Sunday, August 28, 2016

Last day in Hinckley

On the last day of our Hinckley trip Sharon and I always plan on crafting that whole day.
We did craft, but first had to run into Pine City to do the last of our shopping.
I always go to Pine City that store and they love me.

But when we came back we set up shop at the upstairs lobby table
We actually took over, as me moved the lamp for better lighting :)
Here is our set up....not including the bags we have at our feet ;)

The card folds may look familiar as they are the same layouts we used for the fun fold cards from Crop & Create I shared on past blog posts.
I was planning on colouring some images and making cards with them...but when I saw that Sharon was going to make these, I just couldn't help myself :)

I brought one of my first 6x6 paper pads and had a chuckle as that is what we used for all of our cards.
It was a seasonal pack which had monthly papers in them.
I just thought this Popsicle paper was so cute.

Oh ya, Sharon's cards are all on the left and mine are the ones on the right :)
One thing about crafting away from home, is you never know what embellishments to take with you.
I have the perfect cupcake sticker for on top of this doily.

As you can see Sharon loves to make Christmas cards.
I think she has all of her Christmas cards made for the next 4 years, you think I'm kidding...I'm not.
So I decided to make a Christmas card as well.

We had card stock scraps and I hate to waste, so we made some 3x3 cards.

Lastly one of my favourite types of folds an easel card.
I am still using those Mary Engelbreit papers.
These ones are leftover papers and some fussy cut pieces from other cards I had made.

I hope you enjoyed virtually joining me on our girls trip :)

Tracy :)

Friday, August 26, 2016

The Last of the Shopping

Our plan for our last full day on our trip has been to create all day.
But because we were later shopping yesterday, we missed going to Pine City to check out their awesome scrapbooking store.
Now we couldn't be this close to a scrapbooking store and NOT check it out.
So we were there when they first opened.
Here are the goodies I picked up from Pine City Scrapbooking.
Sharon loves the card kits from there, so I decided to try my hand at one :)

We ran into a Walmart and I found some pretty paper and cute stickers :)
I know I can't seem to go into a store without finding something crafty ;)
I also picked up one of my favourite good as these are, the ones from Ignace are even better...Oh I think I picked up more than one package, but I share ;)

Lastly off to the Dollar Store where I found some cute baby stickers.
I think my grandbaby is sure going to have a lot of scrapbooks as I can't stop purchasing baby themed scrapbooking supplies :)

It was another hot day, so we stopped for a cool treat.
Can you guess who got which?

I love love love these strawberry shortcake ice-cream bars.
Considering I am not a huge ice-cream lover, I sure seem to be eating it a lot lately...and my waistline is proof of that, lol.

After we finished our shopping, we went back to the hotel and set up shop to make some cards...but I will share that in the next post :)
Hope you all have a very creative day.

Tracy :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Day 2.... shopping shopping shopping

Today was the day that we have been waiting for all year!
Our shopping trip to Crafts Direct!!!
There is just so much in this store and so much fun to look at everything in it.
I found some goodies...and look...a new trimmer!!
It was a really good price :)

I know, I know, I don't need anymore papers, but these are so pretty.
The black and gold papers really caught my eye...not my usually picks, but am excited to create with them...and hey, we are suppose to step out of our comfort zone when creating right ;)

We also checked out Crafts Direct Warehouse.
The papers were all 4 for .25c  Pretty good deal in my book.
My friend Myra was here last week and they were .10c even better deal.

Here are some more goodies from the warehouse.
Yes, I went a little bit baby crazy on the papers and embellishments, but its just so fun.
I really like the dies I picked up :)

We went to a Michael's and the teller let me use a seperate coupon on my paper packs..bonus :)
I have been wanting these bloosom stickers for years, but didn't want to pay the money for them, as they were crazy pricey....but I got them today as they were a really good price :)
I know I need more paper like I need more washi...or should I say, I need more washi like I need more paper....but both are just to darn pretty :)

Found another Hobby Lobby after driving around the whole city.
Seriously the people in this city do not know how to give directions.
My GPS wasn't finding the store (I think it may have been a new store) and after a few of the ladies telling us to turn right for the next 3 streets and us ending up at a dead end, we took matters into our own hands and just drove around until we found it.

Last shopping stop was at JoAnns.
Everything in the store was either 40 or 50% off!!!
Or even cheaper.

Here is Sharon and I excited to go into Crafts Direct :)
It was hot and windy today...can you tell, lol.

On the way I spotting the Oscar Mayer wiener van and did a bit of a detour to get a couple of pictures of it.
Not everyday you see this :)

We didn't get to go to Pine City Scrapbookers as we spent to much time looking for stores, lol.
But guess what we are doing tomorrow :)
Pine City and crafting all day:)

Hope you all have a very creative day :)

Tracy :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I love an Adventure

I am off on another adventure.
I love summer :)

Every year my SIL/friend Sharon and I go away for a little getaway.
Look how light I packed.
The black rolling tote is my crafty supplies (as we plan one day to craft away), the bag with the pink on it is my clothes (and maybe I snuck some extra crafty supplies in there as well) and lastly, the bag with blue on it is my lap top and some journals...I always need to make lists.
I think I packed pretty light for 4 days away.

1st stop on our way to our destination was to Michaels.
So with coupons in hand we scoured the store for some good deals.
Everything was on sale except the glue, which I used my coupon on :)
I was looking for a new trimmer as most of my measurements have rubbed off.
Sadly the price was the same as at home, so I would be paying way more here when adding the exchange rate and even if I used my coupon.
I'm thinking I'll wait until I get home to pick that up.

Michael's had their "Hot Buys" going on.
I need paper like I need more washi tape...but seriously for the price (even with the exchange) it was well worth it.

Next Stop...Hobby Lobby.
I have been looking for the Warm Grey in the Spectrum Noir markers.
I have tried checking them out on line, but they are always out of stock.
I have seen in the past that Hobby Lobby carries these markers, but not the Warm Grey's.
But no worries...I found a few other items to make me smile ;)

The off to Target to pick up some Coca-Cola and some munchies, as I need to keep nourished while shopping ;)
Oh look, some washi tape, teehee.
I also may have picked up some cute things for my soon to be grand baby :)

Last store before going to to Red Lobster for supper was Barnes and Noble.....who says you can have to many pretty journals :)

The back on the road for our drive to Hinckley.
More crafty goodies to share soon.
I hope you all have a very creative Day.

Tracy :)

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Smile & Hello cards

I have been away from the Internet just enjoying the last of our summer....squeezing out every last drop of it. 

I had a wonderful time away at Mink Mountain Resort with my friend Debbie. 
We always have such a great time together. 

Here are a couple of cards I made with some leftover scraps from a scrapbooking kit I purchased from a Crop & Create event I attended.  
I made a lot of cards and completed 12 layouts!!!!
Mind you the layouts don't have pictures in them yet ;)
The papers are leftovers. 
The camera is a stamp I picked up from Michaels a few months ago. 
This card is all from scraps. 
I think that little girl card is so cute, don't you? 
And lastly the inside of my know I like the insides to look pretty as well. 
Here is a better picture of that little girl. 
We headed to the cottage the day after my girl's getaway and Ashley texted me to tell me that her and her husband Tyler were coming up as well!!!
Only sad thing is it rained all day today. 
They did go in the water with their dog, Oscar.  I took Oscar for an early morning walk before the rain started. 
Because it poured mist of the day... I brought up my "girl" stamps and organized and catalogued them.
Oh yes and our road is back hiding under the BBQ cover. 
But Ashley helped me move him. 
That is it for me for tonight. 
Tomorrow I have to pack for my next adventure ;)
But more on that in another post. 

I hope you all have a very create day. 

Tracy :) 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Card kit fun!

Just checking in and sharing some cards I made on my girls getaway. 
My friend Debbie got me a card kit from Close to my Heart a few years ago. 
My one goal on our creative getaway was to complete some of my kits. 
It was double fun putting this kit together as Debbie brought her same kit. So we worked on them together :). 
We have been going for walks, soaking in the hot tub and I completed 7 layouts!!! 
That is a lot for me!

I hope you all have a very creative day. 

Tracy :) 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Crops and Critters

I am so excited I can't contain myself.
It is time for my Girl's Getaway with my friend Debbie.
Every year we rent a really nice cabin with a hot tub.
We relax, chat, create, chat, walk the trails, chat and soak in the hot tub...and you guessed :)
Here is what I am taking...this is only my crafty stuff.
How do you like my 3 legs in the mirror, lol.

We were at the cottage this weekend and I enjoyed some of the critters there.
This toad loves it here.
I found him inside this old birdhouse one weekend,
Then last weekend, Wayne found him in the BBQ cover, so I got his birdhouse and got him to crawl back in there.
This weekend he was on the side of the BBQ under the cover.

I again, got his birdhouse and got him to crawl on top of it.
Then I put it under the deck as that is where he was the first time I had seen him.

I then had fun watching the many chipmunks we have in our yard.
A baby chipmunk actually ran up the back of my shirt and back down, while I was sitting on the steps.
And this sneaky little guy kept climbing up the shepherds hook to get to the bird's seeds.
That was until I sprayed some cooking spray on it and he couldn't get up there anymore, teehee.
Then he would sit on my foot or run up my leg looking up at me like "where are my seeds?"
I had such fun that I think all of the neighbours heard me laughing :)

Not sure how the signal is going to be up at Mink Mountain, so not sure how much I will be on the internet :)
But what I do know is, I am going to have a blast!!

Hope you all have a very creative day :)

Tracy :)

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Working in the Rain.

What to do on a much needed rain day? 
Head out to my work shed and make another project :) 
I have finished this project but still need to stain it. 
So until then, enjoy the rain :). 

Hope you all have a very creative day. 

Tracy :)  

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A walk with my girls.

I spent the evening with these 2 beautiful ladies.  
Their purpose was to hunt for Pokemon.
Mine was to spend time with them and go for a walk. 
I did do a couple of loops by myself as they found a place where 3 lures were set...whatever that means. Lol

But we all enjoyed the view as we walked and chatted. 
It was a hot one today, and Lake Superior looked so inviting. 
I hope you all enjoyed your day. 

Tracy :). 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Simple Mini Cards

The other weekend when we were at the cottage, I needed 2 cards....2 quick cards.

I usually like to make square cards.
5.5 x 11 scored at 5.5
With this size I am left with a 11x 3 strip of card stock.
I like to make mini cards with theses pieces.

Being at camp I have limited supplies (well, limited for me that is ;)  )
I always keep a bit of card stock up there, some small pattern papers, a mini trimmer, my Spectrum Noir markers and stamped images to be coloured.
I just happen to have brought some washi tape with me as well (I don't leave home without it...well, some of it, teehee)

One of our neighbours at the cottage has just got into making cards.
So loved my mini card so much that she made a "Thank You" card for me in the same size.
She was a bit worried that I would be upset that she used my mini card idea.
I just chuckled at her and told her I love to share what I know...I have a blog and YouTube channel where I do just that ;)
She takes photos of flowers around our area and that is what she puts on the fronts of her cards.
Isn't it so pretty :)

I cut all of my scraps into managable sizes 6X6 and a tad smaller and gave them all to her.
It was a win, win :)
I got to give away most of my scraps, so now I don't have to feel guilty cutting into my new paper with all those scraps needing to be used up.
She got pattern papers (as she didn't have any).
Plus she brought me some raspberry jam she just made...yum.

I hope you all have a very Creative Day :)

Tracy :)

Saturday, August 6, 2016

BBQ Potting Table

To complete my week of sharing my planters and how I have been using discarded items to decorate with. I thought I would share with you one of my favourite projects.

I had planned on making a potting table 10+ years ago...I never did.
Then I planned on making a Potting table out of our old BBQ a couple of years ago...I never did.
So finally this year, I did!!!!

It didn't start out looking very good.
When we bought our nice new BBQ, Wayne didn't blink an eye when I told him I had a plan for it...I think he is getting used to my hair brain ideas ;)
But before I really started working on this, I wanted to make sure it would actually work for what I wanted to do with it, that is why the pots are on there.
And you know what....It Worked...I was so so excited!!!
Remember, it doesn't take much to get my excited, lol.

First thing I had to do was gut it.
I took out the racks, the burner, the tubes, the knobs...everything!!!!
I was left with a shell of a BBQ.
Still looking pretty nasty isn't it.
Oh yes, I also took off the front panel.
I got Wayne to help me with the spray painting.
He painted the outside a nice deep red..looks better already :)
After I scrubbed the inside he gave the inside a coat of black paint.
Now to find a way to cover those holes on the bottom.
Kind of defeats the purpose of a potting table if the soil just falls through those holes ;)

I picked up a kitty litter tray from the dollar store and am happy to say that it fits pretty nicely.

Now to add the soil in the tray and we are one step closer to planting some flowers :)
The grids also fit in place above the soil, so any overflow, just drops back into the soil tray :)

Now doesn't that look pretty.
I love that I can also wheel it around the yard if I wish :)

With the grids in place, I put my tools and garden gloves on them and they stay dry and are protected from the weather when the lid is down.

Did I tell you how much I LOVE this!!!
My knees have been giving me trouble for over 20 yrs and this sure saves me from working on the ground to plant my flowers in my planters.
I can't tell you how happy I was that this worked out.....sooooo happy :)
See its the little things.

I also did a video with how I put this all together...if you would rather watch it on my YouTube channel, just click on the link "Tracy's Treasures24"

I hope you all had a very creative day.

Tracy :)