Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stamp organization...still working on it.

I thought I would update you with my stamp organizing and storage.
Oh my what was I thinking, lol.
This is only the clear stamps.

I have taken over the whole living room table, and whole area around me.
I love that Wayne doesn't care when I bring all my crap upstairs to work on.
Actually he encourages me.
He likes to be together after work, and if this means a mess, he doesn't mind ;)
Yes that is a glass of Coca Cola :) I know its not the weekend but we had company over for Heather's Birthday.....and I couldn't let the bottle of Coke go to waste ;)

Onto My Day:
It is my week to take Kristy and her friends to school (I car pool with the other mom).
While I was out, I figured I would return the cake pan Kristy used for Heather's cake.
As I was coming home I had to drive by the oil change place...well the jeep has been beeping for an oil change for a couple of weeks now, so I thought it was time.
Actually the jeep stopped beeping, I guess it thought I was a lost cause, lol.

I had to pick Kristy up at lunch to take her for her college class.
Then picked up some more thin acetate for my stamp storage.
Will this ever end, lol.
I am sure I will love it when I am done....its just to get to that part ;)

I hope you all had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy 22nd Birthday HeatherBear

Today was my daughter Heather's 22nd Birthday.

If this card looks familiar you are correct.
I made this in the summer with Heather in mind.
I knew she would love this image (even though the girl is in a pinky colour...Heather hates pink). So we will say its more purple ;)
Funny as when I showed her this Gorjuss girl image she had seen them before and saved a few on her computer :)
Heather is also an avid reader.
Perfect for her :)

Here is my baby on her Birthday :)
Where the heck does the time go...I still think I'm about that age, until my body tells me otherwise, lol.
Heather is my middle daughter and I just love to be around her.
Even though most know my Heather as the "quiet" one. Her and I can talk for hours.
We have the same type of interests and I love to hear her view on things.
I just love this girl :)

Here are my 3 beautiful, sweet girls :)
Ashley, Heather and Kristy.
I don't know what Wayne and I did in our life to deserve these girls..but I am not going to question it, I'm just going to enjoy them :)

Kristy is the baker in our family.
So if it is your birthday Kristy bakes you a cake :)
Heather wanted a Yoshi cake. We couldn't find a Yoshi cake pan, so we picked out a kiddy dinasaur cake pan. Heather drew Yoshi on the cake, then Kristy kicked her out of the kitchen so Heather wouldn't see the cake until it was cake time ;)
Turned out perfectly :)

My stamp organizing and storage was put on the back burner today, but I will be at it again tomorrow :)

I hope you all enjoyed a creative Wednesday :)


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 2013 Tag

Here I am 3 days early with my February tag following Tim Holtz monthly tags, teehee.
Yes spoken like a true procrastinator ;)

I am really happy with how this one turned out.
Plus it was so nice to get in my scrap/craft room and create, instead of organize :)
So here is my tag all complete :)

I didn't have the distress stain the Tim Holtz used so I used my distress inks.
I inked up the whole tag with Barn Door, then ran in through the embossing folder, then I added my favourite red colour ink...Aged Mahogany. I used the last colour straight from the ink pad.

The technique this month was to use the distress markers.
I had picked mine up at the beginning of this month....sadly a few of them seem to be dried I will contact the company I bought them from to send me some working ones ;)
I stamped this image 3 times on watercolour paper.
The distress markers are a bit different in colour then the distress inks so I wanted to find the perfect red for my heart :)
Plus I wanted to layer this image.
Tip- when colouring with water colours, apply water on the paper before adding your colour, it seems to flow better.

My photos are out of order and I can't fix it soo I will follow the photos.
I embossed the black paper and then used the Picket Fence distress marker on it so pop out the embossing :)
I added a fragment charm after I inked and stamped on some paper and adhered it to the back of the charm.

Here is the photo I wanted :)
Here is the winged heart all done. I fussy cut out the image, then on a second image, I fussy cut the heart out. I popped them all up with foam dots.
I used a heart shaped grunge board shape to place it on.
For the grunge heart, I coloured it with my distress ink (yes Aged Mahogany) and attached it with my tiny attacher...1st time using it ;)

Believe it or not, I have thought about doing this.
Making your tissue tape into ribbon.
I love it..another use for tissue, or washi tape :)
I even added a bit of distress ink on it.
The charm was gold, but I used my alcohol ink to colour it.

Another look at the completed tag :)

Now if this wasn't enough creativeness for you, I have more ;)
Here is a video I did for my January tag :)
Oh thats not is a closer look at my February Tag :)

I hope you all have had a very Creative Tuesday :)
I have...but I am still working on my stamp storage....its going to be a long process.

Tracy :)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Re-visiting (again) Defunkifying Your Life Missions

Here we are yet again, re-visiting my Defunkifying Missions.
We are going to see what worked and what hasn't.
So lets check out our 1st Mission.

I will post links to the original missions.

1st Defunkifying Mission - Organize our paper work.
I think it is still working for us.
One thing I did do differently was add that large purple paper clip to our bills.
So hubby can just grab the paper clip to see which bills are due and not have to flip through every envelope.
Don't pay attention to the calendar, lol.

2nd Defunkifying Mission - organize your junk drawer..or at least one of them ;)
I think I can do a bit of work on this one.
Now that I don't have any book work in the house (as I am retired now :) I have more space..or I should say I "should" have more space.
I haven't gone through everything yet.

3rd Defunkifying Mission - organize your desk.
I really don't work at a desk, I work on the couch close to my hubby ;)
Now in all fairness, I am organizing my stamps. Take the stamps away and I think it looks pretty good, don't you ;)

 4th Defunkifying Mission - organize a closet.
I transformed my broom closet into a small pantry.
It needs to be bigger with my family of 5.  I may take over the linen closet for this as it is way bigger...but I am still thinking about this.
I think it is still in pretty good order...just to small.

5th Defunkifying Mission - tackle another closet...we all have a lot of closets ;)
This could use another re-do.
As you can see our movies are taking over once again, lol. We haven't put our movies in those binder cases I got Wayne for Christmas.
There are some things in behind the laundry basket, so the basket can't fit in its cubby yet again.

Here are the first missions we will look at this week. Check one mission out a day or do it all in one.
Check and see if your areas are working for you, and if they aren't, find a system that will ;)
We will re-visit the remaining missions next Monday.

I hope you all had a creative Monday :)
This is the 4th time I had to write this post as blogger wouldn't save or publish it for here is hoping it works this time.

Tracy :)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

What a Stamping Mess

Well after yesterday's success with my Distress Inks Storage.
I thought I would try my hand at organizing my stamps.
Isn't this a scary mess.
This is where I store my stamps.
I don't store my cutesy girl stamps here...imagine if I did, wow.

You don't think that this looks bad...Liars.
Here is a bit of a closer look.
This shelf holds my acrylic or clear stamps...well it did, but as you see some others have creeped into this space.
Some things were in front of one of the doors to this cabinet so I was just chucking them on top of the photo box instead of actually putting them in their proper place ;)

You still don't think this is I know your a LIAR.
This shelf was for some of my wood mount stamps.
That white tote is full of those $1.50 wood mount stamps.
I have a 3 tier spice rack behind this mess that my stamps were so nicely organized on.
I am embarrassed of myself.

So I brought up the majority of my clear stamps to at least put them in some kind of order.
Like flowers, sentiments, holiday....but I got overwhelmed and decided to chat with a friend about it instead ;)
I think I have a solution to my stamp organizing...but I am going to check on how much it will cost. I would rather spend my money on my supplies then my I am thrifty ;)

Walking Dead is on, so I am off to watch my Zombies :)

I hope you all had a creative day on this fine Sunday.
If you haven't seen my Distress Storage Unit I made, go and check it out...I'm pretty impressed with it..and it cost me under $4.00. Plus it holds 68 inks as well as a tool for each ink and each re-inker :)

So how do you store your stamps.
I would love to know. And if you have a post about it, put in with your comment so I can check it out :)

Tracy :)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Defunkifying My Life Mission 12...Distress Inks

So I am finally totally finished with my Distress Ink Storage Unit.
I am so happy, it works great and fits exactly where I wanted it:)

The only thing that wasn't perfect was that when I figured out what my measurements should be I wanted my inks to, tool, ink, tool. So I would have had 4 inks and 4 tools all in a row.
But then decided to put a support in the center and that really screwed up my plan, lol.
This isn't as wonky as it looks in the photo....not sure whats up with the photo :(

But then again it may have not been a bad idea, because now I can add the re-inker on either end of the distress tools :)
I didn't get a photo, but it is in the video...yup I got a video ;)
I added decorative tape to the raw edges to pretty it up a bit :)

I have always labeled and added the distress coloured hearts on the ink pads.
I, at one time, printed off the labels that Ranger supplies. But they didn't print up evenly on the sticky labels and it is easier to just get out my trusty label maker out and print off one label, instead of printing off the whole sheet for just one new ink pad.

 I made this storage unit to fit in this area in my scrap/craft room (I should call it my crap room with what it looks like).
This is what I call my stamping area, I wanted to keep my inks here. At least I got that right, lol.
I added a tiny piece of hook and loop tape on the back of this unit so it stays put.
But the velcro is so tiny that I can easily take the unit and move the whole thing to my desk if I want them all in front of me.

Remember I said I made a video...I didn't forget ;)

I hope you all have a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Still working on my distress ink storage

You may ask yourself.....what the heck is this, I thought you were working on your distress ink storage.
Believe me.....I have been working on it ALL day long.
I didn't even go on the computer today...shocking isn't it. lol.

Well here it is....okay, not quite, lol
This is the working of making my storage for my distress inks.
I am making it out of foam core, and I jazzed it up a bit by added decorative tape to the raw edges.

I have completed it :)
But I wasn't able to do a blog post before my ladies came for Friday Night Scrapbooking.
The only thing I did tonight, was to relabel my inks and tools.
So I will do an earlier post tomorrow with all the deets and the finished storage unit ;)

Happy dreams to you all and I hope you had a creative Friday :)

Tracy :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Working on Defunkifying my Distress Inks

Remember this make up holder thingy that I picked up for super cheap at Michael's yesterday?
Well I put all my inks in the pockets...isn't that just so pretty :)
I had more inks then pockets...but the other side has the same amount of pockets.
But I want to see all my inks...not have to turn this over to see the rest.
Plus my distress tools wouldn't fit and I want them to be with the inks.
Lisa had suggested I velcro the tools on the outside of each pocket....which I did think of as well...great minds think alike ;)
But by doing that it would take away from the fronts of the ink pads and didn't look as pretty.
Yes, I know....I'm picky ;)

This is how I store my distress inks and tools right now.
Yes that is a boot box from one of my Ashley's purchases.
A bit embarrassing isn't it, lol.
You want to know how much of a pain it is to not only find the ink I want, but then to scrounge around to find the distress tool that matches.

I am working on a project to hopefully hold all my inks and my distress tools, even a few future ones I see in the near future, lol.
I am going to work on it tomorrow and hopefully finish it :)

I hope you all have had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Defunkifying...I haven't forgot

I am sure most of you that have been following my defunkifying my life missions, have thought that I had quit.
I am slowly but surely still working on them. I did take a break during the holidays and then I was ill most of December all of January and the beginning of February. But I am got to go now :)
So I will resume my Defunkifying Missions next week.
We will start with revisiting the missions again, as I am sure we can all do a bit of tweaking on the ones we have completed already....well at least I can ;)

I have been slowly reorganizing my scrap/craft room.
Last week I picked up these wired paper racks from our closed Local Scrapbooking Store.
Every once in a while she will open her store to sell left over products. I found out she was selling her shelving. I picked up 3 racks...these are the 3 racks stacked :)
I love that I can see all the papers like this. My old way they were all stacked on top of each other. Mind you I still have about a 7 ft of paper stacked on top of each other...think I have enough paper.
Apparently not, as I bought another stack tonight, lol.

I have been looking at this hanger for a long time(I think it is for makeup). But there was no way I was going to pay $36.00 for it.
When I went out with my friend Debbie tonight, she pointed out that it was on sale for 80% off.
$6.99...yup its mine.
Now I wish I would have bought the other one as well.

I bought this with the intention of putting my tiny punches in it. That way I will have more room on my punch rack for my bigger punches.
Then I got excited to see if my Distress inks would fit.
Guess what they do!!!
But I want to keep my distress tools with the inks, as I make one for each colour I own. The distress inks and the tools both don't fit into the pouches.

So if you have any ideas I would love to hear them :)

I hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Blogger Tag Game

I was tagged by Julie from A Beautiful Day to do this tag.

The purpose is just to share some random facts about yourself and then tag other bloggers so that they can get in on the action :)
These are the questions we are given to answer and I enjoyed answering them....then again I am self absorbed and enjoy talking about myself, lol.

I make this tag awhile ago, I thought it was fitting....get it, a tag for this tag...I amuse myself, teehee.

Okay here we go.........

1. Where were you born? I was born in a small town in Manitoba called Selkirk. But I moved here when I was about 3 yrs old.

2. Were you named after someone? Nope, just a dead dog.
Let me explain.
I had asked my mom how she came up with my name.
My Mom:There was a dog down the street named Tracy, and I liked the name.
Me: So you named me after a dog.....Nice.
My Mom: Well I am sure it is dead now.
Me: Ohhhh that's even better, you named me after a dead dog.
No I'm not scarred from this, lol.

3. If you have children, how many do you have?
I have 3 gorgeous daughters. Ashley is 23, Heather will be 22 at the end of this month, and my baby Kristy is 17. These girls are so fun to be around. They have a great sense of humour, they make me laugh every day. Plus they are so caring and compassionate. If I am down they bring me up, if I am ill they have totally taken care of me.
Can you tell how much I love and adore these girls :)

4. How many pets do you have? We have 1 cat. But our cat Rose is actually Heather's cat. That is all she wanted for Christmas one year. So Ashley and I went to the Animal Shelter and adopted Rose. That was 16 yrs ago.

5. What was your worst injury? I think the worst was when I I was in grade 7 or 8 I was flipped by a boy in who I was teasing and dislocated my shoulder.
But the most scary time was when I was taking a jump on my bike and misjudged my landing and wiped out. when I came into the house to clean myself up, my dad looked at me and noticed I was bleeding in my mouth, then told me he thought i needed braces.....then I started to cry, lol.
BRACES, oh no. When he realized how upset I was he told me my teeth were a beautiful feature to my face.
I should have got them then, as I got them anyway when I was in my late 30's.

6. Do you have a special talent? I was going to ask my hubby but we will keep this PG, lol.
I don't think so...besides making lists...I am the bomb at making lists ;)

7. What's your favourite thing to bake? I think Impossible pie. You mix all the ingredients and pour them into a pie plate. As it bakes it separates into crust, custard and a crispy coconut topping..yummy. So easy, my style of baking. I do make a mean blueberry cheesecake as well :)

8. What is your favourite fast food? Honestly I don't think I have a favourite. Unless a crepe from the Crepe Stand counts...then that would be it....sadly we don't have one here.

9. Would you bungee jump? I could, but I wouldn't, lol. I like to keep my feet on the ground.

10. What is the first thing you notice about people? How they treat others.

11. When was the last time you cried? Yesterday when I watched Life with Pi. I really am a wimp with touching stories....don't even get me started on those Hallmark commercials.

12. Any current worries? I should be as I received a letter from my cardiologist to get some more tests done...but I'm not...yet.

13. Name three drinks you drink regularly. Water, but wishing it was a nice cold can of regular Coca-Cola ;)

14. What is your favourite book? This is the hardest question ever. I am an avid reader and love all types of books...except weak women books, lol.
I love Stephen King, Janet Evanovich and anything my girls read..they have really good taste in novels.
I have to read the book before I see the movie...if I hear the movie is coming out, I will find the book and read it first.

15. Would you like to be a pirate? No, I can't say that I would.

16. What are your favourite smells? Coming into a home to the smell of a home cooked meal and baking. That doesn't happen as I am a stay at home mom, so I cook for when everyone else comes home.
And fresh cut grass and rain.
Oh ya and that odd.

17. Why do you blog? I started blogging as a way to document my life and I just do it for the comments, lol, just kidding.
I like to share what I am making in hopes to inspire others. I hope I am doing that.

18. What song do you want played at your funeral? I am not having a funeral. I don't belong to a church, or a specific religion for that matter. So I'm not having a funeral.

19. What is your least favourite thing about yourself? Nothing, I'm perfect..again just kidding.
I would have to say that I am out of shape right now.
Plus I believe everyone is good and has good intentions. Even when they show me they're not...I still want to believe them. I still have to accept when someone shows me their true self to believe them.

20. What is your favourite hobby? I love to create, let it be with paper, wood, wool, fabric or paint, I just love to create and try new things. But right now it is paper crafts. Mini albums, scrapbooking, card making and colouring...I think about it all the time.

21. What do you look for in a friend? I honestly don't look for anything in particular in a friend. I have to say I have friends who are younger and older than me. They all have different personalities. Not even sure if some of them even like each other, but I love them and they love me that is what matters. I take my friendships to heart. I love to laugh and so do my friends, so how can I go wrong :)

22. Name something you have done that you never thought you would do? I am game for anything at least once......well maybe not the bungee jumping, teehee.

23. What are your favourite things to do? Oh there are so many things I love to do.
Road trips with my family, going on my creative getaways with my friends, or my Friday Night Scrapbooking nights :)

24. Any Pet Peeves? The list is long, lol.
Right now my kitchen cupboards they are driving me crazy.
And people who put others down.

25. What's the last thing that made you laugh? I laugh all the time. Most of the time I'm just laughing at myself...but I'm okay with that ;)
Probably something my girls or Wayne said.
Oh I know, It was a commercial with this big biker dude, who's motorcycle sounded like a weed whacker. I find something funny in almost everything.

Thank you Julie for tagging me, I had a blast answering these questions.

I am suppose to tag other bloggers. Julie tagged a lot of the ladies I was going to tag, So I will tag...
Gale..Stamps and Stitches
Karon...Karons Krafty Korner
Staci...This Black Butterfly
Leslee...Canadian in Montana
And if anyone else wants to play along, just say I tagged you...its really fun :)

Onto My Day:
Kristy wanted to take me out for lunch. So I picked her up from school and we went to Subway for lunch. Then I drove her back to school.
I made my mom's sweet and sour ribs for supper tonight...they were so good. I kept going back to eat another one as they were cooling off. And I love the sauce on the rice..yummy.
Can you tell I love these ;)

I hope you all have had a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Creative Project Planner Page for Feb. & some Snow

Try and say that 5 times real fast, lol.

I finally am posting (working) on February pages of my Creative Project Planner.
I started with stamping the Month at the top of the page.
Then just stamped my heart out :)
One of the reasons I really like this book I'm doing is because I am using so many of my stamps :)

Here is a closer look at my right page.
Actually before I stamped on the month, I inked the whole page. I love my inks :)
When I was quickly going through my stamps (which I really have to organize) I found a circle background stamp, so stamped that all over the page.

I plan on stamping a calender for each month.
This month we had Wayne's B.Day on the 2nd, Valentines day on the 14th and then Heather's B.Day on the 27 :)

You can see the background stamp better on this photo.

  Like I had mentioned on my January page, the ink seeps through to the backside of the paper. So I added some pattern paper to cover it up and this allows to to add to this page as well ;)
If you want to check out last months pages, Here They Are ;)

It snowed all evening and night, so this is what we woke up to this morning.
Our neighbours are away so Wayne plowed their driveway. Then we parked in their driveway so Wayne could plow ours.
We just need to find a spot to dump some snow. The banks are so high, it is hard to see oncoming traffic when pulling out of our driveway.
The neighbours across the street have a nice big yard ;)

Today was Family Day here, so everyone had the day off, all the stores were closed. So nice to have a long weekend :)
Ashley and Kristy went on a little photo shoot.
I got a peek at some of the photos...I love when they do that :)

Hope you all had a creative Monday Family Day :)

Tracy :)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wild Rice Soup and a Greasy Tip

Ever since I had that Wild rice soup when Wayne's and I were on our Anniversary getaway...I just can't get it out of my mind.
So today Wayne and I made Wildrice, bacon and chicken soup.
It was so so good, there is none left, lol
The only thing I found was it a bit salty, but when I took a taste of the was pretty salty in itself.

Wayne loves to alter recipes.
I had to convince him to leave the recipe as is...then if we liked it, we could alter it next time.
Good thing we left it as it was as he wanted to add double the it would have been really salty.
Here is the recipe we used....Wildrice Soup.

Are you on Pinterest...I bet you are, most people love it.
I learned this tip from there as well.
When you cook bacon (or any other type of meat with a lot of grease). Line a bowl with tinfoil and pour the grease into the foil.
Then when it solidifies wrap it up and throw the tinfoil and grease in the garbage. No mess :) Link
Just make sure there isn't a tiny hole in the foil...just learn from my experience, lol.
Can you believe that all this grease is from only 8 pieces of bacon. 

Another tip..when finding a tip or project from pinterest, please share the link. Most pins come from bloggers just like us and I like to give credit where credit is due.
Here is my Pinterest page if you want to follow me ;)  Tracy's Treasures

I hope you had a creative Walking Dead Sunday ;)

Tracy :)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Unusual Card and a Beautiful Smile :)

I have to share this with you all...but before I go into any details...this is NOT my card.
Last night was Friday Night Scrapbooking and my SIL brought a card that she had made during the week.
Can you guess what she used to make her card?
I won't keep you in suspense, teehee.
She used post it notes....yup, post it notes.
She picked them up at a dollar store. They are so pretty.
The pack came with the 3x3 size you see in the middle, and then 4 different designs in the small ones you see on either side.
All she did was stamp on the Birthday sentiment and glued them down. Pretty cool eh?
I told her these would be great for a card set, or for making cards to donate.
What do you think?

My girls are used to me snapping sneaky photos of them.
They never let me take their pictures.
So I have to sneak up on them ;)
Today Ashley was minding her own business and as I took the photo she looked up at me and gave me her little smirk, lol.
I think I need a silencer on my camera, because when I turn it on it makes a noise and they all know what that means.
I could be in a different room and they will still hear it, lol.

I hope you all have had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Kristy and I created a Valentines gift.

Kristy was looking to make her boyfriend a gift ticket.
So we put our minds together and this is what we came up with.
We took a regular envelope, inked the edges and then added pretty pattern paper on it. The Happy Valentines Day is ribbon backed with inked card stock.
Then she made a ticket for the inside.

I used the Tim Holtz ticket stamp. I have the die as well, but it was faster to just fussy cut it out....well Kristy fussy cut it out ;)

Have to make the back pretty as well;) 

Here is a real quick video with a bit more detail.

Got to Scrapping ladies are here for Friday Night Scrapbooking :)

Hope you all had a creative Friday :)

Tracy :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Treat Bags

Happy Valentines Day :)

I made Wayne and my girls some treat bags :)
I picked the plain white boxes up from Dollar Tree, when we were in the States.
I decorated them with some really old pattern papers.
Stamped the ticket with my only Valentines stamp I have...or at least close to my reach, teehee.
Tied a little bow...that kind of drooped...with crochet thread.

Stamped the ticket with my only Valentines stamp I have...or at least close to my reach, teehee.

The treats I added are Cadbury mini eggs and some cashews...sweet and salty, yum.
I didn't realize how anal I was until I realized I had to count out each egg so they all got the same amount.  After that I made sure I didn't count the cashews or make sure each bag got the same coloured eggs, lol.

Here is a really quick video I put together about this project.
Onto My Day:
Was a bit of a taxi service again today.
Then cleaned up my scrap/craft room a bit..but I have so much more to do in there.

Thankful Thursday:
That I am able to be there when my girls need me.
Reading my comments on my blog, YouTube and Facebook page and them putting a smile on my face :)

Tracy :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It was like ol' Times

Here is a card I made for my friend Debbie...just because :)
We have been friends for over 25 yrs.
She stood up for Wayne and I when we got married.
Plus we were in same kindergarten class...but we didn't know it until many years later.

When I saw this cute stamp on one of our trips, I just had to get it as, for some reason, I thought of her :)
This card turned out so different then I had planned.
But, as I normally do, I picked the papers after I had coloured the image, and I didn't want to cover up that sweet heart.

Here is a closer look at the image.
I seem to be a bit rusty with the Copics...I sooo need to get my markers out more.

And here is the inside of the card, and the stamp I used.

I also put a little video together of my last few cards :)

Onto My Day:
The reason for the title, was because I was a taxi for my daughters today.
It was my week to car pool Kristy and her friend as well as her friend's brother to school this morning.
Then I had to pick Kristy up at 12:15 and take her to the college. She is taking a course there and will receive a highschool and a college credit for it.
Then I had to pick her up at the end of it.
Ashley's (my) jeep was in the shop, so I had to pick her up from work to take her to pick it up when it was done.
Then lastly I met my friend Debbie for a bit of supper and some shopping. Debbie and I used to do this every Tuesday...but for whatever reason it got pushed to the back burner.

Kristy apologized when I told her I was a taxi today.
I told her there is no reason to reminds me of when you girls were younger and I spent more time in the jeep driving you guys around then I did at home. And to tell you the truth, I kind of miss that ;)

I hope you all have had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)