Saturday, July 20, 2013

Chilly day at camp

My flowers are blooming nicely.
I like to add some flowers around the yard, sometimes in odd places, just for a pop of colour and its like a happy surprise.  Like in this very rusty fuel/oil can.

Even though whatever the weather, I love being out at the cottage. But seriously it could have been a but warmer today. The high was 14C/58F. 
Even the fish were close to shore to warm up, lol.
But the crazies went swimming. 
I was not one of them, lol.
I was on the dock until I got to cold to watch them anymore and went up to the cottage. 
But I did my nightly walk. 
Kristy and I planned on doing a few crafty projects this weekend.....only to find out she forgot her papers at home :(
The papers I brought up were to small for her album she's working on.
We both coloured tonight though.

I hope you all had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. You could send some of that cooler weather my way! Very hot here, making everything so dry and a big fire hazard. Sorry kristy forgot her papers. Good thing you had coloring you could do!

  2. ièll send you some of our 34 degree weather...the dancers at the Pow Wow today might have enjoyed a bit cooler temperatures! I felt so badly that it was so hot and their outfits were so hot and heavy!

  3. The wheelbarrow with flower is so pretty! 58 and swimming? Brrr, but then we are very spoiled here when it comes to water temps. Hope it warms up some for you.

  4. I am so terrible at gardening, even though I love flowers and shrubs - I am envious of your green (and pop-of-colour) thumb. I get a garden service to take care of my tiny yard - how lazy is that? I love that you planted the flowers in a wheelbarrow - what a cute idea!

  5. Crazy Canadians! Lol! That is chilly! Your flowers are looking beautiful! I think it's sweet you two were coloring together :)

  6. Glad you are having a great weekend! A little cooler here today so managed to mow the lawns do some weeding and used the strimmer too! All nice and tidy again now.

  7. Nope! I also would NOT be in the water! It was 25 here today and 28 yesterday (which after being outside from 8 am to 3:30 for a garage sale and company anniversary, deserved a float in the pool!).

  8. Wow! It is cold for the water!

    That stinks about forgetting the papers. At least you could still color!

    The flowers are looking great :)


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