Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July's Tim Holtz Tag.

Looky, looky what I finally did.
I finally got around to making the Tim Holtz July tag, just in the nick of time.
This may look simple...which it really is, lol.
I didn't follow Tim's tag at all besides that Tim made a Patriotic tag, so I wanted to make one for my country :)
I used a white tag and  taped off the center. Then I used distress ink for the red and spritzed it with water.

I had received a birch bark maple leaf from a swap, and thought it was perfect for this tag.
I inked it with alcohol ink and adhered it to the tag.
I stamped the word "Home" as I am proud to call Canada my home.

I will try and get my August tag complete before the end of the month ;)
I also made my June's tag, which I will share tomorrow :)

I hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dinner and a Movie

Tonight my friends and I celebrated my birthday :)
We started a new tradition that whom ever birthday it is they get to decide which restaurant we eat at and which movie we get to see.
So I chose Montana's for dinner.
I wanted to see World War Z, but it isn't playing anymore :(
My next choice was The Conjuring. But with my chicken friends, I would be watching that one alone. They told me that they will be sitting in the consesion eating their popcorn waiting for me, lol.

So I picked RIPD, it was more to their liking, lol.
It was an okay movie, if not to just gaze at Ryan Reynolds.
I didn't know it was only a PG movie. I should have picked Grown Ups 2 or Red 2.
I also didn't know it was in 3D, hence the glasses in the photo above.
I don't really care for 3D movies,

But no matter what movie, we all had a great time.

Onto My Day:
Ashley wanted to take some measurements in her "soon to be" new house.
The tenants are moved out so Ashley met Heather, Kristy and I there.
Heather and Kristy hasn't seen it yet, so they were excited.
Funny how Ashley and I thought that the bedrooms were bigger the first time we had seen them.
She is so excited...actually we all are.
After checking out her house we all went to the mall and had a bit of lunch.
When I came home I realized it was almost month end, and I haven't even started Tim Holtz July tag. Not only that, I didn't even do Junes tag. So I started Junes, and hopefully tomorrow I will get them both done.

I am writing this post on my new Mac laptop.
I have to tell you it is a little frustrating. Everything is backwards on here. I am even having a bit of trouble typing. If I take my hands off the keys, I have to look at the keys to position them correctly before I start typing again. Don't even get me going on the delete button, lol.
I know I will get used to it, but I know it will take me awhile.

I hope you had a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Working on a Tracy's Tag and email confussion

I have been working on a project today, between getting my new laptop up and running.
For the record I am still using my Sony laptop, not my MacBook Pro...more about that in a bit.

Onto the project I am working on.
I am making one of my Tracy's Tags (as one of my YouTube subscribers named it ;) ).
I wanted to use one of my new Prima Doll stamps.

These stamps are pretty big. This one is about 7 3/4" high.
I won this stamp on a YouTube channel and want to show my appreciation by making her a little something. 

Not much colouring on this one.
I coloured her skin, hair, crown and bow. the rest of the image I have paper pieced.
I did add shading to her dress with my copics though.
Hopefully I will be completed the tag to share with you tomorrow :)

Now onto why I haven't used my new laptop yet.
For one thing I couldn't remember my password for my e-mail.
So I couldn't get my messages on my new laptop.
I phoned my internet provider to get a new password. He walked me through changing it and all went well.

Then I asked him about my e-mail. I wanted to know if there was a way that when I replied to an email and then deleted it, say on my iPhone, if it can somehow automatically be deleted from my iPad and iMac.
He had told me no. I would have to delete them all manually from each device.
Oh okay, a pain, but whatever.
As soon as I got off the phone with him I deleted all my emails from my phone. I think I had over 300 of them.
Then thought I will reply on my iPad. I checked my iPad.....and yup all my emails were gone.
I guess he was wrong eh?

I am happy that they are all tied together now, if I reply and delete a comment on my phone at camp, I won't be wondering if I have replied when I go on my iPad or laptop as it won't be there :)
So I spent the rest of the day and evening checking, replying and deleting my email on my Sony laptop. All 300+ of them.
When I get a message for my blog, I like to check out that persons blog, and comment. If they don't have a new post up, then I like reply to their comment.
When I get a message for my YouTube channel, I reply to each message and check out if they have a new video and watch it.
So let me tell you, it has taken me a bit of time today to do that, lol.

I hope you had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

DT Day.....Miss Lilly Pretty Lady

Guess what day it is?
It is my Design Team day for Little Blue Button Stamps :)
I made another paper bag card.
I really had fun making the masculine one for my Father in Law, but I wanted to make a girly one.
I think this is girly..don't you ;)

The image I used for this card is Miss Lilly Pretty Lady.
I think she is so sweet and I love her little heart on her purse :)

Look what I remembered to do....share the Copic colours I used for this cute image :)
When I take a photo of the colours I used, I always add the image so I know which card these colours go with...or I would be surely be posting the wrong ones, lol.

I used a pretty sparkly flower and added  two stick pins and dangled a heart charm (to match her purse) from the flower :)

The inside of the paper bag card.
No gift card in this one, but I put in a sentiment on the pull out tab.
I have a message to go on the right panel, but I have already wrote the message, so I didn't attach it.
I am going to add some goodies to the pocket part :)

Lets take another look at this adorable Miss Lilly :)
I am sending this card out to a special person who has touched my heart.
I am just in awe how so many people can be so kind and caring and I have never met them in person.
That is a great thing about the internet and these social media places, so many people that you can connect to that you couldn't before because of distance and never being able to meet.

I hope you all have had a creative Sunday :)

Tracy :)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cozy Cottage Rainy Day

It rained most of the day.
So what is a crafty girl suppose to do when she is stuck inside all day?
Well that is an easy answer.... Stay in my jamma pants and t-shirt, stay in bed and craft all day ;)
Yup I grabbed a pop, some chips and surrounded myself with supplies. 
The first thing I did, in between chapters of my latest novel I'm reading, is to make an inventory of my date stamps.
I keep my date stamps in this Stampin' Up clear container. 
See no more room so I can't buy any more ;)
I haven't used them much as it is hard to read the small print on the stamps. 

So I stamped them out. 
If you know me then you know I am a perfectionist. Or I am just anal, whatever, lol.
But anyway, they weren't stamping out perfectly, so after the 4th paper I threw out I came up with a solution. 
I stamped them out and the ones that didn't turn out to my liking, I stamped on a different piece of paper, cut it out, then adhered it to its spot :)
Another thing I did was match the ink colours to the handle colours of each date stamp. This way I will know which saying goes with which stamp by just looking at the colour. 
I couldn't use both sides of the paper as the ink bled through, so adhered the second piece to the back of the first piece then used some washi tape at the top and bottom.

I started another project but didn't get very far, as the book I'm reading begged me to read another chapter ;)

I hope you all had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)

Camp treat

Enjoying a little treat on the way to camp. This spoon is so tiny, got ice cream on my fingers to get to the bottom of the container. But I succeeded in getting it all 😉
Unfortunately the weather is suppose to be rainy all weekend. 
When we got in the cottage it was pretty chilly. So we had to turn up the heat.
It's almost the end of July and we had to turn on the heat. How sad is that?!
Kristy and her boyfriend Blake came up with us this weekend. They are celebrating 3 yrs dating. 
How sweet they wanted to spend it with us ;).  I'm not delusional, I know they really didn't want to spend it with us, but they get to spend more time together here.

Well that is it from me, just trying to keep warm. 
I hope you all had a creative Friday. 

Tracy :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Washi in the House ;)

If you know me then you know I have a bit of an addiction to washi tape.
When it first came out, I thought whats the big deal.
I thought why not just cut a thin piece of pattern paper and adhere it to your page.
Then I tried my hand at making my own, and thought I would make it if I wanted it and why would anyone buy it?
Then I found some for a great price and thought, what the heck, I'll try it.
And I was hooked.....hook, line and sinker ;)

Now to my defense I do use it almost everyday.
I use it in my day planner, my cards, my journals and just for fun :)
Here are the tapes I purchased while I was on my trip last week :)

I had to go out today and heard a while ago that Toys R Us carried washi tape. We have just recently got a Toys R Us here in town. I have no reason to go into this store as my girls are way past the age of toys...but apparently, I'm not, lol.
I found these near the posters.
I usually know all the supplies I have...but I see a green washi with lady bugs in the photo above, oops ;)

Tonight being Thursday, Wayne and I get our groceries for camp for the weekend.
We always get them from Superstore.
I had heard from other crafter's that they had picked washi tape up from there.
After asking, and trying to explain what washi tape is to the sales girl (decorative tape with patterns on it, it is small rolls, no... not like duct tape, it is re positionable, crafters use it) I was then directed in the direction on where it might be. I think next time I will bring a roll with me ;)
I found these rolls at Superstore in with the barbie stickers and crayons :)

I store my Washi tape in inexpensive floss containers.
I now have 4 containers, but need a 5th :O
I need the portability and like that I can separate it in colours.
One thing I am finding out, is not all washi is the same size and some don't fit in there as well.
I may be looking for a better storage solution.

I will try and refrain from posting anymore washi tape posts..but I can't make any promises, lol.

I hope you all had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me :)

Happy Birthday to Me ;)
Yup, today is my 46th Birthday :)
Why, at my age do I still get zits...seriously.
It was like "happy birthday ol'lady...oh ya and to make you feel younger, her are a couple of zits for ya". LOL

Well enough about my complaining, its my birthday...have I mentioned today was my birthday, lol.
I had to wait for my gifts until everyone was home from work.
And lookie what they got me
Wayne got me a Mac Book Pro.....I know what you're thinking....wasted technology on her, lol.
My girls got me a new mouse as my right click button decided to give me trouble the other day.
And a Smash Book. I am planning on using it as an everyday book for my family life and news around the world.

Look even google wished me a Happy Birthday :)
Kristy put this on my desk top :)
Funny as when I saw this, I thought..what is Google celebrating, lol
Then when I saw it on my desktop I thought google somehow hacked into my computer, lol.

Don't you think my girls wrapped my gifts beautifully.
They used Christmas wrap for a bit of colour.
I was happy to see that they recycled the newspaper.
The thing is we don't get the newpaper...Ashley brought if from work, lol
Oh ya and the kicker...they used the obituary announcements to love their sense of humour, lol.

After the gift opening we went out for supper.
At first I wanted to go to Swiss Chalet, I haven't been their for years. But then decided I wanted ribs at Montana's.  I got the rib and shrimp plate. I think it was the first time I didn't bring home any left overs. Perfect portion size :)
Then we came back home and enoyed blue berry cheesecake, Heather made for me, with some friends and family.
It was a great day and a great evening with some special people :)

I hope you all enjoyed a creative day :)
Now to learn the new laptop :0

Tracy :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Paper bag card and Birthday Celebration #2

Today we celebrated my FIL's 82nd birthday :)
So for his card I wanted to try my hand at a paper bag card.
I have to tel you I will be making more of these fun cards.

What I like about this card is the bottom flap of the bag makes this neat pocket that fit his gift card in perfectly.
And what a perfect gift card to get him...but a Canadian Tire gift card ;)

Not only do you have a pocket for the gift card, but there is a pocket on the right for a tag.
That pocket is actually the top of the paper bag.

Here is a quick tutorial on how I made this easy card.
First thing I did was cut a smidgen...that's an actual word. I know it is because spell check didn't underline it with a squiggly line ;)
Now you don't have to cut the bit of the top off, I just wanted mine to be straight.

Then on the bottom flap of the bag, I added some two way tape to glue the top and bottom to make the pocket where the gift card is stored.
Then you fold the bag in half and decorate how you wish.
I recommend really burnishing the folds so it lays flat.

Here is a video I had made that shows a bit more on how I put this together and how the actual card works ;)  Short video a bit over 3 minutes :)

My FIL has a sweet sense of humour. For the picture of him with his cake, I turned the cake around so we could see the numbers without them being backwards. When I got to the other end of the table, he switched the cakes.
I think he liked this number better, teehee.
Yes, he is pointing at me laughing. He loves to tease me ;)

Here is my great nephew and I so excited to see those cakes, teehee.

I hope you all had a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy 24th Birthday to my Ashley :)

Today is my daughter Ashley's 24th Birthday :)
I love this girl so much and am so proud of who she has grown up to be.
She is funny, sarcastic, sweet, loving and as much as she loves to tease me, she is there when ever I need her and even when I didn't think I did.

As with every birthday, Kristy loves to make the cakes.
So she made this one for Ashley. They are so so cute !!
The scoops of ice-cream are cupcakes that Kristy baked, iced, then decorated them with chocolate chips, sprinkles and (Ashley's favourite) kit kat chocolate bars that she shaved down.

Another tradition we have is who ever birthday it is, they get to choose the restaurant. We take the whole family and their boyfriend for supper.
Ashley loves sushi, so we went to Wasabi. 

If you follow my blog, then you have probably seen this card before.
I made it awhile ago, to give to Ashley.
This image is from Little Blue Button Stamps and is perfect for my Ashley, photography and fashion ;)

That is about it for me today.
Tomorrow is birthday number 2, my FIL's :)

I hope you all had a creative Monday :)

Tracy :)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day Planner pages and a start at card

I thought I would try my hand at a paper bag card :)
I'm just winging it, lol.
Yup, that's how I create ;)

I haven't finished the paper bag card, so I thought I would share my planner pages :)
Here are my pages from this last week.

Here are this coming weeks pages.
Because we have a few birthdays this week, I wanted to decorate them up with a party-like theme.
Well, do you think I nailed it ;)
Tomorrow is my oldest daughter Ashley's birthday, then my father-in-laws...then yours truly ;)

Onto My Day:
When we got home from the cottage, Heather, Kristy, Wayne and I went shopping for Ashley's birthday gifts. I can't tell you what we got her, as she may check out my blog, just for that reason.
Then we stopped at Canadian Tire's hot dog vendor for a hot dog :)
After that we had a bit of cones at DQ ;)

I hope you all had a creative Sunday :)

Tracy :)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Chilly day at camp

My flowers are blooming nicely.
I like to add some flowers around the yard, sometimes in odd places, just for a pop of colour and its like a happy surprise.  Like in this very rusty fuel/oil can.

Even though whatever the weather, I love being out at the cottage. But seriously it could have been a but warmer today. The high was 14C/58F. 
Even the fish were close to shore to warm up, lol.
But the crazies went swimming. 
I was not one of them, lol.
I was on the dock until I got to cold to watch them anymore and went up to the cottage. 
But I did my nightly walk. 
Kristy and I planned on doing a few crafty projects this weekend.....only to find out she forgot her papers at home :(
The papers I brought up were to small for her album she's working on.
We both coloured tonight though.

I hope you all had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Today I finally got my hair cut and coloured.
I don't think I have had a hair cut in about 2 years (besides me hacking away at it).
Yes I know I am not very photogenic so forget about a selfie. I guess I should have made a duck face and gave a gang sign, lol.

A few months ago Ashley asked when I was going to get my hair done. I asked why, don't you like my grey?
Her reply.. It's pretty mom, it looks like tinsel. I just love my girls ;)
Glamorous aren't I ;)
I got about 10" off my length, it feels so weird not having it get tugged at when I turn my head while driving.
Not only did I get my hair coloured my hair dresser gave me peekaboo highlights. They are highlights under my top layer of hair so when it grows out it isn't noticeable.  I guess she realizes I don't get my hair done very often... Like every 2 years, lol.

So that was as creative as I was today. Mind you Kristy and I brought a lot of creative projects to work on this weekend here at the cottage.

I hope you all had a creative Friday :)

Tracy :)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Friends Jar and reviewing the envelope maker

I bet you're thinking..its about time she posted something creative ;)
Don't worry I have a couple more shopping goodies to share with you ;)

For today I made a 3"x3" card.
When I make my cards they are usually 5.5"x5.5". I then have a 3"x11" piece of card stock left over.
What better way to use that piece of card stock then making a card with it.

I used some pattern paper for the background and then cut the canning jar out of a different paper line.
The "friends" sentiment is from a card kit I bought years ago.

I used this stamp by Ali Edwards for the inside of the card.
I bought her stamp set just for this one sentiment :)

Now the main reason why I made this card was because I wanted to make an envelope for it with my envelope maker.
I have to say I am impressed.
I didn't even need to read the instructions, lol.

Here is the finished envelope.
I used some old (ancient) pattern paper for the envelope.
Because I used a busy and dark pattern I have to put an address label on the front in able to read the address.

Here is the main reason why I am impressed with this tool.
I made a 3x3 card and it fit nicely inside the envelope.
It even has a bit of room so the card isn't jammed in there.

That is about as creative as I have been today.
I had to run out early this morning.
It has rained all day today, with some thunder. Actually it has poured and still is.
So what better thing to do then curl up in bed and have a nap ;)

I hope you all had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)