Monday, July 8, 2013

How many keys are too many keys

Just wanted to show you that my travel tote is still working out perfectly for me :)
I have been bringing it to the cottage every weekend and I leave it in the living room if I decide to work on my journals, Smash book or my planner.

Onto My Day:
Today was a overcast day with a chance of rain.
We didn't get the rain and by late afternoon the sun actually came out.
So since I figured it was a stay in type of day, I might as well clean the house.
So I got Kristy on the bathroom and Heather on the vacuum. As I tidied the rest of the house.
Then I drove Kristy to her boyfriends...get her to work first ;)

Ashley had an appointment at the bank and asked me to meet her there.
As we sat waiting for her banker...she realized she locked her keys in the car.
No problem I told her, she can take my jeep as I do my banking and such to get the extra set at home.
Ashley comes back with her dad's set of keys...but for his truck NOT her jeep.
She was angry, but I just laughed and told her, no problem we will go back home to get the extra set of jeep keys.
So we drive back home, I run in grab the extra set and drive back to the bank.
She tries the doesn't work. She tries the key in the door doesn't work.
I grabbed the second set of keys for Wayne's truck.
I just say are you frickin' kidding I am laughing.
So back home we go for the 3rd time to get the spare keys for her jeep.
Drive back to the bank..Yeah it worked, lol.

So I didn't get as much done today as I had planned, but I had an entertaining day with Ashley. And we got to spend some time together, lol.

Hope you all had a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. I so get this. Not only do Curtis and I have keys for our car. He has a work car and a motor bike. Then we also have extra keys for Kirsten at our house too.
    Sorry you had to do so much back tracking today!

  2. That story about the keys is too funny!

    We did almost the same thing today. We went to take out the trash and get the mail, and when we left the apartment and I turned around to lock it, I realized I had AJ's work keys, not the apartment keys.

    I'm glad we are not the only ones with too many keys - and who take the wrong ones sometimes!

  3. Lol!! I can't tell you how many times I have locked myself out of my car or house. So frustrating. But we don't have quite that many keys :)

  4. LOL! Keys Keys Keys! LOL! In hind sight, you should have just grabbed the lot ! At least you were laughing about it :-) Have a great day.

  5. I love your tote for working in the living room. Thanks for sharing. I might adopt this idea for making my Christmas cards in a few months. It gets tiring running up and down the stairs for things I've forgotten.

  6. Lol! I'm glad you could laugh at the situation! Next time you should just take ALL the keys! I love your tote, still :) I've been thinking about getting a smash book, but have no idea what I would use it for...

  7. Great story of quality time with your daughter, I suppose at the time it was stressful but you made the best of it, We have one vehicle three keys, we also have keys from all previous cars and motorcycles plus house keys that no longer have a lock. Love your tote too.

  8. i so love your tote! glad it is working out for you! aren't the smash books fun?

    too funny about the keys- those are a lot of keys!!

  9. Oh no, locking in the keys is no fun! But it's good that you got some quality time together. At least you had the spare...eventually. :)

  10. That sounds too funny...course I probably wouldn't have been laughing if it was me:)!!


  11. Glad everything turns out good. Lots of keys hehe...


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