a lot of convincing) to go back to bed for an early morning nap before she headed off to work :)

Tracy :)

Monday, January 18, 2016

Defunkifying my Life...Kitchen Tour

Continuing on with my Series of Defunkifying my Life, I thought I would share a tour of my kitchen, since this is the first room I am tackling.

I have a tiny, yet functional kitchen.
I had watched a show where most chefs had said they would rather work in a small kitchen as they didn't need to walk as far to get what they needed.
I keep telling myself that when I cook in there ;)

If you would like to watch this video on my YouTube channel...just click the link :)
"Tracy's Treasures24"

I hope you enjoyed a peek into my home :)

Tracy :)

Friday, January 15, 2016

New Series....Defunkifying my Life

Remember I had mentioned that I have been busy lately and I would share with you soon...

Well soon is now.
I have started a new series (or playlist) on my YouTube channel called Defunkifying my Life :)

If you are familier with my posts and videos on Defunkifying my Craft room then you know where I am going with this.
It is going to be organizing my whole home and sharing the process.
I have been toying with this idea for a couple of years now and finally decided to just go for it.

There are a few reasons why I have been debating with myself on sharing this.

1. I wasn't sure if I should start a new YouTube channel devoted just to my home.
I even asked my viewers and a high majority told me to keep it on the same channel....even though I had a cute name for it, lol.
2. When I share, I share whole heartily.
Which means you will see the good, the bad and the ugly. Yup, I will share it at its worst.
I know there would be some that will judge and I wasn't sure I wanted that negativity.
But then thought, I know that others may benefit, or feel like their homes aren't as bad as mine, and be encouraged to come along for the ride :)
3. Do I really want to open my home up to everyone!!!!
Like seriously sharing my crafts and sharing my messy closets are 2 different things, lol.

But in the end I thought, if I have been playing with this idea for 2 years and it is still tugging at me to share, I guess that is a sign to just do it.
Plus I can't put off cleaning out those closets any longer, lol.

So if you want to follow along and join me, or just snoop in my closets, I would love to have you do so....just no judging ;)

So without further is my first video on this :)
Tracy :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Tracy's Quick Tip....storing full sheets of Stamps

I love stamps....yes I do :)
I ordered online (shocker I know!!) some Unity stamps.
They came in these full sheets.

The only problem I could see with having the stamps come in these full sheets, is how to store them once I took them off.
So I thought, hey I can store these the same way I store my smaller cling stamps but on a bigger scale :)
I grabbed some thin acetate (as I have large sheets of them on hand ;) ) then clung the full sheet of stamps on the acetate.
Soooo no matter which stamp I take off, the rest of the stamps will be clung to the acetate :)

Here is a quick video I made showing exactly how I did this :)

I have been one busy lady lately....I will share with you soon what I have been doing :)

Hope you all have a very creative day :)

Tracy :)

Monday, January 11, 2016

Tracy's Qucik Tip...Labeling Heidi Swapp's Punches

In my past videos, I had shared my crafty tips during, or at the end of my process videos.
This year, I thought I would do a short video for each of my tips :)

First I like to label my Heidi Swapp large punches.

The bigger, the bolder, the better for these aging eyes, lol.
When purchasing these large punches, the packaging looks like the punches come with these big bold images on the pink circle.
But when you open up the package...its a big surprise, as the black images are on the packaging, not the stamps.
Of course the images of the punches are printed on the actual punches in gold...but I like the big, bold many times have I mentioned this, teehee.
So what I do, is I pull off the sticker from the packaging and then stick it (there is still adhesive on the sticker) on the pink circle.
Lastly I trim the clear part of the sticker that hangs over the pink circle.

Here is my video on how I do this :)
If you would rather watch my video on my YouTube channel "Tracy's Treasures24", just click on my YT name :)
Hope you all have a very Creative Day :)

Tracy :)

Friday, January 8, 2016

Art Journal Page….Happy New Year

Ohhh Look another art journal page.
2 this year, look at me go!!!!

If you remember from this Art Journal page, I had made 2 of these Prima girls.
I couldn't let her go to waste, so though I would use her on another art page.

This page was super fast.
First I coloured the page with black gesso….remember that huge tub I picked up from Blick's on one of our trips to the States?
I then used gold embossing powder and heat embossed these dangling streamers (actually a snowflake stamp).
I also heat embossed these wooden words in the same gold embossing powder.

I then used a gold pen to splatter some gold confetti over the page.
Lastly I added my girl to the page.
Look at all of those pretty sparkly layers to her dress :)

This page seemed just too easy, but I still like the outcome of it.

One thing I noticed with most of my art journal pages is that I stop when I could do so much more.
Its like, I like how it is turning out, and leave it at that.
Instead I should be pushing myself to go into more detail.
I will work on that this year.

I hope you all had a very creative day today :)

Tracy :)

Thursday, January 7, 2016

My planner for 2016

I am keeping a planner again this year.
I love my planner and I love planning …. or I love decorating it…either way, its fun :)
I use the Day Timer and its inserts.

Here is my 1st pages of the year.
Because it had the last week of December on these pages I adhered some pretty pattern paper to cover up the days (I am planning on writing my goals on here).
Because not much was done the 1st and 2nd of January, I just added some die cuts that I had extras of.

To decorate up the pattern paper I adde some of the Heidi Swapp washi word tape.

Here is my first full week decorated.
I am thinking I am going with the gold theme this month ;)

I cut some flags out of the same pattern paper that I had used on the first pages.
I then added a piece of the washi tape to the flag :)
It wasn't until I posted this photo that I noticed the pattern in the paper and the washi tape are the same pattern…pretty cool eh..and I didn't even plan that :)

I am loving the look of the gold  Heidi Swapp washi tape.
But am a bit disappointed as to the quality.
Some of the washi tapes are hard to peel off the roll as it sticks to the roll, it rips when I tried to pull off a section, and one tape I wasn't even able to use :(
I had the same problem with some of Tim Holtz washi tapes years ago.
Mind you, I have to say, I love most of their other products :)

I am just sitting here chuckling knowing that I will never be asked to review a product from a manufacturer, lol.

I am using other planners for other purposes and will share those in a future post.
I was actually thinking of using a different planner this year, instead of my Day Timer…but this is my 4th year using a Day Timer.
I just wish they would make this size pages in a vertical format…but you know what they say about wishing ;)

I hope you all have a very creative day :)

Tracy :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Art Journal Page..Have yourself a Merry little Christmas

I think I have taken a long enough break and am excited to get back into crafting and blogging :)
So to start the year off right, I will share with you my Christmas Art Journal page.
This was another challenge that Caroline and I put on for each other :)
The theme for the month was Christmas and collage.
Both Caroline and I were a bit behind on this challenge…oops.

The first thing I did was glue this pretty napkin to the page.
The napkin was a bit longer than the book, so I cut it down to fit the page…I fussy cut the border where I sliced the napkin.
See how there is a darker part across the page, that is where part of the napkin overlapped…..but I will deal with that later.
I also stamped and then heat embossed (with black embossing powder) my Prima girl image on some white card stock.

I wanted to use my Copic markers to colour her hair and skin.
BUT….the alcohol from the Copic marker smeared the black embossing..grrrrr.
I didn't want to ruin my Copic markers, so I used some gelatos instead.

Because this challenge was to do some collage…I cut strips of pattern paper and collaged them to form her dress….pretty, right?!

Now for some creative changes ;)

I had to come up with a way to disguise the seam of my napkin…so what better way then to make more ;)
By doing this it takes your eye away from the main seam and gives more interest and texture to the background…especially since my background is pretty simple.

The next thing I changed up was the girl.
I thought this fun sparkly dress went better with the crisp colours of the background.
Don't worry, I used the other girl on another page :)
See the way the foiled snowflakes sparkle… pretty.

Lastly comes my journaling.
I usually do my journaling on the computer and print it out…see how nice and neat this is, much neater than my handwriting.
Even though I love the crisp clean look of the pure white paper, I thought it was a bit too bright for this page.
So I inked up the paper with distress ink and then the edges to help it blend with the page. 

Isn't she festive :)

I hope you all have a very creative day :)

Tracy :)

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!!!

This year sure zoomed along now didn't it.
I have so many plans for this year!!
I am pretty pleased with my goals for 2015…even though I didn't do as many as I wanted, I did do a variety of them :)
How about you?
Are you happy with the goals you achieved for 2015?
Did you make any new goals for 2016?

Either way, I hope you all have a wonderful year :)

Tracy :)